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  1. ALmost done guys... Done...damn this car screeeeeeeams ..lov when it pushes with a tiny amount of powa..wounder how this car will run on grippy carpet...not sure about the CVDs batt-strap + lipo cradle
  2. Ohh, for this scale (1/16) it is kind of big, it is no 540 more like a 380
  3. thanks Alien, im using the Castle CM26 (limited edition) 6800rpm/v
  4. Project i started for a few weeks ago or so..Running The Carisma GT14B 1/16 4wd buggy, i wanted to test something new...i love belt made my own. Ok, most of the parts are 1/10th TC and 1/10 offroad parts.. Based on Tamiya 416 TC (using, arms,front and rear bulk and motormount, Gear diffs, Kyosho Lazer Zx-5 front steering + caster block, rear HPI firestorm hubb Ansmann rear wheelaxle, front stock...Ansmann Hingepins all around.. Own designed chassi, then CAD and CNC same for topp deck and the front/rear towers...will Use Carisma shocks.. Next thing to do is, CVD, El instalation...make my own lid.. Blueprints Chassi from CNC first mount.. Todays look... Left TIming buggy, left Carisma GT14B finaly, new front belt.. Exotek Steering TEK18X
  5. pegue73 it is just fun to see what other think of my ideas...i hope it can work descent on loos tracks, but i do not hope to will roll for 2 races this winter..WBC here in Sweden(winter buggy cup)
  6. Hmmm,, it wont be a Thin4.1 it will be a Fat4.2, dont think il be changing ESC for a long time Thanks for all worm words guys. /T
  7. SpeedPassion update...
  8. @peuge73, Nope, not yet..not sure if i dare to .. think i moved the batt app 40mm towards the front. Added GHEA brass in the rear,Speedpassion ESC and a not telling i am back to stock weight"place", but little.. the whole car will lift, when i grab it app 3cm towards the front tower from rrear towerbrace.. it would be fun if it works on loose tracks, but no must ------------ @acaciapiks thanks for those words m8
  9. So, kind of pleased..waiting for new Electrics, update this evening i hope..
  10. Small update, note: the CF on the left...
  11. True ... Why i used the narrow one´s, i did not have any stock rear ones ...but now i do /T
  12. Yepp, im from Sweden It is PET, from a Coke need for a F-wing They are Thundertigre 4wd back on Schumachers Pin/Spikes Yes, a regular Stock B4...hard to eplane, but a lot of cutting, see if i can get some more pics up for ya.. Brb T
  13. Yepp, i know..a lot of people do the lid ....the chassi is "home made", used a B4 fro mstart and then dremel, carbonfibre,CA,epoxy and some time ...Hmm, it have tons of steering, good rear end grip, quick when ya change direction...Hmm, maybe centered weight in to the car?...real easy to handle in the air..
  14. Thanks
  15. Just wanted to show off my "new" Thin4.1..first run today and it was a rocket...easy to drive, a lot of steering and well balanced..