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    EFRA 1/10th 2WD Off Road Euros – Finals Report
    After completely dry qualifying for the 2WD Championship here in Pinerolo Italy, showers before the finals presented a new conundrum for all the Drivers.
    Englands Lee Martin started from pole with Riccardo Berton a surprise 2nd for Italy.
    Leg 1 saw a textbook run from Lee winning with some ease, however in the 2nd leg the changing surface conditions and a lack of information about the progress of the race nearly caught out the Yokomo Driver and he slowed 1 lap too early almost handing victory to Michal Orlowski., but a good piece of defensive driving saw Lee over the line to claim his 6th European championship
    The final leg saw a win for Schumacher and Poland’s Orlowski that enabled him to take the runner up spot in the championship.
    The full top 10 is.

    1 – Lee Martin – United Kingdom
    2- Michal Orlaowski – Poland
    3- Renaud Savoya – France
    4- Riccardo Berton – Italy
    5- Joona Haatanen – Finland
    6- Hupo Honigl – Austria
    7 – Neil Cragg – United Kingdom
    8 – Martin Bayer – Czech Republic
    9- Davide Ongaro – Italy
    10 – Daniel Kobbevik - Norway

    Sent by EFRA
    Nicolas Petit

    Revolution Design Racing Products have introduced the XB2 Brass Rear 
    Weight for all Xray XB2 with laydown gearboxes. The weight is made from 
    high-quality brass material and is a direct fit to the vehicle's 
    gearbox. The weight adds 34g to the rearmost part of the chassis for 
    increased traction in lower grip conditions. The weight comes coated in 
    black and with machined gold-colour edge details to match the remainder 
    of RDRP's brass option parts.

    #RDRP0319 XB2 Brass Rear Weight
    Nicolas Petit
    The 2nd round of Jakarta EP Regional Rd.2 was held at Sunter International Speedway, Jakarta. A clear sunny weather attracted the racers all day ( 38 degree celcius in qualifying ). Completed with a dusty track condition made the traction was celearly low, while some racers had a problem with overheated-tires over 5 mins.   Q1 : Suwardi Suliandy was in a quickest pace, narrowly haunted by Bowie by 0.7 secs, until Suwardi made a mistake which allowed Bowie for a 1 sec lead until the end of Q1. Q2 : Bowie cruised a comfortable 4 secs lead to wrap the TQ, over Suwardi and Christian Mamesah. Q3 : Traction went lower, Bowie wroll his car at the first lap and decide to pull out. Ronny Suwarto sealed the Q3 TQ to lined up 2nd at the grid.    A Main 1 : Christian made an enormous start from 4th to 2nd, which later chased Bowie in the lead until he made a mistake, which gave Bowie a 3 secs win ahead him and Malaysian' Michael Lo A Main 2 : Again, Christian would climbed up to 2nd, thanks to an error from Suwardi and Ronny at the beginning of the start. Bowie cruised a 6 secs win from Christian and Ronn. A Main 3 : Already made it 2 out of 2, I decide to made a major setup change to try. It's going worse since it sacrificed the rear-end, yet no steering at all. Christian would passed Ronny and later easily passed me for a 3rd leg win, which handed him 2nd overall.    Another 1-2 finish for Serpent Project 4X, next race going to be 1/8 GT National Race Rd.4 this week !     A Main Result : 1. Bowie Ginting - Serpent/Hobbywing 2. Christian Mamesah - Serpent/Hobbywing 3. Ronny Suwarto - Xray/Orca 4. Michael Lo - Awesomatix/Orca 5. Peter Anthonijsz - Awesomatix/Orca 6. Arya Seta - Serpent/Hobbywing 7. Denny Pangestu- Xray/Orca 8. Suwardi Suliandy- Xray/Orca 9. Chandra Yosef - Awesomatix/Orca 10. Deny Rusli - Xray/Hobbywing
    Nicolas Petit
    The Schelle B64 Carbon Gearbox Shims package come with 2 pcs. 1mm thickness carbon fiber shims.   These shims fit in between the B64 gearbox and chassis and raise the gearbox and suspension mounts up higher as a tuning option.   Almost all “team” setups use this option to raise the rear gearbox to carry more speed through the turns.   Features:   1. 1.0mm carbon fiber, made in the USA. 2. 2 pcs. included to tune 1mm or 2mm height change. 3. Strategic cut-out to prevent backwards differential installation.  4. Package comes with Instruction/Tuning notes, 2 pcs. 1mm Carbon shim. 5. Works on rear suspension only.   When to use:  • Raises the inner suspension pivots 1mm higher when using the same ride height (stack 2 for 2mm). • More support in turns and a higher roll center. • Makes the rear more responsive and more entry and mid-corner steering.   Installation:  Remove all 5 gearbox screws from the chassis as well as the rear chassis brace screws.  Slide the shim into position on the chassis keeping the open side to clear the diff.   Re-assemble.   schelleracing.com    
    Nicolas Petit
    The Silverstone Winter Series concluded with wins for Tom Yardy in 2WD, Paul Crompton in 4WD, and Richard Miller in the truck class.

    Tom Yardy secured the 2WD series win from team mates Charlie Ware in 2nd and Jack Neal in 3rd, all running the new Cougar KC.

    Greg Williams wrapped up the 4WD series win with his CAT K2, ahead of Matt Dodd and Felix de Hamel.
    Congratulations to the drivers and everyone involved in putting on another excellent series.


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    • t'as bien suivi les étapes (un peu chiantes) du paramétrage ? des fois un mot mal traduit en anglais...je m'y suis repris a plusieurs fois moi aussi avant de comprendre
    • Bonjour voici mon probleme je dois participer a une course dans 4jours et je viens d'équiper mon tt d'un controleur neuf fleta stock much more qui semble bien branché et qui envoi bien le courant au servo de direction et communique egalement avec son boitier de programation par contre impossible de le parametrer pour le faire reconnaitre de mes deux radios essayez l'une apres l'autre spectrum dx3 c et sanwa mt4 a chaque fois que je lance laprocedure au lieu d'avoir un unique voyant vert en position neutre j'ai les deux voyants qui clignotent rouge et vert d'ou cela peut il venir ?
    • ok ok ...bon d'façon j'avai mis la 37.5 pour voir... et ç'est trop violent pour mon 4x2 (ce n'est qu'un 8.5 pourtant) . je vais remettre le 27.5 et affiné au vario pour avoir un truc plus souple
    • J'ai essayé de faire de mon mieux mais c'est pas simple à expliquer sans image. Lorsque tu utilises l'insert 37.5°, la fiche capteur est droite dans son logement. Disons qu'elle est donc tournée de 0° (mais les capteurs eux sont décalés de 37.5° par rapport à la fiche). Si tu utilises l'insert 35°, la fiche sera tournée de -2.5° dans son logement (il n'y a qu'à regarder la forme de l'insert par rapport au 37.5, c'est visuel). Les capteurs sont toujours décalés de 37.5° par rapport à la fiche, mais en tournant la fiche de -2.5°, tu as fait tourner les capteurs d'autant. Le timing se retrouve donc à 37.5 - 2.5 = 35° Il se passe la même chose avec chaque insert, un te donne -2.5°, l'autre -5°,.. Maintenant si tu montes l'insert chiffres vers l'intérieur, hop le décalage de la fiche est inversé. Reprenons le 35°, qui faisait tourner la fiche de -2.5° ; à l'envers il la fait tourner dans l'autre sens, donc de +2.5°. Les capteurs tournent eux aussi de +2.5°, pour un timing de 37.5+2.5° = 40°. Alors bon c'est pas vraiment indiqué dans la notice mais beaucoup de monde fait ça apparemment pour aller haut en timing.
    • pas emballé par ton explication..c'est pas clair ce truc .le 27.5 donnerait donc plus de timing que le 37.5 ? les chiffres marqués se montent coté extérieur du moteur apparemment
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