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  1. 2015-11-21 : Tarifs licences 2016 : Attention, ce document annule et remplace celui qui a été adressé aux clubs précédemment. Pour prendre vos licences, il faut attendre que la base de données soit ouverte pour la saisie 2016, ce qui devrait avoir lieu vers la fin du mois. Vous serez informés du moment ou cela sera possible.
  2. Bonsoir


    Objet A vendre radio sanwa m11


    Merci de me perciser svp le modele et leurs  tailles des récepteurs 2Ghz


    et l'année de ce materiel


    Bon WK

  3. GPM Aluminum Upgrades For The Tamiya WR-02C & MF-01X
  4. BSR Racing M.RAGE 1/10 4WD M-chassis (Un-assemble kit) 210mm long, almost touching the ground, with just the right balance of stiffness and flexibility and a body that is sure to make you relive your boy racer days, when every road was your own personal race track in your Suzuki Swift, Ford Escort or Mini Cooper (depending when you were born) and the thrill of a well balanced car was more important than all out speed. Those days when you'd spend hours building a 1/24th scale replica of your little pride and joy in the garage. The M.Rage is not only the first true on-road racing kit to be launched by Basher’s BSR Racing brand but, we have finally come out with something that our car customers have been constantly asking us for… a build it yourself kit, so you can enjoy the experience of bringing your car to life, right down to painting its neat little Suzuki Swift body. If you're a racer or serious basher you'll love the tough carbon fibre chassis, carbon reinforced plastics for the swing arms and gearboxes, ball diffs front and rear, silky smooth aluminium shocks and a range of option parts to keep even the most competitive drivers happy. Because this car is so small, light and nimble you don't need a super fast brushless system to have fun, in fact we set it up with an old school 27T brushed motor for the video shoot and it was more than enough power to whip around an on-road track. This is a genuine race car just in a smaller package than normal. So relive those halcyon days of building your own models and tearing up the streets with your hot hatch and get yourself the M.Rage from BSR. Features: • Fully compatible with Tamiya M size body and wheels • Fiber structure chassis • New designed rear arm mount • Steering rail system • Use full size 1/10 on-road electronic • Shaft drive 4WD with ball diff. • Adjustable aluminum shocks • Full spare and option parts list support • Included clear lexan body, rims and tires Specs: Track width: 165mm Wheelbase: 210mm Tire width: 24mm Wheel diameter: 56mm Hex size: 12mm Internal ratio: 2.35:1 Required: 2CH radio system 2S 7.4V Lipoly battery (Standard pack/Shorty pack) Standard size servo ESC Motor Battery Charger Buliding tools PRODUCT ID: 9562000095-0
  5. Bonsoir A-t-on déjà parlé de ce RC Elect Basher BSR 1/8 Scale 4WD Rally Car (Ready-To-Run) (UK Warehouse) Votre avis sur Rally Car 1/8 New from Basher, the ready-to run BSR 1/8 Scale Rally car! Built on a rugged buggy platform with refinements to handle the rigors of on AND off road driving, the BSR Rally is a beast of a vehicle! The BSR Rally 1/8 Scale rally car features a monster 4-cell capable brushless power system and puts all that power down through an all steel 4WD drive transmission. With big bore alloy shocks and heavy duty components, this car can launch off almost anything and just keep on goin'. The chassis features all the same adjustability you would expect from a full race vehicle including camber, toe, and shock position so you can tune your BSR Rally for every surface condition. The attention to detail on this car is extraordinary. The engineers and designers at Basher underwent an extensive testing and development process to ensure no shortcuts were taken. Team Basher understands the importance of after sales support and offer a full range of spares for your battle scarred car along with an awesome range of hop-up parts to upgrade your ride. Features: • Powered by two 7.4V 2S Lipoly battery • 4 wheel drive with front/mid/rear steel diff. • Adjustable Toe, Camber and shock position • Pre-glued DMACK On-road Rally Tires • 3mm Aluminum chassis • Powerful 2100KV brushless motor with a stable 120A ESC support. • Tie rod and camber link are made by steel, increase the reliability. • 17mm Aluminium Big Bore Shock Specs: Width: 305mm Height: 200mm Length: 530mm Wheelbase: 327mm Ground clearance: 17mm Motor: 2100KV, 40mm Brushless ESC: 120A waterproof Servo: Water resistant metal gear Drive: Shaft Drive full time 4WD Battery compartment: 137mm x 47mm (7.4V Lipoly Hardcase Battery) Required: 2 x 30C 2S 7.4V 5000mAh Hardcase Lipoly Batteries 4 x AAA Batteries (For Transmitter) PRODUCT ID: 9424000001
  6. Turnigy™ 7in1 Mega Meter Battery Checker/Watt Meter/Servo Tester (UK Warehouse Turnigy 7 in 1 Mega Meter - Battery Checker/Watt Meter/Servo Tester/Optical Tacho/Temp Gauge/Thrust Calc/Battery Internal Resistance Checker. The Turnigy Mega Meter is THE essential tool for electric flight, this easy to use meter will ensure that any power train is optimised before use, it is able to not only give you watts/amps/voltage figures but the in-built optical tacho can also give you RPM figures in an instant, combine these features with the in-built Thrust Calc and you have total peace of mind that your model will perform before it get's into the air, no more guesswork! Likewise, the battery checker not only gives you the usual overall and individual cell voltages, you can also check internal resistance and temperature for an accurate overall picture of battery condition. As if all this wasn't enough, there is also an in-built servo tester! If you only ever buy one Meter for your toolbox, the Turnigy Mega Meter should be the one! Functions: Battery Cell/Voltage Checker Battery Internal Resistance Checker Watt Meter (Amps/Watts/Volts) Servo Tester Optical Tacho Temp Gauge Thrust Calculator Battery Internal Resistance Meter Specs: Dimensions: 95.3mm x 72.8mm x 21.5mm Weight: 85g LCD Screen Size: 52mm x 30mm Max Input Voltage: 60v Voltage Display Resolution: 0.001v Max Current: 100A Shunt Resistance: 0.001ohm Displayed Resolution A: 0.01 Temperature Resolution: 1 Celsius / 1 Farenheit PPM Signal Output: 750uS ~ 2150uS Prop Blade Measuring Range: 1~5 Prop RPM Range: 1~60,000 RPM Includes: Instructions Power Leads Temp Sensor Lead PRODUCT ID: 9052000010
  7. Es ce que cette catégorie MINI WRC11 1/8 a pris ER-4 G3 MINI WRC11ER-4 G3 MINI WRC11 SUPER COMB Thunder Tiger est extrêmement fier de disposer de la licence exclusive lui permettant de produire une réplique radiocommandée de la MINI WRC. A la différence des châssis classiques d'autres véhicules créés sur une base de buggy, l'ER-4 G3 MINI WRC dispose d'un châssis totalement innovant, fruit de la créativité des ingénieurs du service Recherche&Développement Thunder Tiger. Le nouveau dessin des amortisseurs à bain d'huile surdimensionnés et les bras de suspension allégés améliorent la géométrie de ce véhicule pour un meilleur contrôle. Disposant d'un centre de gravité abaissé, l'ER-4 G3 peut être piloté aussi bien sur des surfaces planes bitumineuses que sur des surfaces plus chaotiques et poussiéreuses. L'ER-4 G3 représente une toute nouvelle plateforme Rally Game disposant de quelques caractéristiques révolutionnaires, telles que la répartition des masses et autres caractéristiques de rally.
  8. A-t-on deja parlé de ce Rc 1/10 Gambado NAKED ??? ABC Hobby Gambado NAKED rcMart Limited CFRP Ver. 1/10 Mini FF EP Car Kit Now Available @rcMart~ ABC Hobby Gambado NAKED rcMart Limited CFRP Ver. 1/10 Mini FF EP Car Kit Now Available @rcMart~Brought to you exclusively by rcMart, ABC Hobby Gambado 1/10 Mini FF EP Car Kit is now available to be ordered outside Japan!!! This NAKED rcMart Limited CFRP Ver. Car Kit will bring excitement to both hobbyist and racer who loves to see what M-chassis is really capable of. Here are some details of the car kit: Vehicle Specification: Drive Train: Front Wheel DriveSuspension: King-pin StrutDifferential: 4 Bevel GearsChassis: CFRPDamper: OilSteering: Crank TypeOverall Length: 285mmWidth: 160mmWeight: 1050gWheelbase: 208 – 210mmRide Height: 3 – 8mmCaster: AdjustableToe: AdjustableCamber: AdjustableGear Ratio: 3.8:1 – 8.5:1 Option Parts Included: CFRP Main CassisCFRP Upper DeckCFRP Front Upper MountCFRP Rear Upper Mount7075 Aluminum Motor Mount (rcMart Limited Ver.)Aluminum Accuracy Oil DamperTitanium Coated KingpinSteel Spur Gear ShaftSteel Counter Gear ShaftSteel Turnbuckle SetLimited availability for customers who have not pre-ordered, so please be quick to grab one!!! Check it out here now: Grab your ABC Hobby M chassis body here : Others M chassis body: Check it out here now: Grab your ABC Hobby M chassis body here : Others M chassis body:
  10. insertion d'images et vidéos est très facile a faire et rapide et a mettre en application super dommage de ne pas avoir cela sur tous les sites Rc voir un copier coller d'un article avec photos a voir avec vidéo
  11. Words: RC Driver Staff As Lithium Polymer batteries have become the standard in RC and capacities and cell counts continually increase, so have the demands for more powerful chargers. High milliamp hours (mAh) batteries increase the charge duration. To combat this, more LiPo batteries now allow charge rates as high as 12C. Of course, you will be unable to take advantage of higher charge rates without high-powered equipment like the TrakPower VR-1 charger. VITALS HOW MUCH: $199.98 MODEL NO.: TKPP5000 POWER INPUT: 11-15V external DC power supply BATTERY TYPE: NiCd/NiMH: 1-14 cells, LiPo/Li-Ion/LiFe: 1-6 cells, Pb: 1-12 (24V) CHARGE RATE: Variable .1-20A DISCHARGE RATE: .1-10A BATTERY INPUT: Banana Input COOLING: Three built-in fans DIMENSIONS: 7.0×6.1×2.56 in. (180x155x65mm) WEIGHT: 2.1 lb. (970g) PROS • Large, tilting screen • Directly docks onto TrakPower DPS power supply • Powerful output • Compact design • Capable of charging two batteries simultaneously CONS • Partial features on charge port #2 • Limited to 6-amp on charge port #2 WHAT IT’S GOT • The VR-1 charger features a compact aluminum exterior and a very large tilt LCD display that offers a wealth of information such as individual cell voltage, internal resistance, charge graphs, charge duration and more. • Dual port charging and balancing is a great feature. The charger allows the user to adjust the wattage to ports one and two. Port number one can have a maximum wattage of up to 250 and port two can have up to 50. 250W is the maximum output of the charger. This means that if you intend to charge two batteries simultaneously, the wattage cannot exceed 250. • The charger is capable of charging up to 20 amps on port number one and six amps on port number two. (Wattage figures are limited by the user’s power supply.) • The VR-1 includes charge leads (Banana to Dean’s) and balance boards for both ports. Two balance board types are included for each port, which means you will be able to charge and balance virtually any RC LiPo battery. • When you purchase the optional TrakPower DPS power supply, the charger can dock on top of the power supply without any wires to connect the two devices. This allows the charger and power supply to function as one compact unit and occupy minimal space. • The charger features a 40-battery memory capability and comes pre-programmed for batteries from TrakPower, Duratrax Onyx and LiFeSource. • The VR-1 features three robust fans that will automatically engage when necessary to ensure that the charger maintains efficient operation. HOW IT WORKS The TrakPower VR-1 is a DC charger, which means it does not directly plug into a power outlet. In order for the charger to work, it must be connected to either a large battery or a power supply that would plug into an outlet. You can use a power supply of your choosing or purchase the optional TrakPower DPS power supply—very trick, which allows direct docking for the VR-1 (item no. TKPP5505, $99.98). The TrakPower VR-1 is intuitive for the most part. After briefly playing with the buttons, I was able to figure out how to name the charger, review cell data and swap between charger port number one and number two and more. I did find it a bit more difficult to actually charge a battery because each different battery (different milliamp, cell structure, etc.) requires programming into the charger’s model memory. Unfortunately, it is not possible to simply select your charge rate and cell structure to begin charging (at least not on charge port number one). Once the charge cycle has commenced, you will be able to access a significant amount of data via the various screens. These include time of charge, charge rate, charge graphs, individual cell voltage, overall voltage and more. When the charge is complete, you will hear an audible jingle that you can customize to alert you that the charge has been completed. If you leave your battery connected for approximately ten minutes after the charge has completed, you will have access to the internal resistance numbers. Internal resistance numbers are important as they can clue you in on when your pack is at the end of its life cycle. FINAL THOUGHT The TrakPower VR-1 is a good charger, but is not without its faults. The charge port number two leaves a lot to be desired in terms of graphical data and charge rates. In terms of port number one, the charger is excellent as it provides all of the battery data you will need. Additionally, you can charge at up to 20 amps and have a fully charged pack that is ready-to-run within minutes. The TrakPower VR-1 not only offers the performance to charge my four-cell batteries (ThunderPower 12C charge rates) at high rates without issue, it also delivers when it comes to the backlit LCD display, ability to dock with the DPS power supply, and its compact size. Though charge port number two does not offer enough power to quickly charge 4S LiPo packs, charge port number one is so fast that I feel the second port is practically unnecessary. All in all, I am thoroughly satisfied with the TrakPower VR-1 and do not at all regret the purchase of this fine piece of equipment.
  13. Serpent F110 Formula 1/10 EP SF2 It’s a 1/10 scale car, based on the successfull 1/10 and 1/12 pancar platform. The joy, excitement, speed and performance of Formula 1 in a cool 1/10 scale package ! Full carbon / alu F1 racing car with many set-up possibilities. Can be raced with rubber or foam tyres. The kit includes racing chassis, FR and RR wing. No tyres, wheels, electronics and body. Promopage:
  14. The much-anticipated Baja Beetle flies off-road! Advanced full-time 4WD chassis design lands right in the power zone!
  15. 24th Scale 4WD Micro Rally with Brushless Power and LiPO battery
  16. New from PR Racing America: Here at PR Racing, we're always striving for excellence. Our latest new product to be released is our innovative lightweight and very rigid chassis for our new V3 Buggy. This new chassis is has inlay Carbon Fiber which increases its durability, stiffness all while reducing the overall weight by 30 grams. Ideal for spec racing and / or any condition when the reduction of weight is required!
  17. The arrival of the PureTen EP FAZER 4WD heralds a new era in 1/10 EP shaft-driven touring car category with its specially designed slim yet robust bathtub main chassis that supports a drive train with metal gear differentials sealed in an airtight transmission box. The single-structure left/right lower suspension arms and pivot pins produce the durability and crash-resistance to sustain the intense training required by beginners and aggressive racing of more experienced drivers. Maintenance-friendly features include the motor mount that can be removed with just three bolts and allows straightforward adjustment of gear backlash through the eccentric cam. The user-friendly design of the EP FAZER 4WD also features fixed camber and caster angles on the suspension. Compatible with 200mm bodies, the breathtaking lineup of touring car styles available will make your EP FAZER 4WD a scale racing machine you will be proud of. The mild control characteristics and responsive maneuverability of a shaft-driven 4WD machine produces the awesome racing battle power of the PureTen EP FAZER 4WD for you to enjoy the full experience of R/C racing.
  18. Newly designed electric off road car! More performance for the price makes this a must-have racing SUV truck! The stability and dynamic off-road running performance of the RAGE VE with its large 100mm tires mounted on inch-up wheels and aluminum oil shocks has been turbo-charged with a totally new power unit in the new RAGE VEi! The ORION dDrive brushless power unit incorporates a one-piece ESC and motor that produces 2700KV to deliver sharp acceleration and high speed. With the core structure of the RAGE bathtub chassis, double wishbone suspension and large aluminum shocks, a slipper clutch protects the 4WD shaft drive system from the severe stress of off-road running for greater durability. Free adjustment of front/rear upper arms and steering rod allows precision setting of toe and camber angles. Experience the ultimate in off-road running performance!
  19. Ajoutée le 7 oct. 2015No terrain is off-limits when you drive a Wasteland! These factory-assembled, fully-equipped electrics have everything you’ve come to expect from a Dromida vehicle, including full-time 4WD for top-notch traction and power distribution. The foam dart launcher, however, is what makes these RTRs stand out. You read that right – a foam dart launcher! Just ready, aim and fire at your opponent’s vehicle, and watch the dart fly up to 30 feet in the air. It’s extreme futuristic fun for everyone, made impressively affordable! The Buggy and Truggy are 100% ready-to-run, with a powerful motor, ESC, 3-channel radio system, 100-240V AC charger and all required batteries included. They’re also waterproof, so you can take either Wasteland through the elements – and watch if come back for more apocalyptic action. • Launch foam darts through a 3rd channel on the transmitter. • Big Bore oil shocks. • High-traction, pre-glued tires with foam inserts. • Independent steering servo with servo saver. • Four-wheel drive. • Waterproof electronics. • Gear differential. • 100-240V AC charger included. • Radio system. • Factory-painted body with pre-applied decals. Both require: Nothing! Buggy Specs: • Length: 10 in (254 mm) • Width: 7 in (177 mm) • Height: 5 in (127 mm) • Weight w/battery: 1.49 lb (678 g) Truck Specs: • Length: 11.5 in (292 mm) • Width: 7 in (177 mm) • Height: 5 in (127 mm) • Weight w/battery: 1.64 lb (744 g) Look for Dromida RTRs at: