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Specification & Photos Team Durango
Manual Team Durango
Parts List Team Durango
Exploded View Team Durango
Big Bore Spring Chart Arn0
TD Big Bore Spring Chart Team Durango
Gear Chart Arn0
TD "Big Bore" Springs Vs Small Bore Spring Arn0
"Big Bore" Springs on "Small Bore" Shock Arn0
Build, Tips & Tricks P. Bertin
Option/Aftermarket Parts durangofansite
Blank Setup Sheet
Editable Setup Sheet If you want to share setup, e-mail address on the document Arn0
Base Setup
Steve Butts Base Setup - Clay track (RM3)
Craig Collinson Generic Setup
Jan 2013 Matt Schreffler - Base Setup Dirt Team Durango
Jan 2013 Steven Greenley - Stock Setup S. Greenley
Tips & Tricks
DEX210 Build RCCA
DEX210 Motor Configuration Guide Team Durango
HD Ball Cups
Turnbuckle Build Guide Team Durango
Alternative ball cups - Kyosho JRT Racing
Insert Setup Guide Team Durango
25░ Caster Modification Team Durango
DEX210 Ball Differential Build Guide Team Durango
DEX210 Gear Diff Build Tresrey
DEX210 Gear Differential Team Durango
DEX210 Differential Change
Shock Build Guide Team Durango
Big Bore Shock Build Guide Team Durango
Bulletproof your CVD's Team Durango
Install DIMEC Chassis Team Durango
Slipper Spacer Wear
Front Hexagon Modification
Bumpsteer Elimination Modification
Minimize DIMEC Chassis Breaking
Electronics Setups
Install Orion R10 in DEX210
James Ambrose's car J. Ambrose / oOple
Chris Doughty's Tricks & Tips Team Durango
Chris Doughty's car C. Doughty / oOple
Stuart Gains's car S. Gains / oOple
Raul Garcia's car R. Garcia / RC Tech
Patrice Bertin's car
Cars Presentation Neobuggy

Astroturf Driver Event - Place Composition Traction Surface Source
27.07.2013 Paul Dijkstra (MM4) BNK - Arendonk Astroturf High P. Dijkstra
27.07.2013 Craig Collinson (MM4) BRCA Nats - Stotfold Astroturf High Team Durango
21.04.2013 Adam Skelding (MM4) oOple Series - Stotfold Astroturf High Team Durango
24.02.2013 Kenji Tsuruta (MM4) Twin Ring Astroturf High Tresrey
01-03.02.2013 Antoine Rossetti (MM4) EIR - Charleroi Astroturf High A. Rossetti
07.11.2012 James Ambrose (MM4) Snowman Series - Broxtowe Astroturf High Team Durango
16.09.2012 Adam Skelding (MM4) Club Race - Batley Astroturf/Grass High Team Durango
07.08.2012 Kevin Slevin (MM4) Club Race - Silvertone Astroturf High Indoor Team Durango
04.08.2012 Craig Collinson (MM4)
Nathan Waters (MM4)
BRCA Nats - Silverstone Astroturf High Indoor Team Durango
22-24.06.2012 Thomas Lo (MM4) Spanish Nats - Bilbao Astroturf High T. Lo
27.05.2012 Paul Robinson (MM4) Kidderminster Astroturf High Team Durango
11.05.2012 Nathan Waters (MM4)
Adam Skelding (MM4)
BRCA Nats - RHR Astroturf High Team Durango
14-15.04.2012 Armand Lantheaume (MM4)
Martial Desrameaux (MM4)
French Nats - Vierzon Astroturf High A. Lantheaume
M2D Shop
08.04.2012 Adam Skelding (MM4)
Adam Mackman (MM4)
Mid East Regional - Broxtowe Astroturf Medium Tight Team Durango
01.04.2012 Colin May (MM4) Southport Astroturf High Large Team Durango
April 2012 Jamie Cheshire (RM3) Coventry Astroturf Medium-High J. Cheshire
09-11.03.2012 Jorn Neumann (MM4) EOS - Charleroi Astroturf High Team Durango
15.01.2012 James Kerr (MM4) TORCH Astroturf High oOple
10.12.2011 Chris Bowater (MM4) WIR - Dublin Astroturf High Team Durango
19.11.2011 Chris Bowater (MM4) Kidderminster Astroturf/Dirt/Tarmac Greasy Medium Team Durango
13.11.2011 Richard Ralph (MM4)
David Poulter (MM4)
Snowman Series - Broxtowe Astroturf Low
Medium to low
Team Durango
06.11.2011 Brian Preddy (MM4) Winter Warmer Rd 2 - EPR Astroturf Low-Medium Large Team Durango
06.11.2011 Chris Bowater (MM4) Kidderminster Astroturf/Dirt/Tarmac Medium-High Medium Team Durango
23.10.2011 Chris Slevin (MM4) Winter Series Rd1 - Taplow Astroturf High RC Tech
16.10.2011 David Poulter (MM4)
Richard Ralph (MM4)
Winter Series Rd1 - Stotfold Astroturf High Medium Team Durango
18.09.2011 Craig Collinson (MM4) Club Race - Batley Astroturf/Grass Medium Team Durango
11.09.2011 Craig Collinson (MM4) Automn Cup - RHR Astroturf Medium-High Team Durango
13.08.2011 Craig Collinson (MM4) BRCA Nats - Southport Astroturf/Tarmac High Team Durango
30.07.2011 Craig Collinson (MM4) oOple Race - RHR Astroturf Medium Team Durango
Blue Groove Driver Event - Place Composition Traction Surface Source
02.07.2012 Steven Greenley NCT CC - Meridian Blue Groove Medium Large RC Tech
Clay Driver Event - Place Composition Traction Surface Source
07-08.09.2013 EdwinHartman (RM3) Fuataba Challemge - Joliet Clay Medium Team Durango
08-11.08.2013 Ryan Lutz (MM4) ROAR Nats - Chico Sugared High Team Durango
July. 2013 Patrick Philie (MM4) SAR - Ottawa Clay Medium Smooth Team Durango
15-17.07.2013 Jorn Neumann(RM3) EC - Valladolid Clay Team Durango
July 2013 Micheal Hudson (RM3) Top Gear Hobbies Clay Medium-High M. Hudson
08-09.06.2013 Antoine Rossetti (RM3) French Nats - Dammartin Clay High Smooth A. Rossetti
13-14.04.2013 Antoine Rossetti (RM3) French Nats - LVDM Clay Medium-High A. Rossetti
15-17.03.2013 Jorn Neumann (MM4)
Hupo Honigl (MM4)
Travis Amezcua (RM3)
Steven Greenley (RM3)
Cactus Classic - SRS Clay High Smooth Team Durango

T. Amezcua
02.02.2013 Kenji Tsuruta (RM3) RC Maniax Arena Clay Medium-High Tresray
24-27.01.2013 Jorn Neumann (RM3)
Ryan Lutz (RM3)
Travis Amezcua (RM3)
Reedy Race - WCRC Clay Medium Team Durango
27.10.2012 Kenji Tsuruta (RM3) Yatabe Arena Clay Medium Tresrey
25.10.2012 Randy Pike (RM3) LSR Raceway Clay Medium R. Pike
22.10.2012 David Perez (RM3) CRCRC Clay (Indoor) RC Tech
Oct. 2012 Micheal Hudson Gold Cup - Tacoma Clay Medium M. Hudson
16.09.2012 Hubert Honigl
Martin Kriel
Austrian Nats - Hoheneich Clay Low Team Durango
11-14.08.2012 Ryan Lutz ROAR Nats - WCRC Clay Medium R. Lutz
04.08.2012 Nonaka (RM3) Yatabe Arena Clay Medium Tresray
28-29.07.2012 Cush (RM3) Futaba Electric Challenge - Leisure Hours Indoor Hardpack Clay Medium-High J. Probst
12.05.2012 Campbell Spurlock (MM4) OCRC Clay Medium RC Tech
24.06.2012 Hubert Honigl IROC - MacInzell Clay Low Team Durango
20.05.2012 Hubert Honigl Austrian Nats - Styregg Clay Low Team Durango
12-13.05.2012 Armand Lantheaume (RM3)
Thomas Lo (RM3)
French Nats - Vic La Gardiole Clay High
A. Lantheaume
T. Lo
12.05.2012 John Copeland (RM3) OCRC Clay Medium RC Tech
08.04.2012 Kenji Tsuruta (RM3) FEMCA Cup - Yatabe Arena Clay Medium Tresrey
27-29.01.2012 Jorn Neumann (RM3)
Ryan Lutz (MM4)
Reedy Race - WCRC Clay Medium Team Durango
09.01.2012 Jack Ingberg (RM3) Traction Raceway Clay Medium-Low RC Tech
31.12.2011 Carson Wernimont Pratice - WCRC Clay Medium Team Durango
30.12.2011 Kenji Tsuruta (RM4) Kers Clay Medium Tresrey
17.12.2011 Brandon Collins (RM3) Bremerton Raceway Clay High-Medium RC Tech
30.10.2011 Justin Salerno (RM3) MHOR Racway Clay High Tresrey USA
Clay/Dirt Driver Event - Place Composition Traction Surface Source
Sept. 2013 JinsonCollins (RM4) High Octane RC Clay/Dirt Medium B Bush
20.02.2013 Brian Bush (RM3) Redneck Raceway Clay Medium-High B Bush
18.08.2012 Aaron Willming (RM3) Airland Indoor Raceway Hardpacked Clay/Dirt Medium-high A. Willming
March 2012 Eelco (RM3) MVB Bergschenhoek Clay/Dirt Medium RC Tech
23.03.2011 Raul Garcia (RM4) RCHR Clay/Dirt High R.Garcia
Dec. 2011 Steve Butts (RM3) SDRC - San Diego Clay/Dirt Low-Medium S. Butts
18.11.2011 Steve Butts (RM3) SDRC - San Diego Clay/Dirt Low-Medium S. Butts
Dirt Driver Event - Place Composition Traction Surface Source
12.01.2014 Paul Dijkstra Winter Champs - Vlijmen Dirt (Loose) Low A. Rossetti
07-08.09.2013 Antoine Rossetti French Nats - Gonfreville Dirt Medium A. Rossetti
18-19.05.2013 Chris Doughty Proline Race - RHR Dirt Low Medium Team Durango
Mar. 2013 Patrick Philie St Polycarpe Dirt Hard packed Low Medium Team Durango
11-12.05.2012 Fabrice Roumiguieres (RM3)
Antoine Rossetti
French Nationals - Orange Dirt Medium
F. Roumiguieres
A. Rossetti
14.12.2012 Chad Stenson (RM3) Trackside - Brookfield Dirt (Hard Packed) Medium-Low C. Stenson
30.11.2012 Chad Stenson (RM3) Trackside Dirt (Hard Packed) Medium-High C. Stenson
08-09.09.2012 Armand Lantheaume (RM3)
Thomas Lo (RM3)
Ludovic Try (RM3/10.5)
French Nats - Feytiat Dirt Medium
Large A. Lantheaume
T. Lo
L. Try
19.08.2012 Thomas Lo (RM3) Pau Dirt Medium Large T. Lo
18.08.2012 David Perez (RM3) Summit RC Raceway Clay/Dirt LowMedium Very rough, rutted D. Perez
28-29.07.2012 Chris Doughty (RM3)
Craig Collinson (RM3)
Hubert Honigl (RM3)
Eugene Galley (RM3)
oOple Race - RHR Dirt Medium-High

Team Durango
28-29.07.2012 Cush (RM3) Futaba Electric Challenge - Leisure Hours Outdoor Dirt Medium-High 225x125ft J. Probst
14.07.2012 Jorges Uribe (RM3) NorCal Hobbies Dirt (wet/packed) Medium Small RC Tech
July 2012 Jorges Uribe (RM3) NorCal Hobbies Dirt (wet/packed) Medium Small RC Tech
05.06.2012 Hubert Honigl Austrian Nats - Fehring Dirt Low Huge Team Durango
02.06.2012 David Perez (RM3) Stateline Dirt Low to Medium Huge D. Perez
20-25.03.2012 Jorn Neumann (RM3)
Ryan Lutz (RM3)
Cactus Classic Dirt Medium Medium Team Durango
22-25.08.2011 Jorn Neumann (RM3) Euro - Pau Dirt Medium Large Team Durango
Grass Driver Event - Place Composition Traction Surface Source
09-10.06.2012 Armand Lantheaume (RM3) French Nats - Montigny Grass and Dirt Low Medium A. Lantheaume
20.05.2012 Kevin Brayette (RM3) Montigny Grass and Dirt Medium Medium K. Brayette
28.08.2011 Craig Collinson (MM4) DBoots GP - Hinckley Grass Medium Team Durango
Hard Packed Driver Event - Place Composition Traction Surface Source
28-29.10.2011 Utsugi Minoru (RM3) Yatabe Arena Hard Packed High Tresrey
03.12.2011 Todd Nuzum (RM4) EDS RC Hard Packed Clay High, moist Medium-Small T. Nuzum
26.11.2011 Mario Knox (RM3) Nitro Toyz & Hobbies Hard Packed Clay Medium-High RC Tech
28-29.10.2011 Utsugi Minoru (RM3)
K. Fujiwara (RM4)
Yatabe Arena Hard Packed High Tresrey
23.10.2011 Dylan Gerard (RM3) The Ohio RC Factory Hard Packed wet Very high Medium RC Tech
16.10.2011 Randy Pike (RM4) LSR Speedway Hard Packed Dusty Low/Medium 50x80 RC Tech
16.10.2011 Billy Fischer (RM3) Competition Hobbies Hard Packed Dry Medium Medium Team Durango
15.10.2011 Billy Fischer (RM3) SRS Hard Packed Wet Medium Large Team Durango
Indoor Driver Event - Place Composition Traction Surface Source
19.03.2014 Aaron Vance (MM4) Modeltune Raceway Carpet Medium A. Vance
13.10.2013 Dimitris Mitropoulos (MM4) MM Cup - RC Ring Carpet Medium D. Mitropoulos
13-14.04.2013 Hubert Honigl (MM4)
Michal Orlowski (MM4)
EOS - Dortmund Carpet High Team Durango
09-10.03.2013 Franck Picard (MM4/13.5)
Antoine Rossetti (MM4)
French Nats - Louvres Carpet Low/Medium F. Picard
A. Rossetti
09-10.03.2013 Hubert Honigl (MM4) EOS - Leoben Carpet High Team Durango
10.03.2013 Nathan Waters (MM4) SIM - Worksop Cork Floor Medium Team Durango
24.02.2013 Chris Doughty (MM4) SIM - Worksop Cork Floor Medium Team Durango
10.02.2013 Ellis Stafford (MM4) Triple Crown Series - Faversham Carpet Pretty High Team Durango
09.02.2013 Nathan Waters (MM4) Winter Series - Silverstone Astroturf/Vinyl High Team Durango
12-13.01.2013 Ellis Stafford (MM4) Offroad Wars - Maritime Wood some carpet Medium/Low Team Durango
05-06.01.2013 Jorn Neumann (MM4) EOS Rd2 - Langenfeld Carpet
06.01.2013 Chris Doughty (MM4) SIM - Worksop Cork Floor Low Team Durango
29.12.2012 Aaron Vance (MM4) Christmas GP - Dublin Astroturf Very high Team Durango
29.12.2012 Michal Orlowski (MM4) Mibosport Cup Carpet High Team Durango
18.12.2012 Ellis Stafford (MM4) CVMCC Wood/Carpet/Astro Low Team Durango
Dec. 2012 Matt (MM4) Eclipse Hobbies Carpet High Medium RC Tech
15.11.2012 Aaron Vance (MM4) CVMCC Polished Wood Floor Slippery/Medium Medium Team Durango
11.11.2012 Nathan Waters (MM4) Worksop Indoors Series Cork Floor Medium Medium Team Durango
10-11.11.2012 Frank Picard (MM4)
Antoine Rossetti (MM4)
Champions Cup - Merlevenez Carpet High
F. Picard
26-28.10.2012 Stephane Deroch (MM4)
Frank Picard (MM4)
Antoine Rossetti (MM4)
CML Trophy - Louvres Carpet Medium
S. Deroch
F. Picard
A. Rossetti
21.10.2012 Craig Collinson (MM4) CWS - Batley Carpet/Cork Floor medium Team Durango
14.10.2012 Chris Doughty (MM4)
Nathan Waters (MM4)
Worksop Indoors Series Cork Floor Medium Medium Team Durango
20-22.04.2012 Jorn Neumann (MM4) EOS - Dortmund Carpet High Medium Team Durango
24-25.03.2012 Armand Lantheaume (MM4)
Thomas Lo (MM4)
Martial Desrameaux (MM4)
French Nats - Lyon Carpet High A. Lantheaume
T. Lo
M2D Shop
04.03.2012 Hubert Honigl (MM4) Winternats - Hohenems Carpet Very High Medium Team Durango
25-26.02.2012 Jorn Neumann (MM4) Maritime Carpet Medium Medium Team Durango
21-22.01.2012 Chris Doughty (MM4) Players - Worksop Rubber/Cork/Sports Floor Low/Medium Medium oOple / Team Durango
14.01.2012 Jorn Neumann (MM4)
Hubert Honigl (MM4)
Nathan Waters (MM4)
Craig Collinson (MM4)
Petit Race - Ardent Carpet Medium Medium Team Durango
07-08.01.2012 Jorn Neumann (MM4) DHI Cup - Odense Carpet Medium Team Durango
07.01.2012 Hubert Honigl (MM4)
Martin Kreil (MM4)
Mibosport Cup - Hrotovice Carpet Medium Team Durango
18.12.2011 Andy Griffiths (MM4)
Dave Belsten (MM4)
WRCA - Caldicot Carpet, wood & polish floor Low Team Durango
05.12.2011 Richard Coates (MM4) York Indoor Gym Floor/Carpet Low Medium Team Durango
27.11.2011 Adam Skelding (MM4) Richard Coates (MM4)
Nathan Waters (MM4)
SIM - Worksop Cork floor Medium Medium Team Durango
26.11.2011 Cham Dassanayake (MM3) SIORC - Gd Saconnex Carpet/Gym Medium ERMCGS
20.11.2011 Nick Gurnell (MM4) Arena X Rd1 Hessian/Wood/Carpet Medium Team Durango
08.11.2011 Thomas Lo (MM4) Champions Cup - Neuville Carpet High T. Lo
08.11.2011 Richard Ralph (MM4) Silverstone Carpet High Medium Team Durango
06.11.2011 Richard Ralph (MM4) Six days - Longfield Carpet Medium/Low Medium Team Durango
06.11.2011 David Poulter (MM4) Edling Carpet High Medium Team Durango
06.11.2011 Adam Skelding (MM4) SIM - Worksop Carpet High Large Team Durango
23.10.2011 David Poulter (MM4) IS Rd1 - Chadderton Team Durango
15.10.2011 Graham North (MM4) York Carpet/Polish floor High & low Medium Team Durango
13.10.2011 Kevin Brunsden (MM4) Surry & Hants Carpet/wood High Small Team Durango
09.10.2011 Craig Collinson (MM4)
Nathan Waters (MM4)
Adam Skelding (MM4)
Indoor Masters - Worksop Cork Floor Medium/Low
Team Durango
Miscellaneous Driver Event - Place Composition Traction Surface Source
19.08.2012 Kenji Tsuruta (RM3) Sunshine Dirt/Volcanic Ash Low Small Tresrey

Update: 31/12/2010