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Found 3 results

  1. It is not every day that something truly unique is introduced to the RC market. Reedy's innovative 5800mAh 65C 7.4V SQ LiPo battery replaces the two-piece side-by-side saddle pack with a single hard-case battery. By eliminating the need for a jumper wire and reducing the number of internal connections, power output and efficiency are improved. Dual 4mm sockets with a 2mm balance port allows users to balance charge the battery in the same manner as stick and shorty batteries. Complicated balance charge harnesses are a thing of the past! Reedy's 5800mAh 65C 7.4V SQ LiPo battery shares the same internal construction and chemistry as Reedy's other competition LiPo batteries, which makes it perfect for stock or modified 1:10 scale racers who seek maximum power output and run time. LiPo battery technology continues to progress and Reedy is proud to bring improved performance to the masses. #314 Specifications: Capacity 5800mAh Voltage 7.4V (2S) Dimensions (mm) 93 x 68.5 x 25.1 Max. Charge Current 11.6 (2C) Discharge 65C cont., 120C burst Weight (g) 318 #314 Reedy LiPo 5800mAh 65C 7.4V SQ UPC: 784695 003149 Available: Nov. 2013 Source: Team Associated More details:!
  2. Team Associated has been in touch to PETITRC to present its Reedy 6500mAh 65C Competition LiPo Battery. Team Associated a envoyé à PETITRC sa dernière nouveauté, à savoir des lipo Reedy 6500mAh pour la compétition. Fancy descriptions and buzz words are not required when describing Reedy's 6500mAh 65C competition LiPo battery — the specifications speak for themselves. If you are a 1:12 or World GT racer, this battery produces power and capacity that is second to none. Specifications: Capacity: 6500mAh Voltage: 3.7V (1S) Dimensions (mm): 94 x 47 x 18.5 Max. Charge Current: 13.0 (2C) Discharge: 65C cont., 120C burst Weight (g): 149 #600 Reedy LiPo 6500mAh 3.7V 65C $91.99 UPC: 784695 006003 Available: In Stock
  3. Short Course 4WD is quickly becoming the one of the most popular competition classes in America. To satisfy the power demands that this class requires, Reedy developed the Sonic 550. Designed specifically for the Short Course 4WD class and intended strictly for competition, the Sonic 550 features a lightweight case design with extra-large strategically placed vent holes to reduce operating temperatures. Lower temperatures result in less fade over the course of a race, longer run times, and increased motor life. Sensored operation results in a smooth and controllable power band with no cogging. A high-torque rotor is supported by dual ball bearings for maximum power output and reliability, while adjustable timing allows for fine tuning for particular applications and tracks. Service is easy and economical thanks to a completely rebuildable design. A choice of four ROAR-approved models means that there is a Sonic 550 motor to suit all tracks and conditions. Features Lightweight design Optimized air flow Dual precision ball bearings High-torque rotor Adjustable timing 5mm shaft Completely rebuildable Competition proven 200mm sensor wire Built to ROAR specs Specifications Cells: 2S-3S LiPo Diameter: 35.8mm Length: 65.3mm Shaft Diameter: 5.0mm Weight: 243-253g #968 Sonic 550 4.0 Brushless $220.00 UPC: 784695 009684 #969 Sonic 550 4.5 Brushless $220.00 UPC: 784695 009691 #970 Sonic 550 5.0 Brushless $220.00 UPC: 784695 009707 #971 Sonic 550 5.5 Brushless $220.00 UPC: 784695 009714