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Found 1 result

  1. <img src="" width="600" alt="Petitrc, Automodelisme, Forum, Rc, Cyprus, On Road," /> Race report by Mustafa Alp, Serpent 411, from Turkey I arrived at the track on friday. It was now at the temporary place of Team-NCRC arena, which was absolutely fantastic with track, pit area and hobbyshop all together. As always, I started my practise with motor-sensor issues. At the end of the day, I thought we found the problem and changed the speedo. On saturday, the rest of the Serpent team arrived and we were present with 7 Serpent drivers in 40 racers. Controlled practises began with motor issues AGAIN. Serdar, the head of Serpent Turkey did not think twice and transferred his complete electronic equipment to my car and now I had a car which can complete 5 minutes. After practises, results were like this: 1-Blazej Orlowski 2-Mustafa Alp(Serpent) 3-Erol Ucar 4-Ahmet Tekelioglu(Serpent) 5-Serdar Aytemiz(Serpent) 6-Barıs Turkay 7-Ferhat Çaglıoglu 8-Niyazi Deniz 9-Ahmet Akber 10-Caghan Turna(Serpent) 12-Ates Billur(Serpent) 14-Yavuz Soylu(Serpent) 16-Tulughan Karakus(Serpent) (His first ever onroad race after some practise in VRC) I tried so many things on car setup to find best balance of the car on practises and qualifiers. At the end of the qualifiers, I found a decent setup that could almost match the pace of Blazej. Qualifiers finished with Blazej first, me in 2nd and Erol in 3rd and Ahmet in 4th again. Unfortunately Serdar had a penalty because of late marshalling that kicked him out of the main final. 9th and 10th place grids belonged to Ates and Caghan for the final respectively. In the finals me and Blazej had some exciting moments. First final started and finished very close 2.2 second gap between me and Blazej. We both lapped the rest of entire field at least twice. In second final again it started nose to tail but unfortunately after couple laps, I crashed my car not seeing it because of a bodybuilder marshall Blazej also won that final, packed his title. 3rd final started as usual, I drove little bit more conservative to maintain 2nd position. In the middle of the race Blazej had a big mistake and I had the lead. Then I made a small mistake where he regained the lead. 1 minute to go I had my car on its roof when trying to lap the other cars which costed me lots of time. At the end, we finished with 5 second gap and lapped entire field again at least twice. Ahmet had its own technical problems at the final resulting a disappointing 10th place. It was Caghans weekend with 6th position which was very satisfying for him after long time. Ates Billur had motor problems and drove with 13.5 motor which put him on 8th place. Serdar Aytemiz, who was kicked to B Main because of a penalty easily dominated B finals and finished in 11th position. Laptimes and results show that if he were in A final he would have a good fight for 3rd place. 4th place at B main went to Tulughan Karakus. Tulu was racing his 411 LE first time, and he was actually racing for the first time and this result shows he has a promising future. Last but not least, Yavuz Soylu finished in 18th position because of technical problems in first two finals. I most certainly enjoyed the race, and glad to find a setup which fulfils my driving style. Here are complete Serpent results: 2- Mustafa Alp 6- Çaghan Turna 8- Ates Billur 10-Ahmet Tekelioglu 11-Serdar Aytemiz 14-Tulughan Karakus 18-Yavuz Soylu Video of 3rd Amain: I want to thank Team-Ncrc organisators for this wonderful race and my sponsor Serdar Aytemiz(Evilhobbyshop) for his amazing support. Mustafa ALP