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  1. TEAM CORALLY SGX SPUR GEAR DIFFERENTIAL. PATENT PENDING Introducing the Future of R/C Differential Design • The SGX Spur Gear Differential offers efficiency that is superior to any R/C gear diff ever produced.* • This is the WORLD'S 1st R/C gear diff that provides smooth & effective operation under today’s high power brushless forces.* GO FASTER with SGX SPUR GEAR DIFFS. Conventional gear diffs as commonly used in R/C cars run on inefficient straight bevel gears*. Where the spur gears as used in the SGX diff continue to perform smoothly, the performance of bevel gears drops dramatically as loads increase**. Bevel gear diffs may seem to work fine on the bench but during racing they suffer under the high torque of today’s brushless motors, causing them to bind and may momentarily stall diff action. When pushing out of a corner it can result the tires to slide and the car to become unstable. Some improvement is found by completely filling bevel gear diffs with lubricant but problems remain. When using SGX Spur Gear differentials you can rely on consistent uninterrupted diff action providing maximum traction and superb control. Try and feel the difference! SGX differentials can be run completely dry, free of any lubrication, and will still perform with ease. Team Corally offers 3 types of high viscosity silicone syrup for those that desire some lubrication anyway. * The teeth on bevel gears produce a high degree of sliding friction, resulting in heat & wear. ** Additionally bevel gears suffer under a resultant thrust along the axis of the gear, which needs to be accommodated by appropriate thrust bearings. Weight and size limitations in R/C car applications prevent this from proper realisation. Under load it causes the differential to deteriorate and gear mesh to be lost.