Serpent S240

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Serpent S240

Serpent’s new S240 is a 1/24th scale electric powered 2wd pan car chassis. Featuring a rear ball differential and centrally mounted shock absorber, the car is supplied with motor, clear LMP bodyshell and tires. High quality carbon fibre and orange anodised CNC machined aluminium used throughout.


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Serpent goes micro

S240 in GT style

Small, indoor race-tracks around the world, demand for a perfect handling micro-size racing car. So that’s what we made. Stop playing, start racing

Serpent joined forces with experienced micro-racers and created the Serpent S240. A 1/24 scale 2wd pan-car. Simple, but proven and strong design. No complicated suspension designs or set-ups.

A pure fun racing chassis, for sheer endless amounts of track-time.

- top quality carbon fibre chassis components with flex-control

- cnc machined aluminium parts

- smooth ball-diff

- high speed bearings, metric hq screws

- designed for Lipo packs for over 15 minutes runtime

- electric brushed motor

- High grip foam racing tyres

- Low profile, GT style body

( Lipo 700 packs sold seperate and micro-servo too)

A few pictures to showcase the S240, more details in stage 2.

Release end January 2009.



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