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Found 21 results

  1. Congratulations to Nathan Waters on winning the very competitive 2WD Silverstone Winter Series against some of the best off road drivers in Britain. The event took place over 6 rounds on an indoor high grip astroturf track and attracted 136 entries. In the final round Nathan set a convincing TQ with his Schumacher KF2, but the race win went to Lloyd Storey, with 2nd Iain Mellish, and 3rd Dave Poulter , all driving KF2's. This result meant that Lloyd secured 2nd in the championship and Dave Poulter 3rd. The under 13 junior class was won by Lewis Jones - Schumacher KF2, with 2nd Ben Pugh - Kyosho, and 3rd Harry Weedon - Schumacher KF. Congratulations to everyone, and to the Silverstone club for putting on excellent series.
  2. Schumacher Racing would like to announce that top Austrian driver Peter Pinisch will be racing the CAT K1 Aero, Cougar KF, and KR in 2015 and 2016. Peter is a former EFRA 4WD European Champion, and 3 time IFMAR Worlds A Finalist. He is also a regular EOS A finalist and has achieved an amazing 20 EFRA Euros A finals. He is a very fast and experienced racer and will be a big asset to Schumacher’s growing European off road team. Peter had this to say:
  3. The best Schumacher tire is the "minipin" after many test on the track. We propose you an attractiv price for this event: - 10€ for minipin rear - 9,50€ for minipin front All tires will be on sale at the track. More details:
  4. Des cadeaux seront OFFERTS / Some gifts will be OFFER SCHUMACHER has decided to join the 10th anniversary of PETITRC RACE event! Consequently and after succeful test of these tires and because drivers opinion is the most important, Schumacher tires are the OFFICIAL Registration, rule,etc: Http:// After many tests with "mini spike" and "mini pin", the BEST on this track is the "mini pin" - 2wd class: Schumacher mini pin (rear) / Free choice Schumacher's tires (front) 4wd class: Schumacher mini pin (rear) / Schumacher mini pin (front) SC class: Schumacher mini pin (rear) / Free choice Schumacher's tires (front) <IMG src="" height="300"> <IMG src="" height="300"> More details...
  5. <IMG src="" width="600"> The first round of the prestigious Silverstone Winter Series attracted 92 entries in the premier 2WD buggy class, and it was new Schumacher driver Dave Poulter who unexpectedly set TQ. Dave has shot up the rankings since he joined the team, and he was joined at the front of the grid by team mates Simon Moss and Nathan Waters with their Cougar KF’s. Qualifying results 1.Dave Poulter – Schumacher KF 2.Simon Moss – Schumacher KF 3.Nathan Waters – Schumacher KF 4.Greg Williams – Associated 5.Jack Neal – Schumacher KF 6.Kev Lee – Team C 7.Eugene Galley – Schumacher KF 8.John Spencer – X Factory 9.Richard Barton – Schumacher KF 10.Dave Burton – Schumacher KF Dave led for most of the exciting final but a small mistake near the end allowed Nathan Waters to dive through the gap to take the win with Greg Williams in 2nd and Dave Poulter in 3rd, Kev Lee 4th, and Simon Moss 5th. Drivers travelled from all over the UK to the excellent indoor astroturf venue. Many thanks to the Silverstone club members who put on a great event.
  6. <img src="" width="600"> Schumacher would like to announce that UK Off Road front runner David Poulter has re-joined the team. David is a high performing driver who will be an excellent addition to the UK Team. David will race at the PETITRC RACE in 1 month in Portugal with others Schumacher top drivers teammates. Schumacher would like to welcome him to the team.
  7. <IMG src="" width="600"> Ninety percent of the original injection-moulded plastic parts in this remote- controlled car have been replaced by 3D printed carbon fibre. - Advances in various types of 3D printing have progressed to the level where they parallel the output quality of more traditional methods of production. A good demonstration of this can be found in a remote control car model that was originally produced using injection moulding, and has now been three dimensionally printed using carbon fibre reinforced polymers. A company that was founded by a rapid prototyping expert who has worked with Red Bull racing has worked with a leading manufacturer of remote control vehicles and accessories to make a radio-controlled car almost entirely by 3D printing. Standard radio controlled car weighs 1 kg Graphite Additive Manufacturing has teamed up with Schumacher Racing Cars to 3D print a remote control car in carbon fibre reinforced plastic. Graphite printed the parts using the Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) 3d printing process, using carbon fibre reinforced plastic material. The collection of companies set about the project to show that the weight-saving benefits of this production method can be applied to a wide range of other applications in manufacturing. The team at Graphite Additive Manufacturing says that the carbon fibre reinforced material used in this process has the highest stiffness-to-weight and strength-to-weight ratios of any available 3Dprintable plastic material. The metal components for the remote control car that were not manufactured by 3D printing were bolted straight into the parts that were and these included the shock absorbers and floor pan, along with the obvious nuts and bolts. 3D-printed car weighs 0.9 kg The company has strong credentials in this area, as it is headed up by managing director Kevin Lambourne, who previously managed the UK’s largest rapid prototyping department in the 1990′s and also spent seven years at Red Bull Racing using rapid prototyping. The carbon fibre reinforced material used has the highest stiffness-to-weight and strength-to-weight ratios of any 3D-printed plastic, and its use gave a weight saving on the finished 'carbon' car of 10%, when compared to the car in standard trim. - The total calculated weight saving on the finished 3D printing carbon remote controlled car componants over the previous injection moulded output was a tenth.
  8. <IMG src="" width="600"> The Mi5evo from Schumacher is an entirely new Competition Touring Car developed from the BRCA National Championship winning and popular Mi5 platform. Superbly engineered and equipped with some revolutionary design features, the Mi5evo enables the racer even more tunability for both carpet and asphalt tracks. So far this year the car has taken 1st place @ BRCA Clubmans West London, 2nd & 3rd places @ BRCA Nationals West London, 1st Place @ BTCC Halifax, 5th Place @ ETS R4 Stock, 1st and 2nd place BRCA Halifax, 1st & 2nd BTCC Stafford, 3rd ETS Rd5 far so good!!! More details (text, pictures,etc.) ->
  9. <IMG src="" width="600"> Stylish toughened glass setup boards are ideal for setting up your 1/10th Touring, GT10, LMP12, GT12 or 1/10th Off Road buggies. Available in Schumacher, CORE RC and Contact brands. They are perfect for measuring ride height and camber and for providing a smooth, hard, easy clean work surface. They are not intended for 100% accurately measuring chassis flatness. Also available separately are neoprene, zip up bags to protect your set up board during transportation. Also with cool branded look! Specs; 40x30cm 6mm Toughened Glass CR197 - CORE RC - Glass Set Up Board CR297 - CORE RC - Neoprene Bag G353 - Schumacher Glass Set Up Board G354 - Schumacher - Neoprene Bag J003 - Contact RC - Glass Set Up Board J004 - Contact RC - Neoprene Bag
  10. <IMG src="" width="600"> The awesome track up at Halifax was the venue for the second round of the Schumacher BTCC. Many drivers turned up on Saturday to be greeted by lovely dry conditions, the track was looking fantastic and the drivers set up their race kit on the now covered pitting areas to get themselves ready for the weekend ahead. Since we were last up here there has been some great improvements done to the facility, now making this venue one of the best around from many comments heard during the event by several racers. There were several quick drivers on Saturday, and the day stayed dry throughout so lots of good running was had by many people. We arrived down at the track on Sunday morning and the clouds had moved in and it was looking overcast. Due to this and the threat of rain we had seen a little earlier on the weather forecast, we decided on round by round qualifying for the format. Due to a lower turnout than what we usually have in the Series, we decided to give everyone plenty of track time and racing action so they could all make the most of it. At drivers briefing it was announced that we would do 4 rounds of qualifying with the best 2 to count and then follow this with 3 leg finals for everyone. After all 3 legs, the Modified A Final result was: 1 Chris Grainger 2 James Hart 3 Andy Murray 4 Colin Price 5 John Pape 6 Matthew White 7 Brian Eldridge 8 Chris Kerswell 9 Adam Catchpole 10 David Hall Onto 13.5 and after all 3 legs, the A Final result was: 1 Zak Finlay 2 Lee Price 3 Darren Lee 4 Tony Broad 5 James Baker 6 Mark Wallace 7 Ben Putt 8 Chris Gunter 9 Jamie Hickin 10 Peter Craig After all 3 legs, the 17.5 A Final result was as follows: 1 Michael Ball 2 Kris Kennedy 3 Gary Jones 4 Steve Ellis 5 Bradley Coaker 6 Warren Fox The trophy presentation and the traditional Schumacher raffle was all that was left to do after the finals had finished. A special mention has to go to the one and only Andrew Hall. Many of you will know Andrew as you may have seen him trackside as he loves to watch the racing and has great laughs and banter with many racers. He had the biggest cheer throughout the weekend when his good friend James Hart went to collect his trophy, Andrew decided to get a piece of the action and joined in on the photo - Great to see! A huge thanks must go to all the crew at Halifax, a massive amount of work goes in to make these events happen. Nothing was too much trouble, whatever we asked for or needed it was done, thanks to John and Muriel and their team. Thanks also to Bev for doing a great job at running race control along with Muzzy, everything went perfect and all racers left with a huge smile on their face, also a huge thanks to Mr Kris Kennedy who once again provided some fantastic commentary for the finals. The next round of the Series is round 3 at the Stafford track on Sunday 8th June, get yourself booked in as spaces are still available here.
  11. is OFFICIAL MAIN PARTNER of the "PETITRC RACE" 2014 Des cadeaux seront OFFERTS / Some gifts will be OFFER SCHUMACHER has been choosen to be the MAIN tires partner. All drivers will use: 2wd class: Schumacher mini pin (rear) / Free choice Schumacher's tires (front) 4wd class: Schumacher mini pin (rear) / Schumacher mini pin (front) SC class: Schumacher mini pin (rear) / Free choice Schumacher's tires (front) <IMG src="" height="300"> <IMG src="" height="300"> More details...
  12. <img src="" alt="Worksop - Petitrc - Schumacher -" width="600"/> This past weekend of the 9th February 2014 saw a great entry of 13 heats of drivers enter the Schumacher Masters round five of this hugely competitive championship. During qualifying there were several fast drivers, however after all of the qualifying was over it was Neil Cragg who would set off from pole position in both classes. The finals saw some brilliant close racing action in both classes, all the way through the field and some superb overtaking. After all of the action the A Final 2wd result was: 1 Nathan Waters Schumacher 2 Craig Collinson 3 Neil Cragg 4 Paul Fox 5 Chris Doughty 6 Richard Lowe 7 Greg Williams 8 Colin Jackson 9 Steven Pierce Schumacher 10 James Helliwell Schumacher The 4wd A Final result was: 1 Neil Cragg 2 Chris Doughty 3 Nathan Waters Schumacher 4 Richard Lowe 5 Craig Collinson 6 Greg Williams 7 Adam Mackman Schumacher 8 Rob Fox Schumacher 9 James Hart 10 James Helliwell Schumacher A great event once again and great racing by everyone who attended. The next event at the awesome Worksop venue is in a few weeks time, Sunday 2nd March for Round 6. Limited spaces are still available to please get your entry sent in if you wish to race. For full results of the event please see here. From Schumacher
  13. <img src="" height="650"> As we announced you last month, Darren Bloomfield left TLR and.... Schumacher are pleased to announce the signing of multiple champion Darren Bloomfield to our 1/10th Off Road Team. Darren and his talents need no introduction to the RC community and we are happy that he has decided to join us running the new Cougar KF, SV2 and KR platforms in 2WD, alongside the new CAT K1 Aero in 4WD. Darren will fit his 1/10th activities around his 1/8th commitments with Nemo Racing. The former Horizon man had this to say about his new ride; Source: Schumacher
  14. <IMG src="" width="600"> SCHUMACHER contacted PETITRC to present you their New 'Talon' 1/10th Off Road Wings. Excellent new printed 'Talon' Off Road wings available in 3 colours and clear polycarbonate. Specially designed for increased downforce and jump stability. Tune the amount of downforce with easy cut lines on the top of the wing. Uniquely printed on both sides to retain the best overall look. Available in White, Carbon Fibre look, Black and Clear polycarbonate U5113 - Wing Talon Off Road - White U5114 - Wing Talon Off Road - Black U5115 - Wing Talon Off Road - Carbon Look U5117 - Wing Talon Off Road - Clear
  15. is OFFICIAL PARTNER of the PETITRC RACE 2013 Des cadeaux seront OFFERTS / Some gifts will be OFFER More details...
  16. <IMG src="" width="600"> Schumacher Racing contacted PETITRC and would like to welcome Frenchman Armand Lantheaume to the team. Armand is the current French national champion in both 2WD and 4WD 1/10th Off Road classes. He has also achieved B finals in both classes at each of the last 2 EFRA European Championships. Armand will be driving the Cougar SV2 on grass and astro tracks, the Cougar SVR on dirt tracks, and the CAT SX3 in 4WD and is looking forward to an even more competitive 2013 season with his new cars.
  17. <img src="" alt="Schumacher, petitrc, petitrc race, forum, automodelisme, rc, rc car," width="600" /> Schumacher sent to PETITRC several new items launched this week including: Schumacher a fait parvenir à PETITRC ses dernières nouveautés de la semaine : New and now in stock this excellent rubber pit mat with Schumacher Logo. Measuring 750mm x500mm this extremely flexible pit mat is a must for your pit tables. The soft rubber deforms with ease without creasing to lie flat on your bench time after time. Attractive Schumacher Logo!! Indented compartments to keep your tools and parts from rolling away. Protect your table and stop those parts bouncing into the dirt! G310 - Schumacher Rubber Pit Mat - 750mm x 500mm ----------------------- This new Ackerman mod for the CAT SX3 allows more outer wheel lock compared to a standard set up. Consequently it gives a more positive feel to the steering input allowing faster potential lap times. U4113 - Centre Track Rod Conversion - CAT SX3 ----------------------- New excellent cab forward body for the Cougar SV2. Love them or hate them they're here to stay, giving a more agressive steering feel to the mid motored Cougar SV2. Supplied pre-cut with window masks and Schumacher decals. U5112 - Bodyshell Cab Forward+Decal+Mask SV2
  18. <IMG src="" width="600"> Schumacher, partner of PETITRC, contacted us today to present their NEW car called Schumacher Cougar SVR. The NEW Cougar SVR is a professional, high performance 2WD racing buggy designed especially for dirt and low traction surfaces. Developed from the highly successful Cougar range of cars which have won countless races worldwide. The SVR incorporates an all new transmission with a rearward motor location and optimised weight distribution for maximum traction. The SVR - designed for dirt, designed to win! The choice is now yours without compromise – The Cougar SVR for dirt and low traction or the Cougar SV2 for high traction, such as astro, grass or carpet. -NEW Rear motor, three geared transmission - Excellent grip on low traction circuits.. -NEW CVA style driveshafts - Increased drive. -NEW Forward cab shell - Modern look that offers improved high speed steering.•NEW Moulded chassis sides - Fantastic dirt seal with no handling compromise. -NEW Longer front wishbones - Improved corner speed. -NEW Alloy chassis - low centre of gravity for LiPo batteries. -NEW Stronger front bulkhead and bottom plate - Its even tougher. -NEW Large front/rear battery position adjustment - Allows weight distribution tuning for each track. -NEW Gear differential option available. -NEW Carbon Fibre Anti-Squat plates 0º - 3º. -NEW Quick access differential. -NEW Material strengthened wheels. -Heavy duty, big bearing differential - Small diameter, lightweight unit offering low rotating mass. -24 piece “Red Seal” ball bearing set - Gives silky steering and transmission. -Large transmission bearings - Strong and reliable. -Super strong steering levers, unique constant radius steering system - Offers true ackermann and linear steering response. -Easy to assemble, rigid wing mount system - Stronger, with less wing flex. -Moulded gear cover - Better spur gear protection. -“Super cool” Alloy motor plate - Larger surface area and greater thickness offers better cooling and rigidity. -Rear wishbones - Offers more lower position shock mounting options. -Rear anti-roll bar - Better handling. -Accepts either stick, saddle or shorty lipo batteries as standard - For superb versatility. -Pro spec 13mm big bore shocks with titanium nitride shafts, CNC machined pistons with recessed ‘e’clips, threaded collars, twin O ring sealing and diaphragm volume compensation. -PTFE coated shock bodies - Hard, and super smooth shock action. -All CNC machined internal geared transmission - Super quiet and efficient. -Excellent centre line balance - Great control for all track surfaces. -Adjustable bushed pivot control system - Super smooth, multi position suspension action. -Fully optimised suspension geometry - Fast, consistent handling. -Maximum dimension rear wing - Superb airflow control, offering maximum down force. -Black 7075 T6 alloy motor plate and lower diff mounts. - Strong yet lightweight. Prototype model shown, details may vary. K133 - Cougar SVR - Kit - £219.99 List K134 - Cougar SVR - Assembled - £249.99 More pictures / Encore plus de photos...
  19. <img src="" height="600"alt="Petitrc, Automodelisme, Forum, Rc, Schumacher," /> Schumacher has been in touch to PETITRC to inform you of their new SC tyres. Schumacher a contacté PETITRC afin de vous présenter ses nouveaux pneus pour le Short Course Schumacher make the first foray into the Short Course Tyre market with these excellent Mini Spike and Mini Pin examples! Classic Schumacher tyre designs generated from years of experience and race winning! Firstly the Mini Spike, highly suitable for Grass, Astro, Carpet and general use. Less aggressive than the Mini Pin but with excellent grip. Available in two compounds, Blue - Hard & Yellow - Soft. Supplied in pairs without inserts. We recommend a firm insert. U6769 - Short Course Tyre - Mini Spike - Blue U6766 - Short Course Tyre - Mini Spike - Yellow ------------------- A great tyre for Astro and Carpet. Available in Blue - Hard and Yellow - Soft compounds. This tyre has maximum traction and aggression. To tune the car it may be required to trim some pins from the front tyres for less bite, or try Blue front, Yellow rear. Supplied in pairs without inserts. We recommend a firm insert. U6767 - Short Course Tyre - Mini Pin - Yellow U6768 - Short Course Tyre - Mini Pin - Blue
  20. Top UK electric off-road racer Danny McGee has retired from the Schumacher team as he looks to next years season and other challenges. Danny will race the 6th edition of the PETITRC RACE and we will be able to see their new cars
  21. SCHUMACHER sent to PETITRC this Schumacher USA Press release / SCHUMACHER a envoyé à PETITRC ce communiqué à propos de Schumacher USA.