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  1. un échange contre une DTM YOKOMO? Châssis quelque pièces détachées, carro neuve, pneus Cordialement
  2. Bonsoir j'ai un Gtx Novak 35 euro
  4. Bonjour à tous Voici la petite dernier de Rc-xpress la Excute XQ1
  5. Des nouvelle Option sur la Xpress QX1 Xpress XQ1 mid pulley conversion kit Coming soon from Xpress and made for their XQ1 range of 4WD touring cars is the Mid Pulley chassis conversion kit. With the centred layshaft pulley and spur gear the motor will be shifted towards the centre of the car, a design that became en vogue recently as it promises increased mid corner rotation, improved overall chassis balance and more equal front and rear end drive compared to the standard “rear motor” setup. The set includes new upper and lower chassis parts, a new motor mount and several other parts to convert the standard XQ1 as well as the lower spec XQ1S. The conversion kit will hit stores world-wide very soon. Source: Xpress []
  6. Sanwa M11X + 3 recepteur Rx-451R

    Bonjour à tous Je vends une Télécommande Sanwa M11X avec 3 récepteurs RX-451R avec Batterie LRP 2600 Amp Payement Paypal Cordialement widy
  7. cherche chape Yokomo BD7

    bonjour a tous je cherche cela ? Part# YOKB7-207 Cordialement
  8. merci
  9. cherche Associated TC7.2

    bonjour a tous faire proposition
  10. Petite Setup
  12. Xpress Execute XQ1 steering Ackermann plates Coming from Xpress and made for the Execute XQ1 and XQ1S touring car are new optional steering Ackermann plates. Machined from high-quality carbon fibre the plates are available in the three different options stock, 1 dot and 2 dot with the latter two reducing the steering Ackermann effect to adjust the steering feeling to different traction levels. The 1 and 2 dot plates come as a complete set and they are best used in high-grip conditions as they provide improved stability on turn-in and during cornering. In addition the standard geometry arms are available in a special option version that provides improved overall rigidity for a sharper steering response. The Ackermann plates require the use of 2mm bumpsteer spacers in order to recreate the standard steering geometry. Source: Xpress []
  13. Xpress Execute XQ1/XM1 anti-tweak battery mount Designed for the Execute XQ1 and XM1 cars is Xpress’ new anti-tweak battery mount. The multi-piece carbon fibre and alloy construction does away with the need to use reinforced tape in favour of either two carbon fibre hold downs or hook and loop straps. The results are faster battery swaps, improved reliability and also nearly zero tweak issues compared to using tape. The system is usable for all Execute series cars. Source: Xpress []
  14. Bonjour a tous Voici quelques nouveautés de chez Express sur le châssis excute XQ1 Xpress Execute XQ1 vertical top deck set Coming from Xpress and made foe the Execute XQ1 and XQ1S kits is a vertical top deck set. The multi-piece top deck was designed to replace the standard top deck with a construction that will increase both forward traction and side bite in low to medium grip track conditions. Several flex features allow to adjust lateral grip by adding or removing centre stiffeners while the design also allows to connect the top deck with the motor mount stiffener post. The set includes all needed parts to perform the conversion. Source: Xpress []
  15. Atsushi Hara's Road to Reedy Race 2018 Friday, June 1, 2018 3:00:14 AM America/Los_Angeles We are honored to have had such an iconic person in R/C such as Atsushi Hara himself driving our car on an international level! Follow his journey towards following up to the Reedy Race 2018 invitational class. Upon receiving the XQ1 Kits, Hara quickly built up two kits. One to run our XOC dynamic rear toe in system and one with your traditional rear hub. Hara only got to run 6 packs due to bad weather before leaving for America. Upon arriving at America, Hara wasted no time and started preparing the cars to make sure they were at the best before hitting the track. Some action shots from the intense racing out of the 12 rounds from the invitational class. Different from normal racing is that this race takes the format of 12 racing rounds with no qualifying and computer generated random starting spots. Here we can see Hara preferred to run the car with only four topdeck screws. All smiles for Hara as he finds a very good well balanced setup towards the end of the event. Hara finally got his car sorted in the final round and snagged his first win which allowed him to finish 15th, a bit low for his expectations for sure but on the bright side he has gained a good understanding of the car which will allow him to get better results in the future. Photo Credit: Setup - W/ XOC
  16. Aluminum bottom chassis for Execute XQ1, used for in either High Grip Asphalt or Carpet. By adding more weight to the lowest point of the chassis, this increases stability and lowers the center of gravity!
  17. Change how your car behaves in the middle of the corner with the Xpress on-power Control System (XOC), adjust the angle with spacers to differ the toe-in change during suspension compression. Quick change between dynamic and static rear toe in is made simple, to go back to static rear toe in, just install the included spacer underneath the rear aluminum hub and remove the connecting link! Included are the Hard Composite arms for maximum corner speed!
  18. Xpress Execute XQ1 chassis balance weight sets Xpress have introduced a range of chassis balance weight sets for the Execute XQ1 touring car kit. Available are two 4-piece sets of 10g/5g or 15g/10g front and rear weights and also 2-piece set of 25g and 15g centreline weights. All are made using high-quality brass material and they come with gold-colour marking for easy identification. Included in each set is also suitable hardware that allows for quick and easy attachment or removal. Source: Xpress []
  19. Xpress Execute XQ1 adjustable battery stops Coming from Xpress and made for the Execute XQ1 touring car are new adjustable LiPo battery stoppers. The parts are machined from high-quality aluminium and come black and red anodised for wear and looks. The front stop will be attached to the chassis in a fixed position while the rear one is of a sliding design that allows to adapt to LiPo packs of different length. This results in more securely fixed batteries and more reliable battery mounting. Source: Xpress []
  20. Xpress 4.5mm & 4.25mm aluminium hex adapters Xpress have introduced their new 4.5mm and 4.25mm offset aluminium wheel hex adapters for the Execute XQ1 touring car. The 12mm adapters are machined from aluminium, they come black anodised for looks and laser-etched for easy identification. The different offsets help to fine-tune the front and rear track width and the adapters, that come as pairs, are usable on Xpress’ own XQ1 and also other brand’s kits such as the Xray T4. Source: Xpress []
  21. Xpress Execute XQ1 carbon upper bumper plate Xpress have introduced a carbon fibre bumper support plate for the Execute XQ1 and the forthcoming XQ1S touring car. The part is machined from high-quality cabin fibre and it is a direct replacement for the standard moulded composite item. Included beside the upper plate are also suitable bushings and mounting hardware. Source: Xpress []
  22. Quelque option Xpress Execute XQ1 camber link stiffener set Coming from Xpress and made for the Execute XQ1 touring car is a camber link stiffener set. By changing the front upper links to a triangular system, the C-hub is stiffened which provides a more predictable handling especially on high grip tracks. The set is a direct fit and includes all necessary hardware.
  23. Bonsoir 

    Possible Vario, moteur, pour 120 euro de plus 

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      FROMENTIN Nicolas.

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  24. tu rentre plus fort dans les virages.