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Found 5 results

  1. <IMG src="" width="600"> Le variateur Vortex R10.1Pro est un autre exemple de la recherche de la perfection, nous avons amélioré de nombreux aspects du variateur, afin de s’assurer que vous puissiez bénéficier des meilleures performances possibles. Le Vortex R10.1Pro utilise un nouveau circuit imprimé qui diminue la résistance et augmente la puissance maximale disponible ainsi qu’un nouveau software qui améliore encore la gestion de la puissance. Nouveau circuit imprimé basse résistance Nouvelle génération de FET haute-performance Boîtier en aluminium fraisé avec refroidissement amélioré Anodisation noire et carbon look Composants de haute qualité pour des performances ultimes Software paramétrable qui peut être mis à jour Deux ports sensor pour une disposition idéale du câble sensor Fonctionne avec les moteurs sensor et sensorless Fonction marche avant/frein, marche avant/frein/marche arrière ou marche avant/arrière Conçu pour les batteries LiPo 2S Mise en route facile Contrôle d’état par LED et signal sonore Boîtier de programmation optionnel (ORI65153) Electronic Speed Controls Resistance: 0.00018ohm Amps: 170A Peak amps: 820A Function: Forward/Brake Forward/Brake Forward/Brake/Reverse Forward/Brake/Reverse Forward/Reverse (for Rock Crawler) Forward/Reverse (for Rock Crawler) Motor Type: Sensor and sensorless 2-pole/4-pole BEC: 6V, 3A Sizes Length: 41.5 mm Width: 30.5 mm Height: 20.2 mm Weight: 44 g. Plus de détails :
  2. Voila j'aurai voulu savoir si il y avait des infos ou retour sur ces matériels ainsi que sur leurs distribution en France? Merci d'avance, Pierrot.
  3. <img src="" alt="petitrc, pulse novak" width="600" /> Years ago an ESC was either on the gas or on the brakes, there was no such thing as timing mode, boost, dynamic adjustments, and programmable profiles. Today, ESC manufacturers are in a constant battle to offer their customers the latest and greatest in ESC technology. We have got our hands on the latest and greatest from Team Novak for a Product Test of the all-new Pulse ESC! First Impression Unboxing the new Pulse ESC we were pleasantly surprised to see pre-soldered wires to the ESC in all matching blue (as opposed to a rainbow of wires). The overall size of the Pulse is slightly larger than some on the market for 1:10 racing, however, upon further inspection we realized the Pulse is rated for BOTH 540 and 550 size motors running 2S LiPos. The ability to run swap one ESC from a 2wd buggy to a 4wd short course truck saves serious cash and is far more easy than purchasing and setting up a seperate 540 or 550 only ESC unit. Build & Setup Installing and setting up the Pulse ESC was a rather quick and easy process thanks to the pre-soldered wires, and easy to follow instructions that were written for an R/C racer...not a rocket scientist. For the test we mounted the Pulse in both a 2wd buggy (usually one of the harder vehicles to fit an ESC) and a 4wd short course (usually one of the most demanding vehicles on an ESC). In the 2wd buggy the ESC was a little tight fitting, but with some fancy manuevers and wire routing, we were able to stuff it all in there. The capacitor that is pre-soldered onto the Pulse is designed to work flawlessly, however, it's size and short wires make finding a nice home for it somewhat difficult. In the 4wd short course, we had no issues what-so-ever finding a place for it, as the Pulse is considerably smaller than the 550/1:8 scale ESC's we are used to running in the truck. With plenty of room and a high demand on the ESC, we added a complimentary Novak fan to the Pulse to keep things cool. Setup on the Pulse is done using the Novak light system. Calibration to the radio is simple and quick. Fine tuning your settings requires slightly more attention and can be a little time consuming, compared to others which offer a programming card or unit. We recommend making sure you know your basic colors and counting skills one through ten. We setup the Pulse using the recommended preset profiles for our application with only minor changes to settings such as drag brake, dead band, etc. (...) More details... Comments / commentaires >
  4. cliquez pour voir => Moteurs stock 10.5, 13.5et varios <= cliquez pour voir
  5. Plus besoin d'accessoire pour le vario => TwinBEC: A true BEC revolution! Constant 6V/3A output with 3.0V to 7.4V batteries. No need for receiver battery for 1S or 4 cells. <= Merci LRP! Weight 36g Size 30.5x33x21mm Rec. Motorlimit Brushless over 4.5T Voltage Input 3.7-7.4V Rated Current 764A/Phase Type Forward/Brake Typical Voltage Drop @20A 0.013V/Phase B.E.C. 6.0V/3.0A