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  1. vu sur OOPLE... Un 4x2 et en préparation chez DURANGO... D'autres photos ici :
  2. The final round of the prestigious Mibosport Cup has recently been concluded in Trebic, Czech Republic. Team Durango off-road star, Kaja Novotny, was able to conclude his Mibosport Cup campaign with an overall win and TQ in 4WD Buggy, adding a second overall in 2WD Buggy to make it a double podium weekend for Team Durango. Having only attended three out of the four staged rounds of this highly-competitive race series, Kaja was to rely on previously secured winning points for his overall series position. Having won the third, fourth and fifth rounds in 4WD Buggy, with his DEX410v4, and also having solid 2WD finishes with his DEX210v2 throughout the series, Kaja was crowned overall series champion in both classes. Kaja was keen to send thanks to the series organisers for creating such a competitive and well-managed set of events. Kaja also sighting the reliability and precise tuning options of his Team Durango vehicles as being fundamental in his recent Mibosport success. We send our sincere congratulations to Kaja and his father Karel for a wonderful conclusion to the Mibosport 2015 race calendar. Double Championship win, job done young man. Get closer to Kaja and Karel Novotny now: Learn how the DEX210v2 can take you straight to the winning spot: Explore the race winning features of the DEX410v4 here:
  3. Un petit sujet dédié au Team Durango afin de pouvoir presenter et discuter de ce qui viendra dans le futur
  4. <IMG src="" width="600"> Low roll center rear (RR) suspension hanger for the DEX210 alloy chassis, DIMEC type A or DEX210 with 1347 Exotek chassis. Lowers the inner rear arms by -2mm for improved stability. Precision engineered from 7075 alloy. This hanger also increases toe in by .5 degrees (if your RF hanger is 3 degrees then total toe in wil be 3.5 degrees) for added on power stability. +0 degrees standard RR hanger also available. You are able to use this hanger in either RM or MM configuration. Special Notes: Must be used with 1373 RF LRC HANGER. Requires the use of steel suspension balls TD330037 or EXO1202. Not for use with Type B chassis. Type B hangers coming soon. If used on the DEX210 alloy chassis then the arms must be filed 1mm as shown. If used on the Exotek Carbon chassis then no modifications needed. Low roll center rear (RR) suspension hanger for the DEX210 alloy chassis, DIMEC type A or DEX210 with 1347 Exotek chassis. Lowers the inner rear arms by -2mm for improved stability. Precision engineered from 7075 alloy. This hanger maintains stock rear toe in (if your RF hanger is 3 degrees then total toe in wil be 3 degrees). +.5 degree RR hanger also available for added on power stability. You are able to use this hanger in either RM or MM configuration. Special Notes: Must be used with 1373 RF LRC HANGER. Requires the use of steel suspension balls TD330037 or EXO1202. Not for use with Type B chassis. Type B hangers coming soon. If used on the DEX210 alloy chassis then the arms must be filed 1mm as shown. If used on the Exotek Carbon chassis then no modifications needed. Adjustable heavy duty (FR) suspension hanger for the DEX210 alloy chassis, DIMEC type A or DEX210 with 1347 Exotek chassis. Quick shimming system allows stock HIGH roll center with 0 or 1.5 degree kick up OR lowers the inner rear arms by -2mm for LOW roll center with 0 or 1.5 degree kick up! Easy shimming system means you do not need to disassemble the entire rear truck or buggy in order to change the anti squat or even high or low roll centers! Simply loosen the 4 screws and slide in or out the included shims. Precision engineered from 7075 alloy. Maintains the stock 3 degree toe in. Allows for 0 or 1.5 degree kick up. You are able to use this hanger in either RM or MM configuration. Special Notes: For Low Roll Center setting the hanger must be used with 1374 or 1375 RR LRC HANGER. Requires the use of steel suspension balls TD330037 or EXO1202. If LRC is used on the DEX210 alloy chassis then the arms must be filed 1mm as shown. If HRC is used on the DEX210 alloy chassis then no modifications needed. If LRC or HRC is used on the Exotek Carbon chassis then no modifications needed. For DIMEC type B chassis HRC setting can only be used. Source: Exotec More details ->
  5. Our traditionel "FOCUS ON" Jorn Neumann and his Team Durango prototype... Driver Jorn Neumann Car Team Durango DEX410 Prototype Body-Wing Jconcepts / Durango Wheels Durango Motor Orion 6.5 Battery Team Orion ESC Orion R10 Pro Software 208 Mod Ratio 22/87 Servo Futaba Radio Futaba 4PKS-R Charger Team Orion Touch Sponsors Durango, Team Orion, Jconcepts, Thunder Power, Much More, Futaba, Stickit1 No "inside" pictures due to this prototype.... and PETITRC respects about this restriction / Pas de photos sans carro car c'est un proto et... PETITRC respecte cette restriction Follow us in our daily Live coverage -> And if you like our job, please LIKE us / Si vous aimez ce reportage, dites le nous par un "J'AIME" ->
  6. <img src="" alt="PETITRC - Euro champion Jorn Neumann - 1:10th electric off road" /> The recordman of victories at the PETITRC RACE and current European champion, Jörn Neumann joins Team Orion! Jörn will be taking full advantage of all Team Orion's 1/10 & 1/8 Electric Products through 2014. This deal just finalized today with the 2013 IFMAR 1/10 Electric Off-Road World Championships only a few weeks away. From Jörn Neumann :
  7. <img src="" alt="PETITRC - Euro championship 1:10th electric off road - valladolid, Spain" /> The Euro championship has its 2013 NEW 2WD champion: Jörn NEUMANN 1 Jörn NEUMANN DE 2 Neil CRAGG GB 3 Lee MARTIN GB Congratulations to Jörn and also Neil and Lee for their podium. Special mention to Wesley Van Helmond (Hol)! He finisehd 9th for his 1st A Euro final. Well done Wesley and Joey. All pictures, results,etc are available in our coverage:
  8. <img src=" " width="600"> AVID’s Triad Slipper Clutch has had much success since it’s recent debut and has found its way into the vehicles of RC’s top drivers. This killer slipper is now available for the Durango DEX210 and made its debut at last months running of the Cactus Classic in Arizona with much success and positive feedback from the Durango team. You will be able to get popular spur gear sizes for both modified and stock racing and mesh perfectly with Robinson pinion gears. Check out Avid’s webpage ( frequently for the release date and availability the DEX210 Triad Slipper Clutch. – Joel Navarro Here’s some verbiage and specs from the Avid website… The new AVID Triad Slipper Clutch has several advantages over the current slipper offerings. The design allows the clutch to transmit power, yet still maintain a degree of slip without overheating. The amount of difference in the clutch can only be explained after running it. When racers run our clutch, and then switch back to standard, it becomes clear how many areas of the track the AVID clutch improves the car. We are offering two kit setups to better suit your needs. The only difference between the Mod and Stock kits will be the spurs that are included. That’s right we are including two spurs in each kit with the Mod kit having 81/84 and the Stock 72/76/69/66. Highlights smoother throttle/brake feel in jumps as well as turns consistent performance (jumps are the same every lap) light weight, compact design (TRIAD 11.2g Vs. Stock 16.4g) longer life with less maintenance preview at nationals /
  9. DE Racing is proud to introduce a "Borrego" SC wheel for use on both the Team Durango DESC210 and DESC410 short course trucks. Modeled after our 1/10 buggy line, "Borrego" wheels feature the realistic scale appearance of a beadlock wheel with mud cover, and can be used with our optional sticker disks to give a new level of color customizing. Like our "Trinidad" wheels for this model, they have been offset +2.5mm from a stock Durango wheel. This added 5mm track width and modified steering scrub radius make the car more predictable and easy to drive. These wheels aren't just another pretty product promising performance. This is a new stronger wheel designed from the ground up for the rigors of Short Course racing. Thicker wall sections, deeper support ribs, and a dish face protected by a simulated beadlock ring make these wheels the strongest on the market. Go ahead, mount a set on your SCT and dish out some abuse, they can take it! Features: Realistic scale appearance of a beadlock wheel with a mud cover 12 internal radial ribs, and thicker wall sections for ultra high strength 2.5mm increased offset Available in Black, White, Yellow and Silver Customizable with our 1/10 scale Sticker Disks Proudly Made in the U.S.A. Offsets: DER-SCB-DB for Team Durango DESC210 / DESC410R / BLACK DER-SCB-DW for Team Durango DESC210 / DESC410R / WHITE DER-SCB-DY for Team Durango DESC210 / DESC410R / YELLOW DER-SCB-DS for Team Durango DESC210 / DESC410R / SILVER Source: De Racing
  10. Interview du nouveau pilote Team Durango, ellis Stafford, un pilote d'expérience... To the more seasoned of our loyal followers, Ellis Stafford will need no lengthy introduction. For those of you new to the world’s fastest growing sport, who may not be aware of the truly formidable racing C.V of Team Durango’s newest pro team driver, here is the first of a series of super exclusive team driver interviews. Team Durango’s pro team just got even stronger. Welcome Mr Ellis Stafford. Team Durango – With so many manufacturers providing sponsorship deals for a driver of your experience and capability, can you tell us the main reasons that you found Team Durango the perfect home for 2013 and beyond? Ellis – I’ve been watching the cars for a while and like the way they are striving to really make the car not only really fast but also a really good product to suit everyone. They seemed to be really pushing forward as a company and when speaking to them it was clear the whole group wanted to progress things and make things better and had lots of ideas. I’m sure Durango are going to become an even bigger player in the model car world over the next few years and I’m really excited to be part of it. Team Durango – Can you explain the history for your choice of colour scheme for your racing livery and explain if you plan to alter anything about your famous racing colours for your new team drive? Ellis – Some of it is not really all that old to be honest. I’ve pretty much had the blue rear for a long time but used to have a small amount of white at the front then a peeled back section of purple leading to the blue. Then the roof used to be black with the lightening. About 8 years ago I kind of decided that really it was just too dark and going round the track it just looked like dark blue. So I decided I would brighten it up a little and came up with pretty much how it is now other than the lightening. That came back just over a year ago, I actually found one of my old shells and thought I really should have it back on them. I don’t plan to change it to be honest. People just recognise you by your colours, strange really how it should make a difference on track but it does. Just before I joined I actually had a car to try and just had one of the ready to run shells. I tried the car at Maritime (no one knew at the time and I sneaked the car on track) and everyone just tried to race me, even when I closed up really fast on them. When I’m out with my normal colours people just kind of give you room when you catch up. (...)
  11. Diggity Design proposes to PETITRC their new parts for Team Durango cars. #DSCT-101 - Team Durango DESC210R/DEST210R - 4mm Carbon Fibre Front Shock Tower #DSCT-102 - Team Durango DESC210R/DEST210R - 4mm Carbon Fibre Rear Shock Tower. Optional 4th mounting hole location #DEX210-102 - Team Durango DEX210/DEST210R/DESC210R - 2.5mm Battery Strap #DEX210-103 - Team Durango DEX210/DEST210R/DESC210R - 2.5mm Steering Rack / Drag Link
  12. <IMG src="" width="600"> With the evolution of race tracks, complicated circuits combining more aggressive jumps and extremely high-speed corners; JConcepts incorporated many features which provide several benefits in the most critical situations. Increased windshield angle provides a steady force upfront during mid-flight wind gusts on large jumps. Forward cab placement changes performance / visible bias which helps steering rotation in low traction corners. The side-pods have been simplified and JC chamfered to remove unwanted changes in height to neutralize the at-speed handling. The chassis to body fit has been tightened up and with the addition of fastening hook and loop tape, eliminates empty voids that contribute to mid-flight directional changes. The rear of the cab has a new step feature and a louver which can be trimmed to allow air to escape at the top of the body through its V-shaped design. Three additional air-flow scoop locations have been also incorporated into the body design. The first, directly in front of the windshield which allows for fresh incoming air treatment and second, 1 on each of the side-pods to help air-out the inside of the body during heated running conditions. In addition to the newly designed body, JConcepts has included 2 of the latest 6.5″ wide Hi-Clearance rear wings. Features: · Original – JConcepts Finnisher design · Blended wing / body design · Includes 2 – 6.5″ wide Hi-Clearance wings · Clear polycarbonate with protective film · Window masks and Finnisher decal sheet Illuzion – Durango DEX410 – Finnisher body Part # – 0233 UPC Code – 845937006998 Retail price – $25.00 (Fits Durango DEX410 buggy line) Illuzion – 6.5″ Hi-Clearance wing (0228 / 0233 direct replacement – Durango DEX210 / DEX410) Part # – 0124 UPC Code – 845937006783 Retail price – $10.00 (Fits Durango DEX210 / DEX410 buggy) source: Jconcepts
  13. Here are NEW pictures of the Durango DNX408 Source:
  14. The DURANGO DEX210 is arrived! In UK some days before... 1. Here you can see the chassis with the side pods on, nice sturdy plastic . Side pods fit on with six counter sunk screws, just because how you line the side pods, look at the manual to see which screws to mount them onto! 2. The steering rack complete. Goes together nicely just watch out how you assemble the pivots to the rack because the bushings tend to fall out! Also can see a nice option part here as the rack seem little too flexible. (...) More... Coments, pictures,etc / Commentaires, photos sur le DEX210
  15. <img src="" width="650"> Team Durango/PETITRC driver and current French champion Cyril Baldini keep again his domination in France with his new victory in this round 2 of French National series. Cyril was the faster driver during the weekend, took the TQ and won both 1st finals in the row. Big domination with his Durango car, Cyril is unbeatable again! Well done Champion, 2 on 2 in the row! Results, coments, and pics The PETITRC gallery Le pilote Team Durango/PETITRC, Cyril BALDINI, actuel champion de France en titre a une nouvelle fois montré sa suprématie lors de cette 2eme manche du championnat de France 2011 qui se déroulait sur les terres du Xtremerace. Pôle et victorieux de 2 finales, Cyril aura dominé les débats avec son Durango. 2 victoires en 2 courses, l'homme semble une fois de plus intouchable. Felicitations Champion! Résultats, commentaires, photos La galerie photos PETITRC
  16. Recent A final at the PETITRC RACE 2011, Craig Collinson took round 6 of the Batley Buggy Club series at Chadderton this past weekend, driving the DEX410 2010 spec buggy to a dominating victory. Craig took all four rounds of qualifying and after a couple of laps of close racing in the final Craig checked out and left the rest standing as it recorded the only 17-lapper. Craig took both 2WD and 4WD titles in the series and looks set to make a big impact in 2011. From our partner Team Durango.
  17. <img src="" height="550" Team Durango Co-MAIN partner of THE Petitrc 5th edition are proud to announce former off road European Champion Chris Doughty as a new full-time staff member. Chris has over 20 years RC Racing experience and more than 5 years contributing to successful RC projects, so he is a perfect fit for Team Durango. Chris will be Project Co-ordinator at Team Durango, he will responsible for analysing the feedback from the Durango Global Racing Team and our customers towards the continued development of our full range of Durango race cars. Making our cars faster and better suited to our customers needs is a team effort, but Chris will play a big part in coordinating that work. Chris had the following to say about joining Team Durango:-
  18. News from the pits Yannick Pruemper Durango 2wd prototype This is the young german talent who has the primacy to run the 2wd Durango prototype. He usually drive in the touring class but he is one the big surpise today. We have told that this is the first version of the prototype and he is running better on high grip carper right now. LIVE Coverage --> ALL coments / Tous vos commentaires HERE