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  1. transmission lcg a venir
  7. pas vraiment annoncé par communication mais un 4x4 et une variante SCT 4x4 sont prevus
  8. titre changé pour yz4 car cela se precise quand au remplacement du b-max4 iii
  10. The new name of Brushless Modified is Vector X20 The new LRP Vector X20 modified brushless series is a high-end motor line developed completely from scratch. It’s technology is trend-setting. LRP’s R&D department had highest efficiency and maximum power in mind, when they designed these new high-performance motors. The result speaks for itself: more power and higher rating at improved temperature characteristics and lowest friction. A novelty of the new technology is the dual axis balanced 12.5mm sintered worksteam rotor resulting in an absolutely precise running and increased efficiency. The larger sized ball bearings and LRP’s PreciSensor™ system also contribute to the impressive performance of the new LRP Vector X20 motors. The ultra lightweight, precision machined 7075-T6 aluminium housing has optimised cut-outs for best heat absorption and lowest running temperatures also at full power output. The LRP Vector X20 is the redefinition of a high-end component! Order. No. Item 50644 LRP Vector X20 Modified 9.5T 50654 LRP Vector X20 Modified 8.5T 50664 LRP Vector X20 Modified 7.5T 50674 LRP Vector X20 Modified 6.5T 50684 LRP Vector X20 Modified 5.5T 50694 LRP Vector X20 Modified 4.5T Please note: the line will be completed by 10.5T, 5.0T and 4.0T versions.
  11. One of the new unique features in the WildFireD07: Tweak Control Suspension Mounts WildFireD07's ZTP system
  12. libre a vous pour discussion et partage d'information
  13. Yokomo Y-Max Yz2-Bmax2 conversion That's right, it's here! This is a Factory RC Y-Max conversion. The conversion includes a new rear 4mm carbon fiber shock tower and spacer that bolts to the Bmax2 transmission providing the stock Yz2 shock mount holes as well as an additional set of holes. Also included are the necessary 2mm shims for the transmission, and waterfall brace. We also include a new Factory RC Y-max Battery strap made entirely from 3mm carbon fiber! We give you the "factory" treatment and include a bolt on drill template to help you drill straight holes into your Yz2 chassis. If you have both cars, along with our conersion, you have everything you need! If you're starting off with only the Yz2 buggy you will need the following parts: 1x B2-300MRF Bmax RF Rear Suspension Mount 1x B2-300RS Rear Suspension spacers 1x B2-302MR Bmax 2 MM Gear Box Case *Optional Hard Case B2-302MRH 1x B2-303T Top Shaft *Optional Aluminum Top Shaft B2-303TA 1x B2-304 Bmax Motor Plate *Optional Lightweight Motor Plate B2-304LW 1x B2-302S 3x35mm Button Head M3 Screws 1x B2-302SM 2x12 Button Head Self tapping screw 4 x ZC-BH312 3x12mm Button Head M3 Screws 1x B2-001 WM Bmax 2 Wing Mounts 1x B2-001 WM 3x40mm Button Head Screw 1x B2-118MR Waterfall support mount 4x ZC-BH310 3x10 Button Head M3 Screws 2x ZC-F310 3x10 Flat Head M3 Screws 1x B2-118H Battery Holder Joint Pin **Note: You may need other assorted shims, screws, bearings and or hardware. Factory RC Y-Max Yz2 conversion with infinite carbon fiber battery strap, spacers, and rear shock tower set. Smooth edged with a ton of adjustment for and aft. 2 molded Factory RC battery stop spacres and hardware are included. Factory fit, 2mm carbon spacer for the waterfall. Yz-2 shock tower adapts to our current Bmax tower base allowing you the choice to run the stock Yz2 rear tower or our Bmax towers including our +2mm droop tower! Battery strap is designed to allow maximum battery adjustment and provide additional flex aiding in traction. Battery mounted full rearward Factory RC molded stop protects your batter and is non conductive molded Delrin. One stop in the rear spaces the battery aproximatly 8mm forward for the perfect "1st step" forward.
  14. en fouillant dans les archives, j'ai retrouvé ceci: - Brushless Systems - Les systèmes Brushless c'est pas forcement à jour avec la dernière technologie disponible mais ça explique les bases de ce qui semble maintenant une banalité.
  15. FUNCTION & DESIGN The RDRP B5M Wing Mount Set replaces the kit's plastic wing mount with more durable and better performing parts. The mount is of a -7mm design that places the wing 7mm lower than the stock wing mount does which leads to a lower centre of gravity and improved jumping both on small, medium and large jumps. On top of that the high-quality 7075-T6 aluminium part grants a better support for the wing which leads to better aerodynamics and also improved durability in the event of a crash. And, above all, the new wing position looks WAY cooler! APPLICATION The RDRP B5M Wing Mount Set replaces the standard composite parts. SPECIFICATIONS - Material: Blue anodised 7075-T6 aluminium - Suitable for: Team Associated B5M - Available in black and blue color RDRP0263-BL B5M Wing Mount Set (blue) RDRP0263-BK B5M Wing Mount Set (black) FUNCTION & DESIGN The RDRP Battery Plate Thumb Nuts for Team Associated 5th generation off-road vehicles are machined from high-quality 7075-T6 aluminium and they are of a super lightweight design while offering a slightly lower profile than the original ones. Excessive machining brings then down to 0.8g per piece while their overall design makes them looking gorgeous in your ride. Included with the thumb nuts come clear O-rings to prevent them from becoming loose in severe off-road action. APPLICATION The B5/B5M/T5M/SC5M BATTERY PLATE THUMB NUT SET replaces the standard parts. SPECIFICATIONS - Material: Blue anodised 7075-T6 aluminium - Suitable for: Team Associated 5th generation off-road vehicles - Available in black and blue color RDRP0264-BL B5/B5M/T5M/SC5M Battery Plate Thumb Nut Set (blue) RDRP0264-BK B5/B5M/T5M/SC5M Battery Plate Thumb Nut Set (black) FUNCTION & DESIGN The RDRP B5RM/MM Bellcrank Aluminium Set replaces the kit's plastic steering bellcranks with stronger parts for added rigidity and better looks. The CNC-machined 7075-T6 aluminium construction considerably strengthens the steering assembly for less slop, a more precise steering reaction and less flex, resulting in a rock solid steering feeling and more durability in the event of a crash. The RDRP B5RM/MM bellcrank aluminium set is made for the use with B5 and T5 series kits and it comes blue anodised and laser-etched to match the remainder of our Team Associated option parts. APPLICATION The RDRP B5RM/MM Bellcrank Aluminium Set replaces the kit's plastic steering bellcranks. SPECIFICATIONS - Material: Anodised 7075-T6 aluminium - Suitable for: Team Associated B5, B5M, T5M and SC5M - Available in black and blue color RDRP0250-BL B5RM/MM Bellcrank Aluminium Set (blue) RDRP0250-BK B5RM/MM Bellcrank Aluminium Set (black) Where to buy France (DISTRIBUTOR)
  16. B5M low rider wing mount About this Product Mount your wing low in your team associated B5M low rider for highest speed in large corners and better feeling while jumpin'. Notice this one allow the wing to be screwed rather than clipsed , with an avid wing button for example. 3° forward tilt.
  17. RC10 World's Car Kit Build and race the first RC car with a 10-year winning tradition. The RC10 World's Car buggy is the pinnacle of vintage RC10 buggy performance. The replica features modern-era upgrades while retaining the spirit of the original RC10 World's car that crowned Brian Kinwald as 2WD I.F.M.A.R. World Champion in 1993. The new World's Car is equipped with updated V2 hard-anodized threaded shock bodies and aluminum adjustment collars to provide improved performance and adjustability. The drivetrain now features the famous Stealth 3-gear transmission with a ball differential, CVA axles and V2 slipper to harness the power of modern brushless motors. A new durable plastic gear cover was added to protect the V2 slipper and gears. The included 2.2" wheels fit current 2WD buggy tires so racers can select the right tire for their track. The RC10 World's Car kit updates make the buggy easier to build and service without altering the authentic look of the original car. The black hard-anodized machined chassis, trimmed front kick-up plate, black motor mount, and nose brace tubes look like the original parts. Some plastic parts have been updated to improve durability, accept modern batteries and components, or increase performance. Color matched with the original World's car kits, these parts are backwards compatible with original cars. Take a journey through time and drive a Team Associated RC10 World's Car -- it's worlds better now than it was back then! Features Black, hard-anodized 6061-T6 machined aluminum monocoque chassis Stealth 3-gear transmission with ball differential V2 slipper assembly with molded gear cover 16 precision ball bearings included Turbo Mirage body, 5.5" wing, and replica vintage decals V2 threaded hard anodized 6061-T6 aluminum coilover shocks with molded bleeder caps Independent suspension with durable long front arms and refined geometry In-line aluminum front axles and 30 degree caster blocks Fiber composite shock towers and battery strap Graphite transmission brace Updated CVA axle drivetrain World's Car bellcrank steering liste des pieces
  18. The team at Robin Hood Raceway are delighted to announce we will be hosting the EFRA 2015 1/10th Off-Road European Championships at our clay track - RHRDirt in Nottinghamshire, England, UK. PROVISIONAL dates: Warmup: 19-21st June, Euros 3-8th August Robin Hood Raceway is located centrally within the UK and has excellent access from the road, train and air networks. The site has been in use for off-road model car racing since 1989. It consists of a 1,100 square metre astroturf track and a 900 square metre pure blue clay track. The 4.5 acre site offers a large, flat grass area suitable for car parking, camping and caravans or motorhomes. Permanent race controls, storage, toilet facilities, rostrums, grandstands and café are all present. Robin Hood Raceway/RHRDirt is run in partnership with York Off-Road Car Club, a popular club with highly experienced members. We have successfully staged several of the UK's biggest 10th Off-Road meetings.
  20. So here we go... finally. The FF210 Buggy is ready for production! On behalf of ORB Racing I'd like to say we're ready to share the front-wheel-drive experience with you – now the question remains: are you ready? What is the FF210? The FF210 is a conversion kit that turns the Team Durango DEX210V2 and DEX210 into a competitive front-wheel-drive buggy for low-medium bite surfaces such as dirt, outdoor clay, grass and wet astroturf. What makes the FF210 unique? The front-wheel-drive concept offers higher cornering speeds than rear-wheel-drive buggies whilst also maintaining better stability, resulting in a car that is both consistent and quick. In addition to that, the majority of the car is made with state-of-the-art materials and production techniques, amongst which the use of additive manufacturing. What’s does the kit consist of? In the kit are nylon 3D components (dyed black), carbon fibre composite plates, a clear polycarbonate bodyshell and some small parts and hardware. In addition with a (separately available) Team Durango DEX210V2 donor vehicle and electronics, you can build the FWD Buggy. With addition of a few parts, the conversion kit is also compatible with the DEX210 (details available in the price list, see at the end of the post). I am interested. How do I go from here? We have opened up a pre-order until the 25th of August for the first batch. The kit and parts are directly available from us by email: We are also working to get a webshop online as soon as possible - until that time, the price list is available through this link.