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  1. meilleurs vœux pour cette nouvelle annee
  2. je passais par la pour faire un petit coucou a la ligue 10 depuis le temps
  3. je voudrais connaitre les dimention des clefs allen americaine et des clef a pipe pour tc4 merci, du moin ceux qu on ce sert le pluscar je connais pas les taille ex 3/18 etc merci
  4. je voudrais savoir a quoi equivaut les ressort gris/vert/bleu et or asso en ressort tamiya en gros l equivalant tamiya en couleur par rapport au couleur des ressort asso merci
  5. Tamiya introduces the next generation of the high performance shaft driven car. The TB Evolution V MS is an evolved and updated version of the Evo V. It has some parts similar to the the belt driven TRF416 and also some new parts like the aluminum rear bulkhead. The Evo V MS won't replace the current TRF416. The Evo V MS is specially made for the stock class. The shaft drive gives direct torque, instant power and less drag. This is perfect for the stock class, but can give you some torque steer with the Modified technology. The TB Evolution V MS will be out at June the 21st and will cost around €400 Euros (¥64800 Yen). source:
  6. la black series est pas vilaine du tout
  7. photos plus grande:boomerzworld Tokio Option Parts racing driver Josh Cyrull was driving the all new prototype car lately. Here's what Josh had to say viewing the picture: "Unfortunately, I missed that pic being taken but I can guarantee that it wasn't taken at close range as I've turned away anyone I've seen with a camera within 15-20ft of the car and made sure to keep an eye on them. Yes, there has been opportunities for people to take pictures but most have had respect for our wishes to keep it from being photographed." Though Josh wasn't really happy with the picture being taken he could give us some more information about the new car: "It will come with molded pistons and I am not aware of any plans for aftermarket "machined" ones. The difference though is that these are not your "typical" piston. They are a special shape to aid in the fit/drag and fluid flow through them. In my testing, they were much more consitant than even a machined piston." Josh also used Kyosho shock because the new TOP Racing ones weren't available yet. The new car will also have black belts instead of the white ones shown above. "With the new Photon, I am confident we have a very good base to work from with ample adjustments, super light drivetrain, strong suspension components and all the essentials to put the car up with the best out there. Not to mention the fact that I've had other top drivers and engineers tell me how impressed they are with the car and even some tell me that they are jealous and they wish their sponsor's car was like the Photon. I know the group of us who have worked so hard to develop the Photon are proud and have done a great job." The production of the TOP Photon is delayed, the official release of the car will take place in April/May source rctech et rctouring
  8. a l epoque comme tu dis mitch lol,bonne fetes a tous
  10. E4RS Main Features: Most lipo battery & brushless motor can be used New 2.5mm carbon fiber, 96mm wide narrow chassis New 2mm carbon top deck Front/rear 3mm carbon shock tower Front ST steel universal drive shaft Rear hard coated alum. 7075 universal drive shaft Alum. 7075 turnbuckles New Shocks New thickened arms New widened belts Front solid axle Rear ball differential (quick release design) New lightweight nylon pulley Alum. 7075 FF & RR hinge pin mount Alum. 7075 bulkhead New front lower Flying Wing arm Centralized motor and battery design Quick release main shaft Motor cooling mount Front/rear anti-roll bar E4RS Main Spec: 1/10 EP Sedan Width--186mm adjustable Length--374mm Wheelbase--257~269mm 2.5mm carbon fiber chassis 2mm carbon fiber chassis 3mm front/rear carbon shock tower Drive ratio--2.059 Main gear--110T 64P Caster block--3 degree ARTICLE COMPLET SUR LA SOURCE :TEAM MAGIC
  11. Salut va faire un tour sur Rcmanufactory

  12. il sort quand ce chassis?
  13. Elle est au top ta météo
  14. Appel toi c est toi qui propose
  15. 14 eme,sinon il y a st martin de crau mais il fais gris sur st martin
  16. 10 min en voiture (2€),tu as le permis toi?
  17. marseille c est 10€ pour rouler
  18. Pluie annoncee
  19. plus de monde non ,car il y en a beaucoup qui travaille,dont moi
  20. mise a jour du nouveaux soft v2.2F
  21. <img src="" width="600"> Voici les nouveaux moteurs en test chez Team Wave Here are the NEW motors (test) from Team Wave for PETITRC <img src="">
  22. Pas la je pars avec les jumeaux en allemagne
  23. en gros sur le v2.1 le frein est bridé
  24. il va verifier,pour le frein sur le v2.1 VEROUILLE LE FREIN DE LA VOITURE a80%-100%, QUE SUR LE V2.2 IL VERROUILLE PAS LE FREINAGE DE LA VOITURE