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Found 7 results

  1. vu sur OOPLE... Un 4x2 et en préparation chez DURANGO... D'autres photos ici :
  2. 4x2 Team Durango DEX210v2 Team Durango DEX210 4x4 Team Durango DEX410v4 Team Durango DEX410v3 & DEX410Rv3 Team Durango DEX410 & DEX410R Truck Team Durango DEST210 Short Course Team Durango DESC210 Team Durango DESC410 Motogo Seiki DMX410 DARC Development 410DARC
  3. Bonjour, Tout est dans le titre, est ce que les pièces de l'intech ER12 sont compatibles avec le dex210v1??? Si oui, lesquelles? Merci
  4. <img src="" alt="JRT car - Petitrc -" width="600" /> PETITRC is please to present you the "JRT Car" from Patrice Bertin, a French driver. His "JRT Car" built from the front of DEX210 and the back of DEX410 and get the look of the TeamC car. Patrice will test it on a regional race in few days. PETITRC a le plaisir de vous présenter le "JRT Car", un proto réalisé par Patrice Bertin. Lui donnant une apparence du TeamC, il a fallut qu'il assemble l'avant du DEX210 et l'arrière du DEX410 et quelques autres détails dont il explique : More details / Plus de détails... By Patrice Bertin - JRT Racing
  5. <img src=" " width="600"> AVID’s Triad Slipper Clutch has had much success since it’s recent debut and has found its way into the vehicles of RC’s top drivers. This killer slipper is now available for the Durango DEX210 and made its debut at last months running of the Cactus Classic in Arizona with much success and positive feedback from the Durango team. You will be able to get popular spur gear sizes for both modified and stock racing and mesh perfectly with Robinson pinion gears. Check out Avid’s webpage ( frequently for the release date and availability the DEX210 Triad Slipper Clutch. – Joel Navarro Here’s some verbiage and specs from the Avid website… The new AVID Triad Slipper Clutch has several advantages over the current slipper offerings. The design allows the clutch to transmit power, yet still maintain a degree of slip without overheating. The amount of difference in the clutch can only be explained after running it. When racers run our clutch, and then switch back to standard, it becomes clear how many areas of the track the AVID clutch improves the car. We are offering two kit setups to better suit your needs. The only difference between the Mod and Stock kits will be the spurs that are included. That’s right we are including two spurs in each kit with the Mod kit having 81/84 and the Stock 72/76/69/66. Highlights smoother throttle/brake feel in jumps as well as turns consistent performance (jumps are the same every lap) light weight, compact design (TRIAD 11.2g Vs. Stock 16.4g) longer life with less maintenance preview at nationals /
  6. The DURANGO DEX210 is arrived! In UK some days before... 1. Here you can see the chassis with the side pods on, nice sturdy plastic . Side pods fit on with six counter sunk screws, just because how you line the side pods, look at the manual to see which screws to mount them onto! 2. The steering rack complete. Goes together nicely just watch out how you assemble the pivots to the rack because the bushings tend to fall out! Also can see a nice option part here as the rack seem little too flexible. (...) More... Coments, pictures,etc / Commentaires, photos sur le DEX210
  7. Team Durango driver Paul Robinson had his first taste of the new DEX210 2WD buggy this weekend at the UK BRCA Mid-West regional held at Kidderminster. More...