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Found 5 results

  1. <IMG src="" height="700"> Near the beach, with the sun and the blue sky.... the "PETITRC RACE" - 9th edition - will be organize on a OUTDOOR track (Astroturf) for the first time! This upcoming prestigious race will be at Terrugem, close to Lisbon in Portugal. Who will be the first to WIN this "special edition" of the PETITRC RACE? Book in your dates now! More news soon...
  2. <IMG src="" width="600"> Nicolas Risser (Belgium), PETITRC's driver, signs to G-Force, one of main partners of the latest PETITRC RACE in Germany. Nicolas Risser did some great results at the PETITRC RACE in April and consequently G-Force took him in their great team. All the best to Nicolas with G-Force! "May G-Force be with you"! Nicolas Risser (Belgique), pilote PETITRC, signe avec G-Force, l'un des principaux partenaires de la PETITRC RACE en Allemagne le mois dernier. Avec ses bons résultats, Nicolas s'est fait remarqué durant cette course internationale et G-Force a souhaité le recruter. Félicitations à Nicolas et "Que G-Force soit avec toi"!
  3. <IMG src="" width="600"> The PETITRC RACE's track is ready for all International drivers. See you tomorrow! La piste de la PETITRC RACE est prête pour tous les pilotes internationaux. A demain !
  4. is OFFICIAL MAIN PARTNER of the "PETITRC RACE" 2014 Des cadeaux seront OFFERTS / Some gifts will be OFFER SCHUMACHER has been choosen to be the MAIN tires partner. All drivers will use: 2wd class: Schumacher mini pin (rear) / Free choice Schumacher's tires (front) 4wd class: Schumacher mini pin (rear) / Schumacher mini pin (front) SC class: Schumacher mini pin (rear) / Free choice Schumacher's tires (front) <IMG src="" height="300"> <IMG src="" height="300"> More details...
  5. is OFFICIAL MAIN PARTNER of the "PETITRC RACE" 2014 GENS ACE is a brand of Grepow. Since the foundation in October 1998, Grepow employees have been striving for the goal of building quality management system and providing customers with efficient services through constant technical innovation. We passed the ISO9001 quality certification and ISO14001 environmental national certification. In 2000 we successfully developed high-power Nickel Metal Hydride battery. In 2001 we realized mass-production of high capacity NiMH battery and Lithium prismatic battery. In 2002 together with Tsinghua University we developed Nickel Metal Hydride pack of Hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) with intelligent system control, thus become "high-technology enterprise" accredited by Shenzhen Bureau of Science and Technology. Within a few years GREPOW have become OEM supplier of many domestic and overseas renowned firms and won their satisfaction, 80% of our products are exported to around the world. GREPOW has become a symbol of quality, safe and stable rechargeable Lipo(LiFePO4, LiMn2O4, LiCoO2, LiCoxNiyMnzO2) battery. Starting from the year of 2010, our own brand Gensace have been accepted by overseas clients and now it is the top and hot selling battery pack in the whole North America & Europe radio control market. At this industry what we offer is the High Discharging & High capacity battery pack which the difficulty requirement on the technique is in high level. In year of 2011, we have newly established our second production base in Chenzhou city of Hunan Province with more than 4000 work force for our production volume expansion to meet our clients’ growing needs. Our goal is to lead the technology trend of rechargeable battery industry, to accelerate the growth of battery firms in China, and enable battery products of China win reliance of worldwide clients.