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Found 3 results

  1. New product is coming! Exciting and innovative car. NO: 71400016 NAME:PR S1 V3 (FM) 1/10 Electric 2WD Buggy PRO Kit We've been hard at work here at PR Racing as we are always striving to improve on our already great products! We are happy to announce that we've been working on a new 2wd buggy platform based on our V2 design that will allow for more adaptability and tuning options for the racer. The new PRS1 V3 2wd buggy will be available this holiday season. We take pride in offering our leading edge quality and design. We've been among the first manufacturers to offer some exciting and innovative products lately such as our recently released Mid-Motor Short-Course Racing Truck along with our extremely efficient 3 bearing top shaft design in our transmission's. Our new V3 Buggy will be among the first competition vehicles that will showcase a 3 Gear Mid Motor Transmission with a lay-down transmission case that provides a very low center of gravity. We've also made the motor placement much more adjustable for both the consumer and for placement consideration. The battery placement on our new V3 Chassis design will offer both vertical and horizontal placement which helps when racing at various track styles and surfaces. Our team of distributors and racers world wide have been showing the quality of our products at tracks with exceptional race results for some time now and we're excited to release the next generation of competition off road model car for today's true racing hobbyist! Below are the specification of the new PRS1 V3 Buggy which will be coming soon to PR Racing ! (Coming Soon.....) Specification: ■Length: 411mm ■Width: 250mm ■Height: 145mm ■Wheelbase: 285mm ■Front track: 248mm ■Rear track: 248mm ■Weight:1575-1595 g ■CNC 3mm machined harden chassis ■13mm big bore oil fill in shock ■3 gears deploy in gear case ˙ ■Metal gear differential ˙ ■Dual pad slipper mounting ˙ ■Complete sealed gear bearing ˙ ■12mm Hex fit wheels ˙Metric socket screw (Hex Screws) Items required to complete: ■ Metric 1.5mm, 2.0mm hex tools ■Metric 5.5mm, 7.0mm 8.0mm Nut Driver ■ 2 Channel Surface Radio System (Minimum) ■1/10 ESC, Motor & Pinion Gear ■High Speed Servo ■2S LiPo Shorty Battery & Compatible Lipo Charger ■Polycarbonate Paint for Bodies ■1/10 Buggy Tires, inserts and CA Glu ■Silicon diff oil (For Gear Diff Version) Welcome mail to inquire. E-mail: source
  2. <IMG src="" width="600"> Last week end was the last round of Spanish nats of 1/10 2wd held in Barcelona and three drivers were on the way to the tittle, Zacarias Villalba, Carlos Pineda and Enrique fuciños, all three needed the victory. Pineda dominated all of 8 round of practice but Villalba changed the situacion winning the first two round of qualifying then Pineda react and won the third and fourth. They must fight for the TQ on last round, Carlos pushed very hard and made the best time of the week-end on 11laps on 5:02, Zacarias was on the next heat and tried to push very hard but one mistake ended his options for the TQ. The third place went to David Escudero. Fuciños couldn’t pass the cut for the A-main and lose all his chance to the tittle. The finals was a head to head between Zacarias and Carlos. On the A1 we saw a hard fight for the first place when all seems that Villalba won the final his ansman stopped on the last corner and Pineda took the victory. A2 was a similar history with a fight beteween the two drivers but this time Fasol-team Associated driver Pineda made a no mistakes final winning it, the race and the championship by 3 seg. A3 saw Pineda pushing very hard since the start until a mistake of Zacarias then he managed his advantage until the final. Results: Position Driver Car A1 A2 A3 1 CARLOS PINEDA VIDAL Associated 17 7:27.325 (1) 16 7:03.294 (1) 16 7:01.586 (1) 2 ZACARIAS VILLALBA Ansman 16 6:55.300 (2) 16 7:05.431 (2) 16 7:04.578 (2) 3 ROGER SANCHO GOMEZ Associated 16 7:25.021 (4) 16 7:11.986 (3) 16 7:24.699 (6) 4 JUANMA LERMA FLORES Ansman 16 7:13.797 (3) 16 7:14.295 (4) 16 7:19.942 (4) 5 JOSEP GALISTEO MARTINEZ Associated 16 7:27.513 (6) 15 7:15.164 (9) 16 7:15.472 (3) 6 RAMON GUASCH PALMA (M40) Durango 16 7:28.353 (7) 15 7:09.304 (8) 16 7:22.030 (5) 7 DAVID ESCUDERO SAMPER Associated 15 7:01.215 (8) 16 7:23.867 (5) 10 4:33.540 (10) 8 FRANCESC COY SENTIS Durango 15 7:04.750 (9) 15 7:06.493 (6) 15 7:00.906 (7) 9 DAVID BUSTOS FLORES Yokomo 16 7:26.341 (5) 15 7:26.080 (10) 15 7:20.719 (9) 10 CARLES ECHARRI Durango 15 7:06.633 (10) 15 7:07.149 (7) 15 7:11.362 (8)
  3. <IMG src="" width="600"> Schumacher, partner of PETITRC, contacted us today to present their NEW car called Schumacher Cougar SVR. The NEW Cougar SVR is a professional, high performance 2WD racing buggy designed especially for dirt and low traction surfaces. Developed from the highly successful Cougar range of cars which have won countless races worldwide. The SVR incorporates an all new transmission with a rearward motor location and optimised weight distribution for maximum traction. The SVR - designed for dirt, designed to win! The choice is now yours without compromise – The Cougar SVR for dirt and low traction or the Cougar SV2 for high traction, such as astro, grass or carpet. -NEW Rear motor, three geared transmission - Excellent grip on low traction circuits.. -NEW CVA style driveshafts - Increased drive. -NEW Forward cab shell - Modern look that offers improved high speed steering.•NEW Moulded chassis sides - Fantastic dirt seal with no handling compromise. -NEW Longer front wishbones - Improved corner speed. -NEW Alloy chassis - low centre of gravity for LiPo batteries. -NEW Stronger front bulkhead and bottom plate - Its even tougher. -NEW Large front/rear battery position adjustment - Allows weight distribution tuning for each track. -NEW Gear differential option available. -NEW Carbon Fibre Anti-Squat plates 0º - 3º. -NEW Quick access differential. -NEW Material strengthened wheels. -Heavy duty, big bearing differential - Small diameter, lightweight unit offering low rotating mass. -24 piece “Red Seal” ball bearing set - Gives silky steering and transmission. -Large transmission bearings - Strong and reliable. -Super strong steering levers, unique constant radius steering system - Offers true ackermann and linear steering response. -Easy to assemble, rigid wing mount system - Stronger, with less wing flex. -Moulded gear cover - Better spur gear protection. -“Super cool” Alloy motor plate - Larger surface area and greater thickness offers better cooling and rigidity. -Rear wishbones - Offers more lower position shock mounting options. -Rear anti-roll bar - Better handling. -Accepts either stick, saddle or shorty lipo batteries as standard - For superb versatility. -Pro spec 13mm big bore shocks with titanium nitride shafts, CNC machined pistons with recessed ‘e’clips, threaded collars, twin O ring sealing and diaphragm volume compensation. -PTFE coated shock bodies - Hard, and super smooth shock action. -All CNC machined internal geared transmission - Super quiet and efficient. -Excellent centre line balance - Great control for all track surfaces. -Adjustable bushed pivot control system - Super smooth, multi position suspension action. -Fully optimised suspension geometry - Fast, consistent handling. -Maximum dimension rear wing - Superb airflow control, offering maximum down force. -Black 7075 T6 alloy motor plate and lower diff mounts. - Strong yet lightweight. Prototype model shown, details may vary. K133 - Cougar SVR - Kit - £219.99 List K134 - Cougar SVR - Assembled - £249.99 More pictures / Encore plus de photos...