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  1. Bonsoir à tous.

    Juste une petite question au passage, pourquoi des ligues que le dimanche et pas que le samedi ? N'y aurait-il pas plus de monde ?

    plus de monde non ,car il y en a beaucoup qui travaille,dont moi

  2. mise a jour du nouveaux soft v2.2F

    Important! Please read the v22f timing chart.txt before upgrade!!

    Release date: 17/07/2011

    *For version 2.1e or 2.02g user, please reset the timeshift and turbo setting to a lower value after firmware upgrade since timeshift and turbo value is increased in V2.2

    *For other version user, please upgrade the firmware to V2.1e prior to install V2.2 and set timeshift/turbo to a lower value before use.

    *Suggested starting gear ratio for 10.5T to 13.5T is 7.0 , 17.5T to 21.5T is 5.5

    *For best performance, user can add hardware motor timing if motor temperature does not exceed 80C

    *Maximum value of timeshift + turbo is 60.

    *Timeshift value 4-6 and turbo value 4-6 is a good starting point for all motors.