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Manual Source
T4 Manual Team Xray
T4 Exploded View
T4 Parts List
T4'14 Manual Team Xray
T4'14 Exploded View
T4'14 Parts List
T4'15 Manual Team Xray
T4'15 Manual Update
T4'15 Exploded View
T4'15 Parts List
Making the T4
RC World - Review RC World
Damper Chart Ray Munday
Montage, essai et prÚparation Over RC
Blank Setup Sheet
T4 Editable Setup Sheet Arn0
T4'14 Editable Setup Sheet Arn0
T4'15 Editable Setup Sheet Arn0
Starting Setup
T4 Asphalt Base Setup Team Xray
T4 Carpet Base Setup Team Xray
T4 - Alexander Hagberg - ETS Starting Setup Team Xray
T4 - Francesco Martini - Basic Asphalt Setup 2013 Team Xray
T4'14 Asphalt Base Setup Team Xray
T4'14 Carpet Base Setup Team Xray
Alexander Hagberg - carpet base setup with Sorex
T4'15 Asphalt Base Setup Team Xray
T4'15 Carpet Base Setup Team Xray
Tips & tricks
T4'15 - Art Scrimo's Review

Asphalt Driver Event - Place Traction Layout Source
10-12.04.2015 Eric Anderson (2015) Paul Lemieux (2015) AOC - Shangai High Mixed Team Xray
10-12.04.2015 Bruno Coelho (2015) ETS - Riccione Xray
28-29.03.2015 Alexandre Laurent (2015) French Nats - Lentilly Mixed Medium A. Laurent
29.03.2015 Mark Wallin (2015)
Corey Broadstock (2015)
2015 ACT Titles - Kett St Mixed
Low Xray
01.02.2015 Alexander Hagberg (2015) TITC - RC Addict Medium Mixed Xray
19.10.2014 Jorge Simes (2015) Portuguese Cup - Coimba Medium Fast Xray
09-12.10.2014 Bruno Coelho (2015) World Champs - Kissimmee High Mixed Xray
18.09.2014 Jorge Simes (2014) Portuguese Nats - Maiorca Medium Fast Xray
18.09.2014 Nikos Georgiadis (2014) Greek TS - FRT Medium Fast Xray
14.09.2014 Jason Hillcoat (2014/7.5) SARDA Nats - MMCRC Medium Mixed Xray
21-24.08.2014 Alexander Hagberg (2014)
Marek Cerny (2014)
Bruno Coelho (2014)
Euro Champs - Alcobendas Low Mixed Xray
17.08.2014 Jan Ratheisky (2014/13.5) German Nats - Braunschweig Medium Mixed Xray
10.08.2014 Olly Jefferies (2014) BRCA Nats - Mendip Low Mixed Xray
04-06.07.2014 Olly Jefferies (2014) BRCA Nats - Cotswold Medium Fast Xray
04-06.07.2014 Alexander Hagberg (2014) ETS - Trencin Medium Fast Xray
29.06.2014 Alexander Hagberg (2014) EC Warm-up - Alcobendas Low Mixed Xray
29.06.2014 Mario Rigert (2014) Swiss Nats - Aigle Medium Mixed Xray
06-08.06.2014 Marek Cerny (2014)
Alexander Hagberg (2014)
ETS - Luxembourg Low Fast Xray
23-25.05.2014 Paul Lemieux (2014) Reedy Race - Aliso Viejo Medium Mixed
10-11.05.2014 Alexander Hagberg (2014)
Andreas Myberg (2014)
ETS - Mattsee Medium Mixed Team Xray
06.04.2014 Alexander Hagberg (2014) WC Warm-up - Kissimmee Medium Fast Team Xray
06.04.2014 Olly Jefferies (2014) Schumacher BTCC Rd 1 - WLRC Medium Technical Team Xray
01-02.03.2014 Alexander Hagberg (2014) ETS - Gran Canaria Low Mixed Team Xray
22-23.02.2014 Alexander Hagberg (2014)
Antoni Caretti (2014)
Andreas Myrberg (2014)
TITC - Huge RC High Mixed Team Xray
16.02.2014 Fabien Valentin (2014) Pierrelatte Low Fast Team Xray
24.11.2013 Antoni Caretti Australian National titles - Littlehampton Low Fast Team Xray
13.10.2013 Antoni Caretti Nsw State Titles - IMCC Medium Mixed Team Xray
21-22.09.2013 Nicolas Schwendimann (10.5) French Nats - Emerainville Medium Technical J. Jost
31.08.2013 Alexander Hagberg (2014) Swedish Nats - Lidkoping Medium Mixed Team Xray
24-25.08.2013 Remi Callens
Mathias Rascol
Alexandre Laurent
Jean Delorme (10.5)
French Cup - Besancon Medium Fast
R. Callens
Team Xray
J. Jost
24-25.08.2013 Mario Rigert Swiss Nats - Dintikon Medium Technical Team Xray
17-18.08.2013 JasonSchreffler RoR- Jackson Medium Mixed Team Xray
01-04.08.2013 Alexander Hagberg (2014) European Champs - Torres Novas Medium Fast Team Xray
19-21.07.2013 Alexander Hagberg
Paul Lemieux
Magnus Vassmar
ETS - Trencin Medium Fast

Team Xray
18.07.2013 Fabien Valentin Pierrelatte Medium Mixed Team Xray
14.07.2013 Fabien Valentin Pierrelatte Medium Technical Team Xray
22-23.06.2013 Alexandre Laurent French Nats - Montbrison Medium Technical A. Laurent
14-16.06.2013 Alexander Hagberg
Magnus Vassmar
Martin Hudy Marek Cerny
ETS - Traiskirchen Medium
Team Xray
25-26.05.2013 Jerome Permentier
Nicolas Schwendiman (13.5)
French Nats - Nantes Medium Fast J. Jost
26.05.2013 Art Scrimo Reedy Race - Norcal Hobbies Medium Mixed Team Xray
25.05.2013 Fabien Valentin Pierrelatte Low Team Xray
05.05.2013 Alexander Hagberg Xray Challenge - Trencin Medium Fast Team Xray
14.04.2013 Paul Lemieux
Cl Parsons
Robbie Dodge
ROAR Nationals Medium

Fast Team Xray
14.04.2013 Fabien Valentin Montelimar Medium Team Xray
01-03.03.2013 Alexander Hagberg ETS - Gran Canaria Low Mixed Team Xray
24.02.2013 TITC - RC Addict High Technical Quantum Racing RC
17.02.2013 Andrew Webber (Mod/13.5) NZ Nats - Hamilton Medium Fast Team Xray
19-20.01.2013 Timothy Lee Summer Nats - Sydney Medium Mixed Team Xray
13.01.2013 Andrew Webber13.5/ Mod 2013 International - NZ Medium Mixed Team Xray
25.11.2012 Alexander Hagberg ORCA Cup - Kuala Lumpur Low Mixed CentralRC
04.11.2012 Shinnosuke Ogino Osaka Medium Mixed CentralRC
28-30.09.2012 Alexander Hagberg Xray Challenge Asia Medium Mixed Team Xray
Carpet Driver Event - Place Traction Layout Source
29.03.2015 Robbie Dodge (2015/13.5/17.5) ROAR Nats - Horsham High Mixed Xray
15.03.2015 Bruno Coelho (2015) PTS - Barreiro Medium Technical Xray
22.02.2015 Olly Jefferies (2015)
Zak Finlay (2015)
ICC Medium mixed Xray
15.02.2015 Mike Gosvig (2015) Danish Nats Medium Mixed Xray
11.02.2015 Olly Jefferies (2015) Gloucester Medium Technical Xray
06-08.02.2015 Danny Buck (2014 Stock & 2015 Mod)
WCICS - Moose Jaw Medium Technical Team Xray
06-08.02.2015 Alexander Hagberg (2015)
Martin Hudy (2015)
Mike Gosvig (2015)
Jan Ratheisky (2015)
ETS - Muelheim-Kaerlich Medium Mixed Team Xray
23-25.01.2015 Alexander Hagberg (2015)
Drew Ellis (2015)
Snowbirds Nats High Mixed Team Xray
23-25.01.2015 Martin Hudy (2015) LRP TCM Medium Mixed Team Xray
18.01.2015 Alexander Hagberg (2015) Hot Race Winter Shootout Low Mixed Team Xray
18.01.2015 Mark Wallin (2015) IMCC Cup - FairyMeadow Medium Mixed Team Xray
11-12.01.2015 Alexander Hagberg (2015) DHI Cup - Odense Medium Mixed Team Xray
08.01.2015 Marco Kaufmann (2015)
Timi (2015)
MCSS-Open Althengstett High
Mixed Team Xray
13-14.12.2014 Alexander Hagberg (2015)
Mathias Rascol (2015)
GP3F - Longwy Medium Mixed Team Xray
06-07.12.2014 Alexander Hagberg (2015)
Mike Gosvig (2015)
ETS - Hrotovice Medium Fast Team Xray
23.11.2014 Alexander Hagberg (2015) LRP TCM Low Technical Team Xray
18-19.10.2014 Pierre Delorme (2015) French Nats - Argenteuil High Technical Xray
14-18.10.2014 Craig Xavier (2015/Stock) IIC - Las Vegas High Mixed Team Xray
30.09.2014 Olly Jefferies Gloucester Medium Technical Xray
28.09.2014 Danny Buck WCICS - Saskatoon Medium Mixed Xray
29.06.2014 Mark Wallin ACT Titles - Canberra Medium Mixed Xray
14-16.03.2014 Alexander Hagberg (2014)
Marek Cerny (2014)
LRP TCM Medium Mixed A. Hagberg
14-16.03.2014 Paul Lemieux (2014)
Canadian Nats - Welland High Technical A. Hagberg
09.03.2014 Alexander Hagberg (2014) Xray Challenge - Adenau High Mixed Team Xray
16.02.2014 Marek Cerny (2014) Mibosport Cup - Hrotovice Medium Fast Team Xray
02.02.2014 Alexander Laurent (2014) Snowbirds Nationals Medium Technical A. Laurent
01-02.02.2014 Alexander Hagberg (2014)
Marek Cerny (13.5/2014)
ETS - Mulheim Karlich Medium Mixed
Team Xray
19.01.2014 Alexander Hagberg (2014) Xray Challenge - Scandiano High Mixed Team Xray
11-12.01.2014 Alexander Hagberg (2014)
Adrian Berntsen (2014)
Marek Cerny (2014)
DHI Cup - Odense Medium Mixed Team Xray
12.01.2014 Olly Jefferies NEC - Birmingham Technical Medium Team Xray
03.01.2014 Olly Jefferies Club Race - Newbury Technical Medium Team Xray
14-15.12.2013 Mathias Rascol (2014) GP3F - Longwy Medium High Team Xray
23.11.2013 Mackenzie Meyercord Mikes Hobby Shop Mixed Medium M. Meyercord
17.11.2013 Alexander Hagberg Rynos Mixed Medium Team Xray
01-03.11.2013 Alexander Hagberg (2014) ETS - Hrotovice Mixed High A. Hagberg
Nov 2013 Timi (2014) Bawue-Cup - Konstanz Mixed High Team Xray
Nov 2013 Timi (2014) Grossauheim Mixed Medium Team Xray
Nov. 2013 Timi (2014) Weil Der Stadt Mixed Medium Team Xray
26.10.2013 Alexander Hagberg (2014) MSEC - Minicars Mixed Medium A. Hagberg
13.10.2013 Alexander Hagberg
Paul Lemieux
C.L. Parsons (17.5)
Arthur Scrimo (17.5)
IIC - Las Vegas Medium High Team Xray
05-07.07.2013 Keith (13.5) AOC - Melboune Medium Team Xray
13-14.04.2013 Art Scrimo (13.5/Mod) 5280 Raceway High Technical Team Xray
28.04.2013 Alexander Hagberg LRP TCM Medium Mixed Team Xray
13-14.04.2013 Art Scrimo (13.5/Mod) 5280 Raceway High Technical Team Xray
06.03.2013 Alexander Hagberg
Xray Challenge - Scandiano Medium Mixed Team Xray
23-24.03.2013 Alexandre Laurent
Nicolas Schwendimann (Stock)
Remi Callens
French Nats - Loos Medium Mixed A. Laurent
J. Jost
R. Callens
17.03.2013 Art Scrimo (13.5/17.5)
ROAR Carpet Nats - Horsham Medium Fast
Team Xray
17.03.2013 Marco Kaufmann
Tobias (13.5)
German Nats - Megadrom Medium Technical Team Xray
17.03.2013 Alessio Menicucci UISP Italian Nats - Scandiano Mixed Team Xray
17.02.2013 Martin Hudy Slovakia Cup - Hudy Racing Arena Medium Mixed Team Xray
10.02.2013 Magnus Vassmar Sweden Cup - Minicars RaceTrack Medium Technical Team Xray
03.02.2013 Alexander Hagberg
Robbie Dodge
Eric Anderson
Snowbirds Nats Medium Mixed Team Xray
19-20.01.2013 Marco Kaufmann
Magnus Vassmar
ETS - Hrotovice High Mixed Team Xray
12-13.01.2013 Adrian Berntsen
Steven Olsen (13.5)
Alexander Hagberg
DHI Cup - Odense Medium Mixed
Team Xray
06.01.2013 Paul Lemieux Hudy Indoor Championships Medium Technical Team Xray
06.01.2013 Artwork 5280 Raceway Medium Fast Team Xray
25.12.2012 Artwork 5280 Raceway Medium Mixed Team Xray
15-16.12.2012 Alexandre Laurent
Manuel Wagner(10.5)
Alexander Thilo
GP3F - Longwy Medium Mixed A. Laurent
M. Wagner
Team Xray
16.12.2012 Jimmy Maddison
Damian Giddins
EWS - Essex Medium

RC Tech
09.12.2012 Alexander Hagberg Charity Race - Scandiano Medium Mixed Team Xray
09.12.2012 Robbie Dodge Toys For Tots - Horsham Medium Mixed Team Xray
04.12.2012 Sam Nelson 5280 Raceway High Mixed RC Tech
04.12.2012 Francesco Martini Trofeo Super Model - PalaValenti Low Mixed Team Xray
22-25.11.2012 Paul Lemieux US Indoor Champs - Cleveland High Mixed Team Xray
25.11.2012 Marco B German Nats - Singen Medium Mixed Team Xray
25.11.2012 Jimmy Maddison Team Powers Cup - TRCCC Medium Technical Team Xray
11.11.2012 Robbie Dodge Wounded Warriors Project Charity Race - The Coliseum Medium Fast Team Xray
11.11.2012 Jorge Simes Galicia Indoor Series - Ponteareas Low Technical Team Xray
11.11.2012 Francesco Martini C.I. AMSCI - RC Landia Medium Mixed Team Xray
10.11.2012 Jasper Schoonackers BWIS - Don Valley Low Mixed Team Xray
06.11.2012 Martin Hudy Mibosport Cup Medium Technical Team Xray
23.10.2012 Adrian Berntsen Norwegian Nats - Fagernes Low Mixed Team Xray
21.10.2012 Jasper Schoonackers Lovan RC Medium Mixed RC Tech
12-14.10.2012 Alexander Hagberg ETS - Muelheim Kaerlich Medium Mixed Team Xray
28-30.09.2012 Alessio Menicucci Scandiano High Mixed Team Xray

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