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  1. • Lower CG • Improved stability • Easier to drive • Reduced traction roll • Interchangeable internal parts • Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum • Hardcoated • Black color • Length 56mm The legendary XRAY aluminum shock absorbers come now in a black color edition especially for those non-XRAY drivers who wish to have some of the best performing 1/10 touring car shock absorbers. Suggested to use with the #308039 - Alu Progressive Shock System which improve traction and steering characteristics. Shock insert has 3 triangle cuts and is used with piston without holes. The hardness of the shock is influenced not by the holes in the piston but with the insert and the dampening characteristics changes during the cornering depending on the corner entry or exit. The aluminum shock absorbers have been specially developed to lower the CG of the car to improve stability. With the new SLP shocks, the car stays flatter, making it easier to drive in chicanes. It is also more resistant to traction rolling, allowing you to carry more speed through high-traction sweepers. These unique black hardcoated aluminum shocks are loaded with all of the features needed for today’s racing. When you need ultra-fine shocks for your lightweight electric touring car, these new XRAY shocks have you covered. The unique SLP aluminum shock absorbers have interchangeable internal parts, with fixed 1-piece precision pistons which are available with 3 or 4 holes, and three different-diameter holes for damping adjustment: 1.0mm, 1.1mm, and 1.2mm. No matter what you choose, all pistons are ultra-true and round thanks to a very special mould design, resulting in ultra-free movement of the piston inside the shock body. The XRAY aluminum shock absorbers come with all necessary parts to build one pair of shocks (2 shocks). Springs and shock oil are not included and must be purchased separately. Fits most current touring cars. The black-colored parts ensure that you can fit these shock absorbers not only into an XRAY touring car but also any other brand of touring car on the market. Total length of the shock absorbers is 56mm. The best-selling #308039 Alu Progressive Shock System directly fits these shock absorbers and is a “must have” for all racers.
  2. Item# AZ-0047 Fascia body For YOKOMO YZ-2 Cool styling and easy handlinb balance for any drivers under any situations. Lexan body for Yokomo YZ-2. To realize natural cornering form, the cabin size and position was exhaustively explored and finally found the right answer. Lightweight for "small and round" turns.
  3. RB6 Low Rider
  4. Caster Block Set, 12.5 degrees, Aluminum: 22-4 (TLR334027) Key Features Provide optimal balance with 12.5 degree of caster at the block. CNC Machined from high quality 6061-T6 Aluminum and hard anodized for ultimately durability Directly fits onto the 22-4 without the need for any other parts or modifications. Overview As the TLR Race Team continues to push the envelope of performance for the 22-4, they have found themselves torn between the advantages of 10 degree and 15 degree caster blocks. We then prototyped some 12.5 degree caster blocks, and found these to have the best traits from both the 10 and 15 degree options. Now, the team just doesn't take them off ☺. This new part is used on many key TLR 22-4 setups including Ryan Maifield's 2015 Reedy Race Champion setup. Designed as a direct replacement, no other parts are needed to mount to your 22-4! Front Belt Cover Set +, 0 Side Belt Inserts: 22-4 (TLR231034) Key Features Tighten the front belt tension – longer belt life Included "+" markings on the upper and lower belt covers for easy identification. "0" inserts included allow for a looser side belt tension that previously available for the 22-4, #1–4. Direct fit, will replace the front belt cover and stock belt tensioners with no other parts or modifications required. Overview The TLR Race team had found that a slightly tighter front belt setting was needed on higher grip tracks, to reduce/eliminate belt skip. We've found this front belt setting to work well in all conditions. Also, they could easily run modified with the side belt using the loosest (#1) tensioners, and an even looser option was needed for SPEC racing. After lots of testing, we've found the "0" side belt inserts to work well for most mod and spec racers in their 22-4s. All parts is a direct fit replacement part that requires no other parts or modifications.
  5. Petitrc vous l'avait annoncé il y a de cela plus de 2ans déjà que la F1 1.10 électrique allait revenir sur le devant de la scène. Vu l'engouement des constructeurs à créer de nouveau chassis plus beau les uns que les autres ! Et aujourd'hui c'est la marque TOP racing qui ne déroge pas à la règle en présentant sa Rebel F1X. Celle ci propose de belle innovation tel que le support de servo en carbone et Aluminium mais surtout offrant la possibilité de régler l'inclinaison de celui-ci afin de jouer sur l'effet ackermann. Le train arrière est on ne peut plus basique pour ce chassis avec un pod articulé sur des bras tirés et un système de rotule, le tout amortis par un seul damper le latéral et des ressort lateraux ainsi qu'un amorto central. Le train avant quand a lui, est plus tendance avec des triangles inferieures fixes en carbone et plastique pour leurs extrémités et réglables en hauteur via des entretoises sur le chassis. Leurs homologues supérieurs sont quand a eux articulés et reprenne le système de suspension traditionnel de tout chassis de type Pan car a savoir une fusée+ressort libre sur un king pin. Un chassis qui promet de belle performance.
  6. The simplest RC car brushless system ever! With the dDrive system Team Orion has combined the motor and ESC inside a single aluminum case specifically designed for the task. Never before motor and ESC have been as closely connected as in the dDrive power unit. The Easy Way to Get More Power Thanks to this proximity, we have been able to improve performance and reliability by making a simpler system, composed of fewer components and electrical connections. The Team Orion dDrive Intelligent Motor System is designed to be the most user friendly power unit. Proven Worldclass Technology This new sensorless brushless power unit makes converting 1/10 on-road and off-road RC cars to brushless power easier than ever! The dDrive features Team Orion's latest brushless ESC and motor technology ensuring the best possible driving experience. Features 2-in-1 Motor/ESC Unit for 1/10 scale cars Vortex Sensorless Brushless Technology Simple compact design for easy installation Improved reliability Designed for LiPo and NiMH batteries High performance 4-pole motor Aluminum case with high efficiency cooling Forward/brake, forward/brake/reverse and forward/reverse (crawler) function modes User adjustable performance settings Overheat protection system Battery low voltage cut-off system Status control by LED and audio tones Plug&Play: no soldering required, easy setup Fitted with Deans high current connectors Splash Proof Developed by Oscar Jansen #ORI28313 Vortex dDrive 2700kV (540, 4P, Deans) #ORI28314 Vortex dDrive 3000kV (540, 4P, Deans)
  7. libre a vous pour discussion et partage d'information
  8. B5 / B5M / T5M Shock Kit Product Overview B5 / B5M / T5M Black Shock Kit includes everything needed to convert your complete vehicle over to our black aluminum parts. The kit includes 4 threaded shock collars that feature offset laser etched Avid logo's for ease of matching spring tension left and right in 1/4 turn increments as well as 4 shock bottom caps that are knurled with a silver highlight edging. Features Collars have offset laser etching of the Avid logo for ease of matching spring tension left and right in 1/4 turn increments Silver highlights for that bling appeal on both collars and shock bottoms caps Standard internal oring design for holding collar in position Each package includes 4 collars and internal orings, 4 shock bottom caps and orings, and 1 AVID mini decal sheet. Fits: Shocks that use the VCS3 design which currently includes the B5, B5M, T5M, and SC5M
  9. Italian company WRC announce their 190mm EP touring car kit called the STX. The car sports a fairly unusual design with conventional carbon fibre lower chassis plate but a top deck constructed from vertically mounted carbon fibre braces. Chassis flex is adjustable by inserting or removing aluminium struts. The front and rear bulkheads offer quick release mounts with height adjustment, the motor holder is of a low-CG design and the steering servo is centrally mounted using a carbon fibre and aluminium mount. Another unique design feature is the rail-type steering system with the inner steering plate/lever sliding on two pins rather than having one or two steering bell cranks as seen on other touring car chassis. It is understood that the STX becomes available in December.
  10. WRC Racing STX 015
  11. With the success of TM2, we made new TM4 4wd buggy with similar layout
  13. Since it's release last year, Tamiya's TRF501X has enjoyed many competition successes, including winning the recent European Championships in Finland. The experience gained through the development of the TRF501X is now available to fans around the world in the form of this much-anticipated R/C off-road buggy, Durga. About the Model # All-new DB01 chassis locates heavy components such as battery and motor near the center for optimum weight distribution. # Race-proven and reliable 2-belt driven 4WD system is completely enclosed with ABS resin covers to prevent dirt and debris from interfering with drivetrain operations. # Chassis features integrated bulkheads, which reduces the number of parts and simplifies maintenance. # Tough ABS resin 4-wheel double wishbone suspension system features the same configuration as the TRF501X and provides a wide range of settings options. # Brand new buggy body with rear wing is made from lightweight polycarbonate material. # Wheels, tires, and Type 540 motor are included. # 2-channel transmitter, ESC, running battery & charger are separately required.
  14. DB01RRR Chassis Kit Item No: 84421 Length: 357mm. Image shows assembled kit. Body, motor, tires and R/C equipment are sold separately. ★Say hello to this tweaked version of the high-powered DB01RR chassis! ★The front aluminum suspension mount gives a skid angle of 12°, while its aluminum rear counterpart's 3° toe-in is great for higher-grip surfaces. ★An aluminum heat sink protects from dust and helps heat dissipate from the motor, while ABS resin wheels are compatible with hex-shaped hubs. ★All aluminum parts come in a cool black.
  15. VBC Racing FireboltRM buggy, improved from the race proven FirboltDM buggy. With easy to drive and maintenance in mind. The new FireboltRM buggy had improved in all areas from the long tested in varies tracks around the world. The FireboltRM buggy is built on a lightweight 7075 aluminum alloy ultra narrow one piece chassis. With high quality 7075 aluminum alloy, composite materials and carbon fiber parts. 12mm big bore ultra smooth racing shocks. Get the right weapon to attack any obstacles anywhere! Starts shipping on 15 July 2015. Pre-order now! Features: Rear motor layout One piece 7075 aluminum alloy chassis with front angled kick-up clearance Adjustable flex graphite upper deck Full carbon fiber front and rear shock towers Composite / 7075 aluminum alloy hybrid motor guard Accept stick, shorty(in straight and transverse configurations), square and saddle packs Lightweight low friction 3 gears transmission with V2 composite gears Smooth high torque ball differential Lightweight slipper clutch 3.5mm high strength carbon fiber shock tower Ultra strong spring steel turnbuckle, CVD, Top shaft and wheel shaft Ball raced steering system Highly adjustable via included inserts V2 ultra strong lightweight composite materials Finned CNC 7075 aluminum alloy motor mount Fully ball raced Slim lined racing body with high down force wing Complete line of options available to suit different track conditions * electronics, wheels, inserts and tires are not included in this kit
  16. JConcepts – B5M, T5M, SC5M, 4 hole rear ball-stud mount Extra beefy, security and precision are the best ways to describe the new 4-hole rear ball-stud mount for the Team Associated “M” line of vehicles. The rear ball-stud mount is under a tremendous amount of stress in today’s racing atmosphere and it is now heavy-duty thanks to JConcepts. After many months of testing and race tuning there are a couple advancements given to the new mount. First, for the high-end chassis tuners, the mount has 2 new additional holes for camber gain adjustment. The standard holes remain for the all important stock settings but the newly offered holes allow an in-between setting as well as an evenly spaced 4th hole all the way inside. In addition, the mount also features a setting which allows the racer to change the orientation of the mount to either -2mm or +2mm of inner ball-stud height. The durability in this mounting area has been put to the test with difficult race circuits and especially with the introduction of the T5M and the pending release of the SC5M. JConcepts has added thickness around the screw mounting holes, thickened the main connection “U-brace” and for twisting and bending resistance added a thick rib from the main body to the screw location boss. When it comes to ball-stud mount with adjustability and durability, look no further than the JConcepts. Features: · CNC-machined, aluminum · 2 Additional holes for performance tuning options · Heavy-duty, peace of mind performance · Blue or black anodized with chamfered silver edging JConcepts – B5M, T5M, SC5M, 4 hole rear ball-stud mount – blue Part# 2427-1 JConcepts – B5M, T5M, SC5M, 4 hole rear ball-stud mount – black Part# 2427-2
  17. TLR334026 Rear Camber Block, Vertical Ball Stud TLR234045 Front Pivot Brace, Steel TLR232033 Side Belt Adjustment Inserts, 0 (2)
  18. Lazer ZX6 Option Parts We're pleased to announce we've just released a new range of Carbon Fibre parts for the Kyosho Lazer ZX6. The new parts include 4mm front and rear Carbon Fibre Towers for extra strength and rigidity, and also a great looking new Carbon Fibre Shorty Lipo Strap! Lazer ZX6 Front Carbon Fibre Front Shock Tower ILR5018 Lazer ZX6 Front Carbon Fibre Rear Shock Tower ILR5019 Lazer ZX6 Carbon Fibre "Bow Tie" Shorty Lipo Strap ILR5020
  19. B5M Inline Battery Brace Features: Allows you to run a shorty lipo inline on the AE B5M Made of 2.5mm quasi-isotropic carbon fiber Weight 4.9 grams Requires: You must modify your B5M chassis to allow for inline mounting of a shorty lipo battery B5M Carbon Fiber Battery Brace Features: Made of 2.5mm quasi-isotropic carbon fiber Weight 6.0 grams B5 Carbon Fiber Battery Brace Features: Made of 2.5mm quasi-isotropic carbon fiber Weight 5.6 grams