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  1. T4 European Champion in modified, stock & junior class
  3. High-end electric touring car embodies the latest in design engineering with a focus on optimal roll balance and mechanical grip. The new TF7 represents a full model change from the existing TF6 SP, with nearly every critical component redesigned to withstand the intensity of modern high-powered electric touring car competition. The redesign has given particular focus to optimizing roll balance and mechanical grip. Under the severe stress of cornering at full brake from a 100km/h straight run, the high-end electric touring cars of today that can manage this previously impossible situation better than others by working both sides of the machine in unison for optimal roll characteristics and improved control stability, produce the ultimate result: faster times. To realize this the TF7 has symmetrically arranged screws for each part fixed directly to the main chassis such as the bulkhead and motor mount. In addition, the battery and steering servo that were fixed directly onto the main chassis of the TF6 SP have been changed to floating mounts on the TF7 to minimize their effect on chassis roll. Mechanical grip is increased by changing the thickness and shape of the main chassis together with a one-piece upper plate. Under competitive race conditions with controlled tires and power, the TF7 delivers a dominant racing edge. ENG: - - - Updated - - -
  4. ECX 1/36 KickFlip 2WD Desert Truck or 1/36 BeatBox 2WD Monster Truck RTR. Get massive thrills on the small scale with the ECX® 1/36-Scale BeatBox® Monster Truck and 1/36-Scale KickFlip™ Desert Truck. ECX brand vehicles have always been standouts for their durability and affordability, the BeatBox and KickFlip are no exception. These chaos-inducing trucks come loaded with everything you need to cause a commotion on the small-scale and includes an array of features you’d usually find standard on larger, more expensive rigs. These tiny intimidators comes with the reliability of 2.4GHz technology, slow/fast throttle settings and a convenient transmitter integrated quick charger and the AAA batteries you’ll need to power it. Drive big on the small scale today.
  5. The Losi® Mini Desert Truck takes one of the most recognizable brands in RC back to the desert with a truck that's evocative of the annual Dakar Rally. This unbeatable truck features a 4WD design and geometry based on the Mini 8IGHT™ platform. Dynamite® 4500Kv Brushless Motor 2S LiPo Compatible Brushless ESC 7.2V 1200mAh NiMH Battery Pack with EC3™ Mini Connectors included AC Ni-MH Battery Charger Included Chassis Based on Mini 8IGHT platform Relentless 4WD Drivetrain 2.4GHz Radio System Low Center of Gravity For Optimal Handling Dakar Inspired Trim Scheme And Tires Oil Filled Shocks Overview Kick up dirt, sand and everything in-between with the Losi® Mini Desert Truck. Loaded with a powerful 4500Kv brushless motor and equipped with an uncompromising 4WD drivetrain, this highly capable desert truck can handle nearly anything thrown its way. When it comes time to demolish your competition, the Losi Mini Desert Truck makes it easy to push the speed envelope with the ability to take a 2S LiPo battery. This unbeatable truck also comes with a podium ready pedigree and design geometry based on the Mini 8IGHT™ platform.
  6. A little HPI R&D lunch time speed run with the 1/8th scale WR8 Flux Ford Fiesta ST and a couple of GoPro HERO4 HDs. Check out the full kit specs on the WR8 FLUX here: or for the Nitro 3.0 version:
  7. Traxxas XO-1 w/TSM: 100mph R/C Supercar Reach 100mph faster than ever before with Traxxas Stability Management! State-of-the-art technology. Cutting edge design. A total focus on quality and precision. All have been distilled into one vehicle that could only come from Traxxas. 0-60 in 2.3 seconds. 0-100 in 4.92 seconds. Top speed over 100mph! Simply put, the XO-1 is the world's fastest Ready-To-Race® radio controlled supercar.
  8. 1/10th Scale Pre-Assembled 4WD Touring Car with 2.4GHz Radio System and Painted Porsche 911 GT3 RSR Body SPECIFICATIONS: Length: 431mm (17") Height: 127mm (5") Width: 200mm (7.9") Wheelbase: 254mm (10") RS4 Sport 3: the icon is back! The RS4 Sport 3 is the all-new touring car chassis from HPI Racing! In development and refined for over a year, the RS4 Sport 3 features a completely sealed and highly efficient shaft drivetrain, coilover shock absorbers plus waterproof electronics. The fully contained drivetrain means there are no exposed gears, belts or drivetrain parts to get stuck with rocks or dirt. Finally, the RS4 Sport 3 is finished with realistic tires plus a licensed replica body and wheels for an authentic look that will grab the attention of all RC and motorsport enthusiasts! The first RS4 Sport 3 Flux features the utterly unique #17 Porsche 911 GT3 RSR driven by Bryan Sellers, Wolf Henzler and Nick Tandy for the Falken Tire racing team, one of the top race teams in the super-competitive GT Class. The iconic shape of the Porsche 911 combined with the jaw-dropping 'urban camo' look and stylized shark-mouth make for the perfect head-turning look for the fastest version of the all-new RS4 Sport 3. Finishing the race car look are a set of our extra-wide (31mm and 35mm) replica BBS wheels fitted with matching slick racing tires! Propelling the RS4 Sport 3 to speeds over 113km/h (70mph) is the Flux MMH-4000KV motor, controlled by the waterproof Flux EMH-3S LiPo-ready speed controller. An enclosed box houses the 2.4GHz radio receiver, ensuring that you have constant control through the HPI pistol-grip steering wheel transmitter.
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  11. Sélection pour la coupe des ligues 2015 4x2 Steeve Favrelle à l'honneur sur FR3 Interview de Steeve Favrelle sur FR3
  13. Rustler and Jato 3.3: A Day at the Beach Canyon Carving with TSM - Traxxas Rustler VXL, Bandit VXL, and Stampede VXL
  14. Model:TS05021 Name:GT-300W car clear body Characteristic:1pc/bag
  15. source Lalain C'est court mais bien filmé (merci à cette chaine locale): Temps chaud, tracé très intéressant en moto, pilotes de haut niveau, ambiance géniale, tous les pilotes sont restés manger au Club le samedi soir: Bref les CF moto rc c'est vraiment le pied Very Happy Very Happy Challenge France Moto Radio Commandé à Thionville La piste du Model'Club Thionvillois a accueilli, les 27 et 28 juin, la dernière manche du Challenge France Moto RC. Une trentaine de pilotes, venus de toute la France, se sont réunis pour s'affronter avec des motos electriques 1/5. Le challenge s'est déroulé sur 2 jours, une première avec les qualifications pour définir le placement sur la grille de départ, et une deuxième avec 4 finales de 10 min. Pour gagner, il faut être un bon pilote, mais il faut aussi régler au mieux sa moto. Pour chaque course, chaque piste, les réglages sont différents. Suspension, Châssis, le choix des pneus, le réglage du variateur...Tout rentre en compte. La Fédération Française de Voitures Radio Commandées propose la discipline moto depuis maintenant 4 ans. De plus en plus de pilotes s'essayent à cette discipline pour leur plus grand bonheur.
  16. Bonsoir Cherche des utilisateurs de chargeurs tactile comme le T6755 ou Comme le HTRC ou Color Screen T680AC-T690AC-NEW-80W-Touch-Screen farbriqué par skyrc avec un soft tres proche du chargeur skyrc T6755 ou du Hitec( )114122 100 - 240 V Chargeur pour batteriesX1 Touch NiMH, NiCd, Li-Polymère, Li-Ion, Li-Fe, Courant de charge max voir le chargeur VOLTCRAFT (SK-100072-01) je rencontre le probleme suivant pour charger mes accus anciens ou resents (rodés) NiCD Ni MH suivant En mode charge manuel ou auto La charge s'arret au bout de 5 à 10 mn , pourtant les parametres me paraissent corrects !!!! Je les ai passé sur mon ancien chargeur avec mon simpro Intelli-Control V3 pour voir et la pas de probleme de charge Peut etre un probleme de chargeur ou de soft (Mise a jour ???). Avez vous rencontrer ce genre de probleme Peut etre une mauvaise ulisation merci d'avance pour vos recommandations et conseils Bonne soirée CH
  17. Effectivement en augmentant la T° de consigne ça fonctionne normalement
  18. j'ai eu un retour a 1 ere vu c'est- le faite d'avoir un reglage trop bas en T° et l'appareil ce met en sécurité et ç'est dans le cas ou il n'y a pas de sonde de T° de branchée Pas preciser dans la notice ??? A voir vos avis SAFETY PROTECTION (Protection de sécurité) TEMP CUT OFF 20°C/68°F à 80°C/176° La réaction chimique dans l'accu cause une élévation de température. Si la température limite est atteinte, le processus est stoppé.
  19. je vais avoir deux lots de chargeurs Robitronic Overloader RS 150 et 151 a vendre es ce que ça pourrait faire l'affaire
  20. Bonjour est il possible sur le site de faire une recherche uniquement sur les annonces ???? CH