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Mugen MBX6! First Pics of production kit!!!!

While at the Pro-Line release for their new "wide tires" Scott Hughes showed off his brand new, fresh off the boat MBX6 he was prepping for the World's. Scott made it a late night to get it close to ready for a Saturday Series Finale, and you can see he's got a few more hours to go, but it will be on the track tomorrow.

The new buggy isn't a radical departure (is it us, or are we expecting 'wacky' designs from people now) but an evolution of design. It's got all new spiral cut gears (less noise), a slightly narrow chassis and side guards, revised weight distribution (more aggressive handling...aka steering) and large body shocks. On paper it's ready for competition, and the largest one is just weeks away. Scott almost made it happen 2 years ago and we're all anxious to see what happens at the race. Lots of new buggies will be making their first debut on a major track...

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