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Found 15 results

  1. Finalistas de este fin de semana en la SNS de todo terrenos categoría 2wd!! Muy buena participación en este gran campeonato!! Felicitar al gran ganador Carles Echarri *** TeamC TM2 que hizo una carrera perfecta! Segunda posición Max Ricca *** Yokomo YZ-2 y tercero Jonathan Claux *** Kyosho rb6! Cuarta posición fue para un increíble Juan Villasemil *** TeamC La quinta fue para Ramón Guash, ganador de la última SNS de touring stock! Sexto acabó el sueco/andaluz Zacarias Villalba Séptimo fue Pablo, ganador de la SNS'14 Octavo nuestro Juanma Lerma! Noveno el jóven Pol Hernando Y décimo finalizó Kiko Navarro *** su nueva montura! Muchas gracias a todos los asistentes a la prueba así como a todo el público que dió ambiente durante todo el fin de semana!
  2. Have a look at our Album 4wd - SC4wd:!i=3828075166&k=zSZwsX4
  3. Welcome to our LIVE coverage to follow our PETITRC RACE event, the 10th anniversary! Of course, any coments are welcome as usual. Live results: Let's start the Show! ---------------------- Bienvenue sur notre DIRECT afin de suivre notre PETITRC RACE et principalement le 10ème anniversaire ! Bien-sûr les commentaires sont de rigueur. Résultats en direct : Que la fête commence !
  4. Jörn Neumann did TQ and win in 4WD and took his... 14th victory at the PETITRC RACE event!! RECORD!!!!! Live coverage (pics, results, videos) ->
  5. Jörn Neumann did TQ and win in SC4WD and took his... 13th victory at the PETITRC RACE event!! Live coverage (pics, results, videos) ->
  6. The 10th edition of PETITRC RACE "Europe Tour" will be race at RBR36 arena, Barcelona - Spain. All infos:
  7. The 2012 1/8th Buggy World Champion Robert Batlle has announced his departure from Team Yokomo in 1/10th electric. Le champion du monde 2012 (TT1/8 thermique), Robert Battle, annonce son départ de Yokomo (en 1/10ème électrique) Robert said:
  8. <IMG src="" width="600"> Last weekend saw the running of the final round of the Spanish 1/10th 2WD Electric Off-Road National Series at the Rueda Loca track in León. Four drivers came to this race with chances to win the championship. Saturday would see a day of practice, with 2 controlled rounds late in the day to seed the heats for the following day. With just 2WD running, Sunday would have 5 rounds of qualifying and 3 finals for all. Since the first practice, Schumacher driver Pablo Fernández was the fastest driver with his Cougar KR, followed by Zacarias Villalba (Team C) and David Bustos (Yokomo), who also had chances to win the overall championship. On Sunday, Schumacher’s Pablo Fernández made a clean sweep by winning all 5 rounds of qualifying to take the TQ position. Behind him, Zacarias Villalba and Oscar Fernández, both drivers with Team C, completed the top three on qualifying. Going into the 7 minute finals, Pablo would continue his qualifying form to take all 3 legs, including the fastest lap track record, to take the day’s win and with it the Spanish National Series title. Behind him Zacarias Villalba (Team C) and David Bustos (Yokomo) completed the podium. Final results: 1. Pablo Fernández Rodríguez – Schumacher KR 2. Zacarias Villalba – Team C 3. David Bustos Flores– Yokomo 4. Jose Miguel Cantos Davia – Associated 5. Oscar Fernández Alonso – Team C 6. Gonzalo Fernández Rodríguez – Associated 7. Nahun Morales González – Team C 8. Dany Fernández – Associated 9. Alejandro González Miranda – Associated 10. Juan Fernández Tuya - Associated Congratulations to Pablo on this excellent result and seasons performance, which also saw Pablo take, the Liga Norte championship, Asturleones Championship, and now the SNS championship title using his Cougar KF and Cougar KR.
  9. <IMG src="" width="600"> The final round of the Spanish 2WD Nats took place at the RC Hobby Garden track, located near Barcelona. The track is well known between RC Spanish drivers as one of the best tracks in the country. It was in an optimal shape for the race and there was a new paddock to accommodate the large number of drivers who were to attend the event. The race started on Saturday with a very wet track because it rained the day before. That created difficulty for the drivers and their setups, because the track would get dry gradually during the day and lose grip. From the beginning there were three favourite drivers aspiring for the podium: Robert Batlle, Carlos Pineda and Juanma Lerma, who ran this time with LRP electronics. Following them were Zacarías Villalba, Roger Sancho and an astounding Max Ricca trying to catch the leaders. In the qualifying heats, LRP drivers were dominating the top three positions. Behind them were Villalba, getting the fourth overall position, Sancho the fifth and sixth Max Ricca, with the same number of points as Ferrán Coy and Ramón Nuño, seventh and eighth, and then closing the A Final group, were Josep Galisteo and Héctor Albarracín in the tenth position. In the A-Final everything seemed like the podium would be played by the LRP trio: Batlle, Pineda and Lerma. It was a very close race between the best drivers and the best RC components. In the first A-Final, Battle gained the lead after a crash between Lerma and Pineda, so he won the race. In the second A-Final, Batlle made no mistakes and crossed the finish line the first, becoming Spanish Champion 2013 in 2WD 1/10. Third A-Final went on the fight between Pineda and Lerma. Both spent the first four minutes of the last final fighting to get the 2nd podium place but Pineda made a mistake and allowed Lerma to win. 1st Robert Batlle 2nd Juanma Lerma 3rd Carlos Pineda 4th Zacarias Villalba 5th Max Ricca 6th Roger Sancho Gómez 7th Ferrán Coy Sentis 8th Hector Albarracín Sanchís 9th Ramón Nuño Nuñez 10th Josep Galisteo Martínez 11th Javi Ortigosa Castro 12th Ramón Guasch Palma <iframe width="960" height="720" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> More Pictures: Source: technicalrp / cochesrc / lrp / jonrcfoto
  10. <IMG src="" width="600"> The young David Perez was proclaimed Champion of Spain 2013 in Stock class during the 4th and last round of the Championship 1/10 Touring car. This latest round took place in the circuit of The Cooker Club Ship Raceway in Telde . 1st David Perez 2nd Carlos Lambas 3rd Luis Moreno 4th Efren Cave 5th Francisco Javier Mateo 6th Alberto Valiente 7th juansi Matthew 8th Luis Ramón Orihuela In modified class: 1st Toni Mateo 2nd Juan Antonio Hidalgo 3rd Jhonny Hernandez 4th Alvaro Fernandez 5th Javier Martinez 6th Francisco Javier Hidalgo 7th Javier Alonso 8th Ruben Quintana 9th Ignacio Chafer 10th Francisco Suárez Source: Cochesrc / Photos: Alfonso Perez.
  11. <img src="" alt="PETITRC - Amsa, barcelona - on road electric" height="500" /> Last weekend was the latest Spanish National round in on road 1:10 electric in Barcelona. Unfortunatly the weather was rainy and the race was disturb. in stock Gonzalo Garcia took the victory and consequently is the new Spanish stock champion! In modified class, Carlos Ferrando is the winner of this round but Vincente Eres is the new champion! stock: Gonzalo Garcia 1 Serpent Tony Mur 2nd xray Roger sancho 3rd Yokomo. category: Carlos Ferrando 1 Tamiya Vicente Eres 2nd Vbc Racing Raul Sancho 3rd Schumacher MI5. 2013 Spanish National championship podiums: In Stock Gonzalo Garcia 1, Serpent Vicente Eres 2nd Vbc Racing Roger Sancho 3rd Yokomo In modified Vincente Eres 1 Vbc Racing Raul Sancho 2nd Schumacher 2nd MI5 Carlos Ferrando 3rd Tamiya Congratulations to all. Many thanks to Barto to sent us his report. Gracias!! <img src="" alt="PETITRC - Amsa, barcelona - on road electric" /> <img src="" alt="PETITRC - Amsa, barcelona - on road electric" />
  12. <img src="" alt="Petitrc - Rc Show '13 in Valencia (Spain) 1-3 November- Announcement" height="600"> “Another year, and we are proud to announce the RC SHOW ’13. The motor show event in Spain will take place from 1st to 3rd November in Valencia. After Rc Show ’12, this year we are preparing a new Show around Rc world, with motorsports components: 1/8th offroad gas and 1/8th offroad electric rc race, good weather, beach, CochesRc girls, real scale bikes and cars exhibition around the track (stunt, drifting), music&djs, helicopters, and many surprises… You can access the Rc Show ’13 web page here: Soon it will be published the entry form, accommodation Info, … Valencia is well connected with Europe by the International airport. Do you want to visit the Spanish coast in November? Here you have the perfect excuse.”
  13. The first round of Spanish TC championship begun 2 weeks ago and Barto,our friend and member of PETITRC, sent us his resume. The race was held in the Nitro 15 club at Villareal. La 1ère manche du championnat de DTM Espagnol s'est déroulée le 12 mai et notre ami et membre de PETITRC, Barto nous a fait le plaisir de vous présenter ce petit résumé. 1 Eres Vicente 2 Ferrando Javi 3 Ferrando Carlos 4 SABUCO SOLERA Santi 5 sancho raul 6 Cambero Alvaro 7 Revert Tatay Jorge 8 Bustos Flores David 9 Ortiz Casado Rafael 10 albarracin hector 11 lara david 12 Pastor Sanchez Jonnhy 1 Eres Vicente 2 escudero samper david 3 Garcia Gonzalo ES capa 4 iranzo boigues fernando 5 Sancho Gomez Roger 6 sancho raul 7 sanchez carmona javier 8 Crisenti Malagón Luis Emilio 9 Buxaderas Miguel Marcel 10 Cháfer Naito 11 Diaz Clausell Guillem 12 padro perez jordi 13 mir ivan 14 miguel carlos 15 Grañeras Comino Daniel 16 Herrera Muñoz David 17 Llop Llido Santiago 18 ALCAYNE PALLARES JOSE Mª 19 PEREZ CARRASCO MARIO 20 MIRANDA GONZALVO JORDI 21 mur larruy toni 22 bernat toni 23 casanova aparisi suso 24 vargas gomis jordi 25 Roldan Silvestre luis 26 Campos rodrigo José miguel 27 DIAZ SANCHEZ TONI 28 PÉREZ GARCIA IGNACIO 29 torres hurtado alberto 30 Sabuco Solera Jesús 31 callejon sanchez antonio 32 Rojo Dani 33 Cuadraso Dani Photos: <iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  14. Our fiend Barto sent us his small resume of the second round of the regional race at Teruel (Spain). 40 drivers were there in 3 classes: modified, stock and Formula 1. Seconde course du championat electrique de la Federacion Valenciene d’ Automobile. La coursse s’ est disputèe ce weekend a Teruel (Aragon) dans les installations du club Mudejar, avec une participacion de 40 pilotes en Touring Elecrique modifie, Stock et F1.
  15. <img src="" height="600" alt="Petitrc, Forum, Automodelisme, Spain, Round4, Zacarias Villalba," /> Zacarias Villalba has been in touch to PETITRC to propose you his report of the last round of Spanish championship. Zacarias Villalba à fait parvenir à PETITRC son reportage de la dernière manche du championnat d'Espagne. The fourth and final round of the electric buggy Spanish Championship took place on the weekend of the 24th and 25th of September at the magnificent facilities of the club CAPA, near Madrid. Under great weather conditions, almost 80 drivers battled it out in both 2WD and 4WD for two days. On Saturday the 4WD event was held. Veteran Enrique Fuciños took is Viper powered Yokomo BMax to a close win over local hero David Bustos with Tamiya TRF502. Charismatic Raul Solano drove his Kyosho Lazer FS II to the third position. The 2WD event was as usual held on Sunday and is by far the main attraction at the national series with almost 80% of the sign ups. Following his good form from previous weekend’s racing, Ansmann factory driver Zacarias Villalba dominated the race taking three out of five qualifiers and all three A-finals with his Viper powered X2. Once again local driver David Bustos and Raul Solano took second and third respectively. 4WD 1. Enrique Fuciños, Yokomo BMax, Viper RC 2. David Bustos, Tamiya TRF201, Hobbywing 3. Raul Solano, TLR22, CS Electronic 2WD 1. Zacarias Villalba, Ansmann X2TE, Viper RC 2. David Bustos, Tamiya TRF201, Hobbywing 3. Raul Solano, TLR22, CS Electronic The overall championship in both 2WD and 4WD was secured in the last round by Enrique Fuciños. The veteran driver has been racing the national series for about 20 years and has been second in the overall championship seven times over the years. This was finally his year! 2WD A1 VIDEO 2WD A3 VIDEO