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Found 4 results

  1. The RSX speed control defines capability and versatility unlike any other electronic speed control on the market. With high-end components utilized throughout, the RSX takes 1:10th scale competition racing to a new level. Power, control and reliability remain the foundation of this RS-based ESC. Built with a custom high-efficiency aluminum heatsink housing and full onboard programming, the RSX provides the tools for the win! Armed with features, the RSX was designed for modified racing. The aluminum housing and detachable fan shroud system maximize cooling for extreme racing conditions. Capabilities such as datalogging and HotWire EZ Port communication allow you to unlock the full potential of the RSX with extensive tuning and datalog feedback. The high-voltage BEC puts out the power you need for fast, precise steering servo operation. If you're looking for the ultimate ESC in modified racing, the RSX is there for the job. Billet Aluminum Heatsink Housing Optional Fan Shroud System and High Speed Fan for Maximum Cooling Ultra-smooth and Precise Throttle and Braking Control Compatible with Sensored/Sensorless Brushless and Brushed Motors Easily Access Programming, Anywhere, Anytime Datalogging Capability High Voltage Programmable BEC EZ Access HotWire Programming Port HotWire PC Interface for Advanced Programming and Updating D2: Dual Drive Mode Technology On-Board Temperature Indicator HDAC: High Density Copper PCB's Sensor Plug for Precise Commutation with all Motors Gold-plated Solder Posts for Easy Wire Replacement Self Test Diagnostics and Factory Reset Pit Tune Mode DGF2: Digital Glitch Filtering V2 QuickTune™ Programming One-Touch Radio Calibration High Voltage BEC (6.0v/7.4v)* Drag Brake (13 steps) Brake / Reverse Strength (13 steps) Current Limiter (none + 12 steps) Neutral Width (13 steps) Timing Profiles (5 preset - 2 custom*) Adjustable Throttle and Brake Minimums Custom Throttle Curves Motor/Reverse Type: Brushless, Brushed, No Rev, Rev Delay Voltage Cutoffs (none, 2S, 3S, Custom) Timing Boost and Turbo when used with Hotwire ROAR Race Spec "Blinky" Mode Save, Load and Share custom ESC setup files* Save, Load and Share Data Log files* Extensive Tuning via Tekin HotWire PC Interface *Requires HotWire Sold Separately Controls: Forward/Brake/Reverse Input Voltage: 4-9 Cells, 2S-3S Lipo BEC: 6.0v / 7.4v 5.5amps Motor Limit Brushless Mode 2S: 2.5 Turn 2-pole, 4lb chassis Motor Limit Brushless Mode 3S: 8.5 Turn 2-pole, 4lb chassis Motor Limit Brushed 2S: 6 Turn, 36mm Can Motor Limit Brushed 3S: 12 Turn, 36mm Can Max Current: 180amps per phase Timing Profiles: 7 choices (on board) Brushed Modes: Fwd Only, Fwd/Rev, Rev Delay Brushless Modes: Fwd Only, Fwd/Rev, Rev Delay Dimensions: 1.21 x 1.43 x .82in (25.4 x 33 x 12.9mm) Weight: 1.5oz / 42g Follow us in our daily Live coverage ->
  2. PC Interface for Custom ESC Programming and Updating The HotWire PC Interface unlocks the full potential of your Speed Control. Use the HotWire to connect your Speed Control to your PC or laptop and you can leverage the processing power of your computer to fine tune the performance characteristics of your Speed Control. The HotWire also gives access to custom user settings that are not available through the Speed Control’s on-board interface and lets you network with other users to share tweaks, tuning tricks and entire track/condition specific profiles. Best of all the HotWire lets you download completely new software as it is developed and upload it to your Speed Control – you get unrestricted access to upgrade your Speed Control to Tekin’s latest and newest performance mods! Specifications: HotWire Software Android OS 3.1 or newer Windows XP, Vista and 7, 32bit and 64bit compatible USB cable included (in retail box) More details: Source: Tekin
  3. Salut, J'ai une dizaine de véhicules 1/8° que j'ai trznsformé en brushless Certains sont en photo sur : J'utilise en 1/8° : - 2 varios MGM compro série E - 2 varios Tekin RX8 - 5 varios Mamba Monster V3 et jai eu du Hobbywing, EZrun et autres chinois Les moteurs sont des vrais NEU, des Tekin ou des Lehner. Ils sont tous systématiquement refroidis par un ventilo. Ce sont d'habitude les varios qui posent problème, rarement les moteurs. Conclusion A fuir les produits chinois. Les MGM compro sont les + fiables. Viennent ensuite les Tekin. J'ai déjà retourné 5 varios en SAV à Castle Creation. Les problèmes sont toujours les mêmes et avec l'expérience, ils sont faciles à corriger. l'interrupteur d'origine a rapidement des faux contacts. Il faut le remplacer ou souder ses fils ensemble. Le ventilo se bloque trop facilement et ses pales cassent vite. Plus grave, avec les chocs, le boitier s'ouvre en 2, l'électronique en sort partiellement et à la reception d'un saut tape sur le rebord du boitier et casse. Il suffit d'ouvrir le boitier, d'en débrancher et d'en sortir le ventilo d'origine puis de refermer le boitier en le scellant avec un peu de joint silicone résistant à la chaleur. Reste à fixer un ventilo + gros sur le dessus du boitier. Ce ventilo sera connecté au récepteur pour être alimenté en courant. A+ Phil
  4. cliquez pour voir => Moteurs stock 10.5, 13.5et varios <= cliquez pour voir