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  1. RB6/RT6 Battery Cross Brace Features: Allows you to run a shorty lipo sideways on the Kyosho RB6 Made of 2.5mm quasi-isotropic carbon fiber Weight 8.5 grams Requires: You must modify your RB6 chassis to allow for horizontal mounting of a shorty lipo battery compatible with Kyosho or Yokomo posts and thumb screws (not included) RB6/RT6 Battery Brace Features: Made of 2.5mm quasi-isotropic carbon fiber RB6/RT6 Shorty Battery Brace Features: Made of 2.5mm quasi-isotropic carbon fiber
  2. TC02C Evo Carbon Fibre T-Plate New Carbon T-Plate for the TeamC TC02C Evo Machined from a solid piece of 6mm Carbon Fibre to give the ultimate accuracy, rigidity and strength. It's been designed to utilize the RF alloy hanger (TU0221) from the Rear Motor TC02 which gives greater strength and the ability to adjust anti-squat at the front by using spacers. Available as a T-Plate only or with the RF Hanger included Pre-Order now open - due in stock 6th July 2015 ILR5021 TC02C Evo Carbon Fibre T-Plate with RF Hanger ILR5021+Hanger
  3. TE-125 Floating Servo Mount Set ( For Xray XB4'15 )
  4. B5M Offset V2 Topshaft Set The Schelle Offset V2 Topshaft Set shifts the motor weight closer to car centerline on your B5M, Factory Lite, T5M, or SC5M. The set utilizes a 3mm extended hard-anodized aluminum topshaft, spacer tube, and 3mm carbon fiber motorplate spacer to shift the motorplate and slipper unit in the car. Features: Shift weight off of the motor side to balance your vehicle. Lightweight Nova slipper, motorplate recommended. More stability and symmetric turning forces as the motor is closer to center. Long +3mm Hard-Anodized Aluminum Topshaft and spacer tube. 3mm Carbon Fiber motor plate spacer. Longer M3x12mm motorplate mount screws included. Fits any V2 3-gear or 4-gear gearbox on a B5M Factory Lite, T5M, or SC5M. Original B5M kits require the updated V2 gearbox case (# ASC91552). Pro tip: Dremel your gear cover for some additional clearance when the driveshaft/shock is at full compression.
  5. A-A Conversione for VBC LightningF Coming from F1shop24 in collaboration with Italian RC and made for the VBC Racing LightningF is an optional main chassis plate, pod plate and upper plate. Machined from 3mm high quality carbon fibre the chassis offers higher rigidity than the stock carbon fibre chassis, making it especially useful on high to medium-bite surfaces while allowing to place the battery inline or transvers. The chassis plate is shorter than the original plate to make more cornerspeed and have more direction. The chassis was tested by Olivier Bultynck on the ETS in Luxembourg resulting in a victory in the Formula Class. Recommend for use on the low grip tracks there is a 2.5mm chassis available too.
  6. MIP Eco All-In-1 Box Set, AE B5M, T5M Trans #14300 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The MIP Box Set has been upgraded to the MIP Eco All-In-1 Box Set, to incorporate all AE and MIP Top shafts for the B5M and T5M platforms, MIP was also able to shave over 10% of the gear box weight from the original box. This new 7075 Aluminum 3-gear transmission for the Team Associated B5M and T5M bridges that gap and gives your mid motor vehicle all the benefits of the rear motor car but less drag and more initial punch. Not only does the BOX eliminate one idler gear to equate to less drag but it’s all aluminum construct offers a huge advantage pertaining to more precise internal gear mesh, less overall heat, and stiffer bracing. Check out all the competitive advantages below to solidify why the BOX is the ultimate 3-gear transmission for your AE B5M & T5M! TARGET CUSTOMERS: Team Associated B5M & T5M Owners COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES: · Machined cases offer higher precision which optimizes gear mesh and efficiency when compared to molded plastic cases · Aluminum construct acts as a giant heat sink which will cool the motor offering more consistent power due to reduced fade (less heat more power). · Aluminum construct will offer stiffer bracing over plastic OEM case. · Aluminum 3-gear MIP Transmission package is relatively the same overall weight as OEM 4-gear transmission. This will keep the weight distribution the same as what the car was designed to have. (MIP BOX 5.5 grams heavier) · Motor offset 3mm to the right to optimize left to right weight distribution and balance (small spacer and new spring provided to accommodate this feature) · Less drag than a four gear transmission design (one less idler gear). · Can incorporate 5mm or 6 mm I.D. bearings · 50% lighter gear cover over stock · 7075 Aluminum · Made 100% in the USA Race Proven - TQ/1st CRCRC Midwest Champs 2015 Stock Buggy - TQ/1st JC Nationals RC Excitement 2014 FEATURES: 100% Made in the USA INCLUDES: MIP Confetti Sticker (2), MIP Inst. Sheet Box Set (1), Spring Slipper Spring (1), MIP Bearing, 5x12x4mm (1), MIP Top Shaft Spacer 4mmx6mmx3mm (1), MIP Bearing Support Ring (1), .125 x .187 x .031 Nylon Washer (2), MIP Gear Cover Cap Plug 7/16” (1), MIP 3 Gear Box Cover (1), MIP 3 Gear Box Right (1), MIP 3 Gear Box Left (1), MIP 3 Gear Motor Plate (1) REQUIRES: 2.0mm Allen Key- (Suggest - #9008 MIP Hex Driver Wrench 2.0mm) Stock Team Associated idler gear, diff gear, and either stock or aftermarket aluminum Top shaft (Suggest - #15080 MIP 17.5 Eco All-In-1 Topshaft, All AE B5/T5M). COMPATIBILITY: RC10B5M Team Kit - #90003, Factory Lite - #90000 (replaces Gear Box #91530, #91607, #91552, #91424), RC10T5M Truck Kit #70001 SUPPORT PRODUCTS: #14301 MIP Box Gear Cover, AE B5M Trans #14302 MIP Box Motor Plate, Blue, AE B5M Trans (1) #14303 MIP Box, Left, AE B5M Trans (1) #14304 MIP Box, Right, AE B5M Trans (1) #14305 MIP Eco All-In-1 Box Motor Plate, Black, AE B5M, T5M Trans (1) #99085 HW-Washer, .125 x .187 x .031 Nylon (4) #99093 HW-Plug, 7/16 Cap Plug (4) #99094 HW-Spring, Slipper Spring (1) #99095 HW-Spacer, 4mmx6mmx3mm Alum. Spacer (2) #99097 HW-Bearing, 5x12x4mm (1) #99098 HW-Bearing Support Ring, 10x12x2mm(1) RDRP0265 - B5M/T5M/SC5M Carbon Battery Plate FUNCTION & DESIGN The RDRP Glossy Carbon Fibre Battery Plate is a direct replacement for the standard composite part of the Team Associated B5M. The plate is cut from high-quality 3mm glossy finish carbon fibre material, light of weight yet very rigid to allow for a safe and secure battery mounting even when the going gets tough. The plate is usable with standard as well as most aftermarket battery thumb screws and it fits the T5M stadium and SC5M short course truck as well. APPLICATION Designed to replace the kit's standard parts with better performing and more durable parts. SPECIFICATIONS - Material: 3mm glossy finish carbon fibre - Fits Team Associated B5M, T5M and SC5M
  7. Phantom Clear Body for TLR 22 2.0
  8. Hello GP drivers, Thank you for your entry. Here is some general info about our 2015 race. TRACK The MBV track is situated in a public park behind school buildings. Address: Park van Relst, Aarschotsebaan 128, 1910 Kampenhout (Relst). The track has an astroturf surface. Jumps? Oh yes, a 90° table top, whoops, a ski-iiii jump, a fabulous “wall of death”, two cobble stone sections, a tricky off camber turn, … Special feature: unique underground drainage worth seeing. Drainage holes and pipes under the track lead to one collector on the lowest point. The rostrum along the straight is more than 2 m high. Lap counting is installed underneath. On the parking area right next to the track tents will be put up for pitting. Some drivers prefer pitting in the camping area which is also close to the track. An average lap is between 27 and 29 seconds. Highest grip when the track has dried after it rained, slippery when wet. Prolonged dry weather results in slightly slower lap times. Yes, we know all that, but what changes did Willy made this year? The main jump has been moved to the “hoechelenkant”. The wooden washboard is in wood heaven now. The wall is covered with thicker astro. And really new is the flexy fence all around the track. CONTROL TYRE Schumacher Mini Spike 2, all types, all compounds for the driven axles. Additionally for the 4WD front wheels the Schumacher Wide Stagger Rib (all compounds) will be allowed. Cut and shut not allowed. Recommended compound for dry weather: yellow . Recommended compound for wet weather: silver. BATTERIES LiPo: 7,4 Volt originally hard cased LiPo’s. Use and charge according to manufacturer’s instructions. Liposack recommended for charging. Charge regime CC/CV, maximum allowed voltage setting on charger: 8.40 V or 2S. MOTOR No motor limit, brushless (to EFRA specifications) allowed. MINIMUM WEIGHT 2wd 1474 g, 4wd 1588 g TIMING Friday: registration and free practice, Saturday: 8 heats 2wd Sunday: 7 heats 4wd Timetable and briefing will be sent the week before the race. 4 qualifying rounds and 3 finals for everyone race duration 5 minutes round by round qualifying, 2 best to count. RC4 decoder (hand out RC4 PT available if needed). MRT transponders probably won’t be fully compatible with an RC4 decoder. HOTEL AND CAMPING info: You can search for hotels near Brussels, Leuven or Mechelen. Camping Veronique is only 3,5 km from the track: Camping Trianon Hever, 8 km from track:〈=en&seite=1&class=1&cook_land=41 Camping in the park (3 euros per person) during the event is exceptionally allowed by the Council from Wednesday on and at own risk. The park is not a fitted camp site, there are no showers (only showers provided by nature), limited 220V from Friday on. You can bring a generator but use it wisely at night. Keep outer road free. Do not leave valuables within grabbing reach. And don’t count on quiet evenings, especially on Saturday night there will be loud music in the big party tent. This is a link to the local festivities: Type of electrical sockets used in Belgium: or search Google for: CEE 7/7 Power 220V supplied in the pits. In the camping area there will be one centralized multi socket, so bring your own good quality extension lead. If for some reason you cannot attend the meeting, please let us know as soon as possible, as there are still drivers on the waiting list. See you soon, Willy & Liliane, MBV Kampenhout.
  9. 411361 Front tube mount (3) F110 SF2 Serpent introduces for the F110-SF2 1/10 scale F1 car , this front tube set. The tubes help to further tune the front end of the F110- car. Its allowed in a large number of F1 rules across the world, but not everywhere. The parts can be bolted to the standard front end of the F110. The pivotballs needed are already supplied in the std kit. The spares are available separate as well.
  10. 401627 Adjustable battery mount set Eryx 411 Serpent introduces for Serpent Eryx 411 cars, the adjustable battery holder set. The set allows you to determine the best position for chassis balance, by moving and fixing the battery in a certain, optimal position. The slot in the carbon, is the right width for most common glass-tapes. Precision machined alu and carbon parts, and all hardware as needed. The set may also fit other brands of TC cars.
  11. Sneak peak of the Offset Motor Topshaft Set for B5M and T5M....shift that motor over 3mm with our new long aluminum V2 topshaft. This set is for racers running a lightweight Nova slipper, Lockout, and CNC lightened motor plate. When you run these lightweight items, you can shift the motor weight closer to the car centerline for better balance and more symmetric left/right turning. Part number is SCH1099. More info coming soon.
  12. <iframe frameborder="0" width="480" height="270" src="//" allowfullscreen></iframe><br /><a href="" target="_blank">VIDEO. Tours : A 100 km/ sous le pont de l...</a> <i>by <a href="" target="_blank">lanouvellerepublique</a></i>
  13. Day 1 practise : Here Day 2 2wd qualifying and finals : Here Day 3 4wd qualifing and finals : Here
  14. Sunday – 4WD qualifying and finals Making a welcome return to Robin Hood Raceway on Sunday morning was the sun, and with it warmer temperatures and the track producing a little more grip as the 4wds prepared for their first round of qualifying after controlled practice. Trackside talk was all about the Durango prototype car Chris Doughty was running. The combination of it and Doughty were spectacular, TQ’ing the first round of qualifying, six seconds faster than second place Jörn Neumann and third Wesley Van Helmon. In the second round Lee Martin was the man on the move, behind Lee, Neil Cragg and Martin Bayer. Round three saw Jörn Neumann topping the times ahead of David Ronnefalk and Cragg. In the fourth round it was Lee back in the top spot from Bayer and Ronnefalk, and in the fifth and final round David Ronnefalk to the top spot from Martin and Cragg. With qualifying completed it was Lee Martin taking the top spot for the A main from David Ronnefalk and Jörn Neumann. Leg one of the A final and Lee Martin leads the pack until halfway round lap one, when a mistake sees him rolling on the rhythm section, dropping down to third and allowing Ronnefalk into the lead. Third place Neumann then promptly makes a mistake of his own, tumbling out of third and to the back of the pack. Upfront, Ronnefalk had been given the lead, and had no intentions of handing it back to a hard-charging Martin, who made another mistake on the landing of the table top jump, sending him out of contention. Ronnefalk led from Cragg, who also made a mistake on the rhythm section, handing second to Bayer. At mid-race Ronnefalk had pulled out a sizable gap to Bayer in second and Cragg a distant third. That was until Ronnefalk misjudged landing the table top and rolls. He’s quickly marshalled and returns to the track just as Bayer is about to pass. The two drivers aren’t prepared to compromise their lines and get entangled, full throttle sorts the problem for Ronnefalk, who breaks free and takes the lead from Bayer. A lap later and it gets messy again, with another mistake from Ronnefalk allowing Bayer to challenge, no room is given and the two momentarily collide. Onto the final lap and there’s another mistake from Ronnefalk landing the table top jump, he cartwheels out of contention and Bayer is through to take the win from Ronnefalk in second, Cragg third. Onto the second leg and Lee Martin leads the pack from Ronnefalk second and Neumann third, until Jörn overshoots a corner allowing Cragg through. Martin is pulling out a gap to Ronnefalk, who in turn has made some space between himself and Cragg in third. Halfway through the race Ronnefalk gets tied up on a corner marker, and Cragg is through into second. Into the final minute and Cragg crash-lands the table top, allowing Ronnefalk back into second, another mistake on the final corner sees Cragg hand third to Neumann. With all still to play for in the third and final leg of the A final, Lee Martin again leads the pack from the line. Martin, Ronnefalk and Cragg is the order, until Cragg misjudges the table top, dropping down the order and allowing Bayer through to third. At the front Martin and Ronnefalk are battling it out with nothing between them. With just one minute to go there’s a mistake from the chasing Ronnefalk, as he clips a track marker, spinning him out and promoting Bayer to second, Ronnefalk now third. After five minutes Lee Martin crosses the line to take the win from Martin Bayer in second and Marc Rhienard third. To the applause of the crowd, Lee Martin takes the 4wd International Race crown from Martin Bayer in second and David Ronnefalk third. With the dust only just settling after International Race, we’re now looking forward to hosting the European Championships in August (3-8). Robin Hood Raceway would like to thank everyone who attended this past weekend, and extend a big thanks to all the great many people who put in their time and effort to help RHR stage the International Race. We look forward to seeing you all again in August.
  15. 1:10 Scale 4WD Electric Short Course Truck Kit Starting with a clean sheet of paper, Team Associated's Area 51 design engineers have created the ultimate four-wheel drive short-course racer, the SC10 4x4. Its composite modular chassis design with sealed receiver box and removable ESC tray, combined with innovative features such as 13mm big bore shocks, a decoupled slipper clutch, and a hybrid belt/gear drive system, makes the SC10 4x4 unlike any other short-course truck on the planet. In addition to these unique features, a long list of competition-proven components create an extremely high performance and durable state-of-the-art race truck. It's not often a new platform is introduced that redefines a class. The engineers of Area 51 seized the opportunity to create the next legendary vehicle. Once you build and drive the SC10 4x4 for yourself, we think you will agree - this is the 4x4 short course race truck that you have been waiting for! The SC10 4x4 kit is exactly what you have come to expect from Team Associated - one more Champion by Design. SC10 4x4 Kit Features: * Unique dual gearbox drive train coupled together with a 5mm heavy duty belt system with external tension adjustment * 32-pitch front and rear gearboxes with sealed fluid-filled differentials * Decoupled center slipper clutch allows for front and rear wheel drive to slip independently, resulting in more traction and stability on bumpy track conditions * CVAs with captured drive pins and heavy duty 6mm alloy axles * 12mm hex drive KMC® replica wheels front and rear with aggressive short course racing tires * Championship short course racing body (clear), with Team Associated decal sheet * 13mm blue aluminum big-bore threaded shocks with low friction X-ring seals * Composite modular tub chassis with Low-CG and Low Polar Moment design * Enclosed water-resistant receiver box, and removable ESC tray for easy clean up and maintenance * Ball bearing steering system with adjustable steering stops * All metric hardware and ball bearings throughout * Uses most 540 and 550 brushless motors
  16. Saturday – 2wd qualifying & finals Saturday’s 2wd qualifying and finals got underway with a quick practice run followed by what was hoped to be five rounds of qualifying. Everyone was keen to get proceeding moving, as there were slight concerns over predicted rain due later in the day. After a quick round of controlled practice it was down to the business of qualifying. Initial thoughts were that the track had more grip than yesterday afternoon; this was more than likely due to the increase in temperatures today. Just as we were moving into heat 7 of the 8 heats a light rain began to fall, and as a precautionary measure the track covers were quickly applied as the worst of the precipitation past. Within around 15 minutes the rain was gone and it was back to qualifying for heat 8. When the first round had been completed it was Neil Cragg taking his now customary position at the top of the time sheets, from Tom Cockerill and David Ronnefalk. The second round of qualifying saw yet more rain, and in heat 4 the covers were again applied. This time the delay was longer and we waited around 40 minutes, with officials anxiously watching the online weather radar before it was deemed clear to return to action, and the covers were removed, thankfully for the final time today. Round 2 of qualifying saw David Ronnefalk top the times from Neil Cragg, Tom Cockerill and Lee Martin. In round 3 it was again David Ronnefalk who completed a 14 lap run just 2 seconds ahead of Neil Cragg in second, Lee Martin third and Patrick Hofer fourth. In the fourth round it was David Ronnefalk, who was really establishing himself as the man to beat in 2wd at RHR Dirt from Marc Rhienard, Neil Cragg and Renaud Savoya. Due to the rain delays it was decided to abandon the fifth round of qualifying in order to get the day back on schedule. So with qualifying done and dusted it was David Ronnefalk on pole in the A final from Neil Cragg, Lee Martin, Patrick Hofer, Tom Cockerill, Marc Rhienard, Hubert Honigl, Martin Bayer, Renaud Savoya and Shinadushi Adachi. The first round of the A main saw Ronnefalk maintain his pole position into the first corner and never look back, if he had David would have seen the relentless Neil Cragg just a couple of seconds behind maintaining a watching brief for any errors from Ronnefalk, unfortunately David made no errors and took a clear win from Cragg second and Lee Martin, some way back from the top two, in third The second leg of the A final again saw Ronnefalk maintain his lead and build a comfortable 4 second cushion to second place Cragg, who himself had pulled a very nice nine second lead from the third place car of Patrick Hofer. With two wins from pole the day belonged to David Ronnefalk, who had put in a dominating performance to take the 2wd International crown. With a win in the third and final it was Neil Cragg taking second overall and Lee Martin third. After a great day’s racing, and a few challenging weather conditions, the RHR crew got down to the business of preparing the track ready for tomorrow’s 4wd qualifying and finals. We’ll be back later with a report on all of Sunday’s 4wd action.
  18. Friday – Practice The opening day of the International Race was all about practice, as no one has run on the RHR Dirt track since last year’s oOple Invernational, and the track itself has undergone some remodelling since then. First onto the track in the morning were the 4wds. There would be six rounds of practice, with the best two laps taken from the later four rounds sorting the order for tomorrow’s qualifying. Straight out of the box it was Neil Cragg who was fastest, taking no time to acclimatise to the track, second was a remarkably consistent David Ronnefalk in the early stages. Also in the fight, as always, was Lee Martin. After the six rounds of practice it was Neil Cragg at the top of the time sheets, just ahead of Lee Martin. By the time the 2wds began their practice in the afternoon the track had developed a very distinct blue grove, which combined with more cloud coverage and a drop in temperatures later in the day, reduce grip massively. When the dust had settled it was again Neil Cragg who was the man to beat, with Lee Martin chasing him all the way. That’s our quick update from today, we’ll be back tomorrow with more from the actual qualifying for Sunday’s racing.