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BRCA 1/12th Nationals R1 - Chesterfield

The second weekend of September saw the Mirage 1/12th team make an outing to the first round of the 2008/2009 National season held at the Sharley Park Leisure Centre just outside of Chesterfield.

The big news for everybody for the coming season was the opening up of the rules to allow the use of the new range of 10.5 turn brushless motors in the Stock class held on Saturday, along with the option of the more traditional 19 turn brushed motors.

With the Hot Bodies Cyclone 12 arriving just before the start of last year's national series this season marked the first opportunity for the team to run a car with a full season's worth of development and experience behind it. Mick Farrell had made great strides over the summer with the car and had taken the CARS Summer Shootout title also held at the same venue, so team hopes were high going into the meeting.

Saturday - Stock Class

Mick Farrell continued his great summer form by taking the fastest time in round one of qualifying, closely followed by Andy Griffiths who would be seeking to reclaim the Stock class title. As qualifying continued it became clear that the 10.5 Brushless motors had a slight edge over the brushed motors, but that a well driven 19 turn motor could still compete at a high level if required. Qualifying remained close throughout the day until the final round of qualifying when Andy Griffiths put in an amazing 46 lap run to seal the TQ position for the Finals. Joining Andy in the A Final were Mick Farrell in second, Mark Stiles in fourth and Elliott Harper lining up eighth in only his second 1/12th meeting.


Top Ten after Qualifying:

1.Andy Griffiths - HB

2.Mick Farrell - HB

3.Chris Kerswell

4.Mark Stiles - HB

5.Keith Robertson

6.Russell Williams

7.Matt White

8.Elliott Harper - HB

9.Pete Childs-Dixon

10.Jim Spencer

Andy and Mick took off cleanly at the start of the final and started lapping at an incredible pace and eventually crossed the line in their qualifying order. Mark Stiles enjoyed a race long battle with Matt White, eventually emerging in third place by just 3/10ths of a second! This meant that on the first day of the new season the Hot Bodies Cyclone 12 had taken a clean sweep of the podium positions. This great result also meant that the Hot Bodies/GRP team claimed the team prize for the day. Mark even managed to keep hold of the chocolates for about 15 minutes!


Final Results:

1.Andy Griffiths - HB

2.Mick Farrell - HB

3.Mark Stiles - HB

4.Matt White

5.Keith Robertson

6.Jim Spencer

7.Pete Childs-Dixon

8.Chris Kerswell

9.Elliott Harper - HB

10.Russell Williams

Sunday - Modified

It was interesting to note the difference that opening up the rules of the Sports class to allow the use of 10.5 Brushless motors alongside brushed motors down to 12 turns had made; the field was split 50/50 in respect of the two classes, with the majority of the Sports class electing to leave in the brushless motors used on the previous day. Round one saw Jim Spencer set the early pace in the Sports class, with James Stewart the only driver to join Jim on 43 laps. Andy Griffiths continued his form from the previous day to set the pace in the super-fast Open class using his Hot Bodies/Nosram/GRP combination to great effect. Paul Jenkinson upped the pace in round 3 of Sports qualifying with his Cyclone 12 to take the provisional TQ slot from Jim, who then demonstrated his intent for the final by setting the only 44 lap qualifying run of the Sports class in the final round of qualifying. Paul hung onto second from James in third, with Clive Coomes also putting his HB car into the A final as well. Over in the Open class meanwhile, Andy had made a small mistake in his setup and struggled in the last two rounds of qualifying but his earlier pace was enough to seal the coveted pole position for the finals. Joining Andy in the A Final were Elliott Harper, Mark Stiles, Mick Farrell and Ben Cosgrove, making a successful return to the 1/12th racing scene after a break of a few years.


Top Ten Sports Qualifying:

1.Jim Spencer

2.Paul Jenkinson - HB

3.James Stewart - HB

4.Glenn Atterton

5.Clive Coomes - HB

6.Gerald Page

7.Oli Meggitt

8.Alex Curry

9.Fred Hatfield

10.Jonty Walkenden

Top Ten Open Qualifying:

1.Andy Griffiths - HB

2.Russell Williams

3.Chris Kerswell

4.Elliott Harper - HB

5.Mark Stiles - HB

6.Mick Farrell - HB

7.Keith Robertson

8.Mark Jewitt

9.Ben Cosgrove

10.Andy Sawyer


Jim ran and hid at the start of the Sports A final, leaving the first lap carnage behind him. Clive Coomes finally crossed the line in third place after a hard fought battle with Gerald Page. Another podium finish for the Cyclone 12!

Sports Final Results:

1.Jim Spencer

2.Gerald Page

3.Clive Coomes - HB

4.James Stewart - HB

5.Fred Hatfield

6.Paul Jenkinson - HB

7.Alex Curry

8.Jonty Walkenden

9.Glenn Atterton

10.Oli Meggitt

Andy Griffiths took another dominant win in the Open class with Elliott Harper taking a great second place and Mark Stiles backing it up in third place to make it the second A Final 1,2,3 result for the Cyclone 12 in two days, also sealing the Team title for Hot Bodies/GRP for the second day running.


Open Final Results:

1.Andy Griffiths - HB

2.Elliott Harper - HB

3.Mark Stiles - HB

4.Russell Williams

5.Keith Robertson

6.Andy Sawyer

7.Mark Jewitt

8.Ben Cosgrove - HB

9.Chris Kerswell

10.Mick Farrell - HB

With the event over the entire team can only look forward to the next meeting at Crewe which marks the 30th Anniversary of the 1/12th section.

Pictures -

Open Mod A

Sports Mod A

Stock A

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BRCA 1/12 Nationals Rd2 - Crewe


The 2nd round of the BRCA 1/12th Nationals was held at Crewe on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th October. Mirage drivers dominated proceedings and in particular young Mirage driver Elliott Harper pulled off wins in both 10.5T Stock and Modified classes in his 3rd National appearance.


This year's event at Crewe was particularly special as it was the celebration event for 30 years on racing and a high number of former racers from the sport attended the evening celebrations on the Saturday night. A buffet was laid on with a quiz challenging the brightest memories from all ages. A special scaletrix track was installed to test the evening control as was a large overhead screen giving drivers the opportunity to test their driving skills on VRC. There was also a host of race cars from a by gone era on display and this clearly showed the development progress from the very early 1980âs to the late 1990âs


The format for the meeting on both days was a standard early morning practice, followed by 4 qualifiers and one final. Finals positions selected on a FTQ basis.


The carpet was laid the night before the race and was brand new super grip surface and this really changed how people approached the race.


Mirage had a very strong team entry with current National Champion Andy Griffiths leading the team supported by a host of now well known Mirage drivers who have been regularly delivering results on the 12th circuit. Joining Andy in the Mirage/ Hot Bodies/ GRP team were Mick Farrell, Mark Stiles and James Stewart who are quickly becoming the dominant team force this series. Other well known drivers from Mirage included Ben Cosgrove and Elliott Harper, Gareth Bevens and Trevor Coult.


New drivers for this Round entering their first ever 12th national were Jonny Aird and Phil Chambers bringing yet more new faces to the 12th racing circuit.



Saturday 10.5T Stock

A very quick display by Elliott Harper saw him in FTD position after the first 3 qualifiers only to be edged out and back into 3rd place on the final qualifier. Andy Griffiths showed his quality in taking back the position on pole once again!

In the final, Andyâs car went wide and off line at the first bend and this opened up the field and letting other cars through. Elliott took up 2nd place chasing down the leader and took over the lead before the first minutes racing was over, a position he held to completion. But this was not without incident. It was apparent after about 2 minutes that Elliottâs body shell was catching at one point on the track and no matter how hard he tried to find a way through it got caught and began to worsen to the point that the car took off each lap. Although he had built a good lead this was being chipped away by Mark Stiles who saw the opportunity and piled on the pressure. Lap after lap Mark was closing by about 2 feet and eventually caught Elliott. He saw his opportunity to cut inside at the place he knew Elliott had a problem and secured the lead but got caught himself with a minor spat with a back marker and Elliott retook the position. Again Mark mounted a challenge and the 2 cars impacted. Sportingly Mark stopped and let Elliott retake position before both cars chased off. Elliott never really shook off the challenge from Mark and the two cars crossed the line abreast with Elliott just 2/100ths ahead to take his first National 12th win.

This is how it finished with Elliott taking the win, Mark 2nd and TQ went to Andy and the team prize to Andy, Mark, Mick and James. Griff was unlucky in the final but would be sure to bounce back on sunday!


Jonny Aird and Phil Chambers came 2nd and 3rd in the 'C' final with James Stewart winning the 'F' final after a troublesome day with Trevor Coult coming 6th in the same final. Gareth came 3rd in the 'H' final in the end.

Sunday Modified/Sports 10.5

It soon became clear that Modified motors are significantly quicker than 10T stock versions; the Mirage team were using the Nosram Matrix Evolution and Storm Brushless motor combination and were super fast around this circuit!

Elliott Harper had some really good runs during the modified day and proceeded to take TQ in each of the 4 qualifying rounds. He was then joined in the 'A' final by Andy Griffiths in 3rd, Mark Stiles in 5th, Mick Farrel in 6th and Phil Chambers in 8th. James Stewart qualified 5th in the Sports modified (10.5) 'A' final.

In the final, from the start Elliott pulled away and ran a flawless race from the front and delivered his 2nd National win with Andy Griffiths taking 2nd place. The two Mirage drivers now share equal top spot in the Modified championships. Phil Chambers also stayed out of trouble throughout the final to finish a well deserved 4th place on the day in his first 12th national. James tried a different front tyre in his final and unfortunately, this didn't work for him and he ended up finishing in 10th place.

Ben Cosgrove didn't have the best of luck at Crewe, however, he was able to shake off this luck for the finals and came through to dominate the 'B' final! Jonny Aird also did better on the Sunday and came 4th overall in the 'B' final on only his first 12th national aswell. Trevor Coult came 9th in the Sports 'C' final and Gareth Bevens came 2nd in the 'D' final.


GRP tyres dominated the pits and the top spots in the finals as did the Nosram Speedo brushless systems. Alos, Team Mirage/Hot Bodies/GRP took the team prize on both days to once again demonstrate that the HB Cyclone with GRP tyres coupled with Nosram electronics is the package to use!

The next event is in Jarrow 22nd/23rd November and 2 weeks after the 12th Worlds in Bangkok at which Mirage will be represented by Andy Moore and Elliott Harper.

Yet again the Crewe members did extremely well in hosting an excellent meeting - it was a great venue, great track and organised in the usual professional manner and the Saturday evening event went down really well â A very big thanks from all the Mirage team!

Pictures -

Sports Mod A

Open Mod A

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Race report by Elliott Harper

The 3rd round of the 2008/9 BRCA Nationals were held in Jarrow, North East England over the weekend 22nd/23rd November. The standard format was Super Stock (10.5T) on the Saturday followed by Modified on the Sunday.


This was the first opportunity for the all new XRAY XII 1/12 pan car to take part on carpet in the UK, following launch at the ISTC Worlds 2 weeks earlier. The track was compact and provided a number of challenging corners.


Saturday morning started early with practice in heat format followed by 4 rounds of qualification and one final. By the end on qualification the new Xray car was 3rd on the grid and running well. The Super Stock final A main was a steady run with Elliott Harper working his way to the lead position and taking the win on the day providing the XRAY XII with its first honours in the UK.

Sunday again started early with a shorten practice to enable the event to speed up due to an inclement weather warning. Again early on the XRAY was on the pace but a high speed overtaking manoeuvre brought the first modified race to an early close. Following repairs the car was again in action and by the finish of qualification was placed 5th in the A main grid. Mid pack position proved difficult on start and by the end of the first bend, Elliott was back in last position with the rest of the pack moving off. By the end of the race the XRAY had recovered to 7th place and this is how it finished.


Overall Elliott Harper was very pleased with the performance of the new XRAY with a win in super stock and 7th in modified and looking forward to Round 4 in Tamworth in 3 weeks time.


Saturday Super Stock Results

1. Elliot Harper XRAY XII

2. Roger Manwaring

3. Russ Williams

Sunday Mod Results

1. Russ Williams

2. Mark Stiles

3. Chris Kerswell

4. Matt White

5. Andy Griffiths (tq)

6. Elliot Harper XRAY XII

7. Jonny Aird

8. Keith Robertson

9. Mick Farrell

10. Chris Smith

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Race report by Chris Kerswell - BRCA National Round 3

Saturday - Pro-Stock

With my new Carpet Ripper 2.0 parts arriving shortly before the meeting there was no time to test so I built them onto the car trusting Vesa's modifications would be faster! After a few teething issues in the first couple of rounds everything came together in the final round with the car being very easy to drive and super consistent. This allowed me to TQ the meeting and start from the pole position for the final! After a great start only 5 laps in I had a few seconds lead over the following pack, only for the speedo to blow up and prematurely end my race! A very promising start for the new car!

Sunday - Open Modified

With a solid qualifying result Saturday it looked promising for Modified! The traction had changed considerably from Saturday, it was much higher but almost all drivers were running out of rear traction at 4 minutes! After some discussion the Parma Grey rear tyres were swapped for Pinks which transformed the car for round 3 and after a steady run put me in the top half of the A final with everything to play for in the final round. The traction increased dramatically again and this time it was too much and a number of people suffered from grip roll, me included. The pace of the car was very promising and I ended up 6th on the grid. The start to the final was scrappy and I got knocked back to 8th. With smaller tyres for the final the car was awesome, allowing me to pull back from 8th to finish 3rd overall! Setting the fastest lap of the weekend in the process! Only time and bad luck at the start of the race prevented an even higher position!

Saturday Setup:

Parma Magenta front tyres - 35mm wheel - 44mm diameter - 1/2 additive

Parma Grey rear tyres - 35mm Wheel - 46mm diameter - full additive

CS Grip High additive

.20 Front springs

Thick AE T-bar

Corally Blue damper tube lube

Nosram 10.5 Motor with 2mm timing advance


BlackArt Audi R10

Sunday Setup:

Parma Magenta front tyres - 35mm wheel - 41.5mm diameter - 1/3 additive

Parma Pink rear tyres - 35mm Wheel - 43.5mm diameter - full additive

CS Grip High additive

.20 Front springs

Thick AE T-bar

Corally Blue damper tube lube

Peak 5.5 Motor, timing middle of C tab


BlackArt Audi R10

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XII Double TQ & Win at BRCA Nationals R4

Race Report by Elliot Harper

Round 4 of the BRCA National was held at Tamworth over the weekend 13 & 14th December 2008. The format provides drivers the opportunity to compete in the Superstock Championship on the Saturday and the Modified or Sportsman class on the Sunday. Each class consists of an open practice, followed by 4 rounds of qualification and a single Final.


Following the launch of the XRAY XII pan car on the Worlds stage in Bangkok Thailand, XRAY team driver Elliott Harper has been putting the car through it's paces at the BRCA Nationals and it has had some early significant impact. In the previous National round, on it's maiden race the XRAY won the Superstock class and now with only its 2nd showing in the UK, Elliott Harper piloted his new RAY XII to take FTD and win in both the Super Stock and Modified classes!


Saturday Superstock kicked off with the usual practice and the XRAY straight away was on the pace. The track was difficult an proved challenging to all and it was always going to be difficult for the competitors. The XRAY was in top form and quickly set it's mark early on in qualification with some extremely quick lap times and eventually securing FTD with the fastest lap of the day at 10.96 secs and average of 11.15 secs taking the lead by 4 secs over the 2nd place driver.


The A main was a "flag to finish" demonstration of outstanding performance. Elliott drove the car to the edge of its potential taking the win with a comfortable margin.

This win places Elliott at the top of the 2008 BRCA Super Stock Championship and with only 2 more rounds to go, the battle is on!

Sunday Modified is regarded as senior championship and has been hotly contended over the years. Again the XRAY XII performed superbly and the handling at speed took the car to an early lead and by the end of qualification the XRAY XII was again the top performing car, setting up a possible repeat of the previous days performance to take the top spot on the grid by 6 secs. Again from the start it was another, "flag to finish"

demonstration by the young XRAY driver who drove a faultless race, not only maintaining the pace but also setting the fastest individual lap time of the weekend at 10.43 secs and won by a clear margin of around 8 secs from 2nd place.

The performance helped Elliott to move up the championship table and into the top spot, setting up the challenge for the other competitors.


Elliott commented that the XRAY handling was superb throughout the weekend and both the individual laptimes and overall racetimes made the car stand out significantly. He was very pleased with the performance and balance he achieved throughout the weekend. It was clear XRAY have taken time to put together a car that handles well and has great build quality and will work out of the box, as you would expect from an XRAY!

To take both TQ and wins at both classes is a rare event and the young XRAY driver was very pleased with both the result and the superior handling of the new XRAY car.


Saturday Super Stock Final Positions

1. Elliott Harper - XRAY XII

2. Andy Griffith

3. Russell Williams


Sunday Modified Final

1. Elliott Harper - XRAY XII

2. Mark Stiles

3. Russell Williams

BRCA 12th Nats 08-09 Rd 4 Open Mod A

BRCA 12th Nats 08-09 Rd 4 Sports Mod A

BRCA 12th Nats 08-09 Rd 4 Stock A

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Round 4 12th Tamworth National

Tamworth was the venue for round 4 of the 12th National series held on the 13 & 14 of December. Once again the Mirage team had some very strong performances, especially Elliott Harper who dominated proceedings with TQ and the win on both days.


Saturday 10.5

Saturday started with the usual format of 4 rounds of qualifying and 1 final.

The track was a very technical one, which required precise driving, especially the section in the middle that ran down the tape, making it a choice of going very wide into the corner or very tight, to avoid the tape, misjudging this usually resulted in a spin and crash, so it was critical to get it right.


Qualifying started with Mark Styles topping the time sheets after round 1, but then Elliott Harper took over in round 2 and stayed there for the rest of the day. Andy Griffiths was to prove his closest rival, ending qualifying in second position, with Mick Farrell in a strong 3rd and Mark also making the A final in 6th. Elliott was running the new XRAY XII car and was proving just how competitive it is going to be straight out of the box. Andy, Mick and Mark also had some new gear in the form of the Hot Bodies 12X, and again this was proving super competitive in its first outing.


The final went the same way as qualifying with Elliott getting away at the front, and taking an easy victory, with Andy a little way back in a comfortable second. The battle for 3rd was fierce, but in the end Mick just missed out by a very small margin, to come in 4th, with Mark just behind in 5th.

Chris Smith took an easy victory in the B final, after qualifying unlucky 11th, with Jonathan Aird in second and Phil Chambers in 6th.

James Stewart won the F final by nearly 2 laps after sorting out some problems he had during qualifying.

Trevor Coult finished in second position in the G final, up from 8th on the grid, with Gareth Bevens in 10th in the same final after retiring a few laps in.

Team Mirage also took the coveted team prize for the day after some strong final performances.

Sunday Modified/ Sportsman

Once again the modified cars immediately proved to be faster around the tight track than the stock motors of the previous day, but making a clean 8 minuets run with so much speed in the car would be a real challenge.

Straight from the off Elliott looked to be the man to beat, taking the first round TQ and finishing there at the end of the day. Mark Styles took an excellent 2nd position on the grid, followed by team mate Andy Griffiths in 3rd. Ben Cosrgove put in a very strong performance to end up 5th on the grid and also setting the fastest lap of qualifying in the process. Mick had some problems in qualifying but still managed to line up in 9th for the final.


Chris Smith was once again unlucky 11th for the second day in a row.

James Stewart put in some great qualifiers to end up 2nd on the grid in the Sportsmans class.

In the final, Elliott shot off at the start and ran away with the race, putting in a totally dominant performance, and lapping everyone up to second place! Mark Styles was the only one able to stay on the same lap as Elliott, and he drove a great race to end up second, with an out of sorts Andy down in 4th and Mick and Ben in 6th and 7th respectively after a tough race.



Chris Smith once again won the B final with Phil Chambers in 7th and Jonathan Aird in 9th.

James Stewart had a terrible start to the Sportsman A final, and a broken wheel meant that his race was cut short and he ended up 10th. Gareth Bevens ended up 7th in the Sports C final and Trevor Coult was 9th in the same final.

GRP tyres had dominated both days with both the XRAY and Hot Bodies cars running them, to take the top spots in both the A finals.

The Tamworth club put on an excellent meeting once again and all the Mirage team would like to thank all involved for their effort.

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Race Report by Elliott Harper

The penultimate round of the 2008 BRCA National 12th scale Championship was held in Plymouth over the weekend 17/18 January 2009.

The Nationals follow an established format running the 10.5 Championship on the Saturday and the Open Modified Championship on the Sunday. There are 6 rounds in total with the final 6th round being held over 2 days for each of the Open Modified and 10.5 classes. Overall points are scored with best 4 rounds from 6 to count. Each Championship round follows the standard structure of one practice, four qualifiers and one final.

Saturday Superstock

This started well for Elliott Harper who ran 4 faultless qualifiers winning all four and securing FTD and pole position on the grid. Elliott driving his new Xray XII had placed himself in a strong position with 3 previous Round wins and the possibility of securing the 10.5 Championship ahead of the final Round.

In the final, Elliott again piloted his car around the track in a faultless 8 mins. to win his 4th Superstock 10.5T round and achieving maximum points.

Saturday Superstock top qualifiers

1. Elliott Harper XRAY XII

2. Andy Griffiths

3. Keith Robertson

4. Chris Kerswell

5. Russ Williams


1. Elliott Harper XRAY XII

2. Keith Robertson

3. Andy Griffiths


Sunday Open Modified

The start of the meeting again saw Elliott make good progress towards the final securing FTD and lining himself up for a potential double FTD and wins, as well as potentially securing enough points to win the National title before the final round after 2 earlier round wins and a 2nd place to count.

After a few adjustments to the car Elliott again drove faultlessly and took control of the race, piloting his XRAY XII to the second win of the weekend.

The weekend was very successful and Elliott was very pleased to have secured sufficient points in his first BRCA 12th challenge to win both the BRCA 10.5 and Open Modified championships with the new XRAY XII car!


After a few adjustments to the car Elliott again drove faultlessly and took control of the race, piloting his XRAY XII to the second win of the weekend.

The weekend was very successful and Elliott was very pleased to have secured sufficient points in his first BRCA 12th challenge to win both the BRCA 10.5 and Open Modified championships with the new XRAY XII car!

Sunday Open Mod top qualifiers

1. Elliott Harper Xray XII

2. Chris Kerswell

3. Andy Griffiths

4. Russ Williams

5. Mark Stiles


1. Elliott Harper XRAY XII

2. Mark Stiles

3. Andy Griffiths


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12th Circuit Grand Prix


The last two meetings of the 12th Circuit season are both two day events with the first being the Stock Grand Prix at the Maritime Raceway, followed by the Modified event in Chesterfield.

The Stock GP saw a debut host venue in the shape of Maritime Raceway. The turn-out was a little low due after the weather played its part, but the meeting was a big success. Maritime put on a fine show and everyone enjoyed themselves.


If you've never been to the Maritime Raceway then you're missing out!

Newly crowned National Champion Elliott Harper took TQ, but the finals were not to go his way. A couple of mechanical issues meant Andy Griffiths returned to winning ways with Chris Kerswell in second and CML/Microtech Racing driver Keith Robertson rounding out the podium, getting faster every run with his Novak powered Associated R5.

With four cars in the A final, Associated had more chassis' in the A final than any other make.


The winners of the 1/12th Circuit Stock.

The final meeting of the year was at the Chesterfield club, the traditional end of year venue. This saw two classes running side by side, Sportsman for 10.5t motors and Open where you can put in whatever you like as long and it's on the BRCA list!

After five rounds of qualifying on Saturday, the SOB run on Sunday morning changed the look of the A finals a fair bit as some drivers finally got their acts together. In the Sportsmans class it was an Associated R5 on pole courtesy of Mark Burgess after a dominant display in qualifying, ahead of new Champ Jim Spencer. The Open class saw Andy Moore show his pedigree to TQ ahead of Elliott Harper and Andy Griffiths with Keith Robertson not far behind with his R5.


The track at Chesterfield and Keith's Associated RC12R5

Fitted with Jaco Pink rear tyres and Jaco Magenta fronts on his car, Keith found them to his liking with his car feeling sharp on a track that has previously been known for inducing understeer.

Mark had some close racing in his finals, coming away with the overall win after a leg win and second place in the other two. This was enough for second in the Championship too - Well done!

The Open finals were fast and furious at the front with Keith managing a 6th, 4th and 3rd for fourth place overall in a very strong field as Andy Moore took the win from Elliott and Andy Griffiths.

After a slow start to the season the R5's have come on stronger and stronger, peppering the field in every A final throughout the season. Along with the International success achieved it has proven to one of the best packages around for both club and National level.

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