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Found 5 results

  1. vu sur OOPLE... Un 4x2 et en préparation chez DURANGO... D'autres photos ici :
  2. <img src="" alt="PETITRC - Revolution Design - Kyosho RB6" width="600" /> New from Revolution Design Racing Products comes the battery holder plate set for the Kyosho RB6 buggy. The set includes a battery hold down plate cut from high-quality carbon fibre as well as a 7075-T6 aluminium mounting plate. The latter comes black anodised and laser-etched for a cool factory look. The set is suitable for mid and rear motor buggies as well as all battery layouts including 2S shorty, stick and saddle pack with the parts offering a higher rigidity and increased looks over the stock moulded plastic braces. Source: Revolution Design
  3. <IMG src="" width="600"> RDRP sent to PETITRC the RDRP Ultra Car Stand is designed to provide you with a solid base to make working on your car a breeze. The revolving upper platform allows you to place everything from a 1/12th scale pan car up to an 1/8th scale truck while building, maintaining or tuning your car. Two large foam pads keep the chassis plate from moving while a pair of rubber O-rings make for a silky smooth movement of the platform plus they keep it from spinning excessively. Two additional anti-slip pads in the bottom plate make for a secure stand of the Ultra Car Stand on your pit table or setup board. The overall height is adjustable via a spacer and leaves you the choice between a height of 60mm or 70mm. CNC-machined from 7075-T6 aluminium and coming black anodised for that distinctive stealth look the Ultra Car Stand not only looks cool but also has everything it needs to withstand the rigours of regular abuse in racing situations to make it look shiny for years.
  4. <IMG src="" width="600"> Revolution Design Racing Products informs PETITRC's readers that it's proud to welcome UK super star Elliott Boots to their world-wide team of drivers. The young Brit just ended a fantastic nitro off-road season and will now focus on electric off-road racing during the Winter season using Revolution Design Racing Product's Ultra Pinions and Ultra Series of Tools and Accessories to help getting the most out of his Kyosho rides. RDRP wishes Elliott the best of luck for his upcoming campaign and is looking forward for more fantastic race results. Link:
  5. <IMG src="" width="600"> RDRP contacted PETITRC to have a look to their latest news about DEX/DESC/DEST210 Series Big Bore Shock Cap & Preload Nut Set. The DEX210 TD Aluminium BB Shock Cap & Preload Nut Set is designed to replace the stock plastic bottom cap of the Team Durango 1/10 scale big bore shock absorbers. The aluminium part not only looks better but the tough design of the cap also allow you to tighten the cap more for better sealing shock absorbers. Also included in the set are CNC-machined spring preload nuts that are larger in diameter. The increased diameter makes ride height adjustments easier, plus the design of the nuts add that "factory" touch to your ride. The parts are CNC-machined from 7075-T6 aluminium, come anodised and are a direct replacement for the stock parts. APPLICATION The RDRP DEX210 TD Aluminium BB Shock Cap & Preload Nut Set replaces the respective kit parts. Link: