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Found 7 results

  1. Awesomatix A700 Evo Awesomatix A700, EXL
  2. TRF Tamiya TRF419 Tamiya TRF418 Tamiya TRF417, TRF417X & TRF417V5 Tamiya TRF416-WE-X Tamiya TRF415-MS-MSX-MSXX Tamiya TRF414 TB Tamiya TB EvoV Tamiya TB EvoIV Tamiya TB EvoIII Tamiya TB EvoII Tamiya TB EvoI TA Tamiya TA06 Tamiya TA05 Tamiya TA04 FF Tamiya FF03 M-Chassis M-01, M-02, M-03, M-04 & M-05 F1 & GrC Tamiya TRF101 Tamiya F104 Series Tamiya F103GT Tamiya F201 Cales de pincement TB EvoIV, TRF415, TRF415 ...
  3. Serpent S411 3.0 Serpent S411 2.0 Serpent S411 Serpent S400 Serpent S411FF Serpent F110 Serpent 747e Serpent 977e
  4. Kyosho TF-6 Kyosho Stallion Shin Kyosho TF-5 Stallion Kyosho TF-5
  5. The third race took place on Sunday, May 6 at Zwevegem MRCZ at their outdoor track. The practice on Saturday was only driven under the rain. This promised for Sunday, but on Sunday it remained dry all day. We had 37 drivers at the start. In the Efra class in qualifying we saw a duel between Thomas Stockman, the leader in the standings, and Olivier Bultynck, the champion of 2011. It was Olivier who eventually took TQ in front of Thomas and Nick Joosens who took third place. Manuel Henriet placed himself as fourth. The first final was super exciting. Olivier left from pole and held Thomas behind. Nick and Manuel battled for third place. Manuel managed to pass Nick and immediately began to put pressure on Thomas. This enabled Ollie to made a small gap. Thomas went under the enormous pressure and Manuel took the second place. Meanwhile, the gap to Olivier was too big and Olivier crossed the finish line as the winner. Manuel finished second followed shortly by Thomas. In the second final Olivier started like a rocket. Ollie drove away and made fast lap after fast lap. Meanwhile, Thomas, Nick and Manuel were engaged in a battle. Manuel’s car broke and Nick made a mistake. Thomas drove to second place without problems. Meanwhile, Nick Logie came back from behind and drove himself to a strong third place. Olivier won his second final and also this race. The third final would be a fight for positions two and three overall. We had four contenders: Thomas Stockman, Nick Joosens, Manuel Henriet and Nick Logie. Olivier came also at the start. After the start Thomas was immediately attacked by Nick Joosens but could hold his position. Manuel did everything to pass Nick Joosens but Nick drove a strong third final. Thomas made a mistake while he past a slower driver and landed on its roof. Nick drove to second place with Manuel at his tail. Meanwhile Nick Logie came back after a poor start to fourth position. Olivier saw the battle behind him and left Nick and Manuel pass and battling for victory in this final. Nick Joosens had a lot of trouble with Manuel Henriet but kept his coolness and took the victory. Manuel came in second and Olivier as third. Overall result: Olivier Bultynck winner (Yokomo), Manuel Henriet (Serpent) second and Nick Joosens (Yokomo) third. More details... Source: FBA
  6. <img src="" width="600"> The 2011 International Indoor Championships was once again held at the Riviera Hotel and Casino on the world-famous Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada. A near record 400 entries competed in a variety of TC and pan car classes on the small but challenging circuit set up in the hotel's main ballroom. With over 60 entries, one of the largest classes at this year's event was the Super Stock TC class. Utilizing 17.5 motors and boosted ESCs, the class featured some of the world's top drivers turning laps nearly as fast as those in the Modified TC class. Reedy factory driver Atsushi Hara was clearly the man to beat. The defending champion was extremely fast in practice and continued to show no mercy in the qualifying heats. After four rounds of qualifying, Hara's fastest time was nearly 4 seconds faster than the next best driver which meant he would start the A Main from the coveted pole position. At the sound of the start tone, Hara shot into the lead thanks to the power of a Reedy Sonic 17.5 motor and 5000mAh LiPo battery. An early challenge from Reedy teammate Keven Hébert was the only threat to his dominance. But eventually Hara managed to build a comfortable gap to the chasers and cruise to victory. <img src="" width="800"> <IMG src="" width="800"> Results & podiums <img src="" width="800"> <img src="" width="800"> <img src="" width="800"> <img src="" width="800"> <img src="" width="800"> More pics...
  7. Robitronic Avid v2 Robitronic Avid