Accumulateurs LiPo avec boitiers

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Les moteurs et vario tiendront ils ne serait ce que 10' avec de tel accu ???

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Vampier Racing 6200mAh 60C LiPo

Based on our popular 40C LiPo series we have developed a new 60C cell for consistent, start to finish ballistic performance. We also upped the capacity to 6200mAh so you don't go thirsty in those long mains. Look out for the new Vampire Racing 6200mAh 60C Stick LiPo battery packs at a discerning dealer near you!


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Les moteurs et vario tiendront ils ne serait ce que 10' avec de tel accu ???

il suffira d'avoir le rapport et la conduite adaptée, et pas de problème...

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Calandra Racing Concepts Unleashes Demonic Lipo Horsepower

Calandra Racing Concepts (CRC) has been very busy in the Lipo lab brewing up some incredibly powerful lipo battery packs for 2011. Our batteries are special built to our high standards of performance and durability. We mold our own cases, layup the lithium polymer chemical and assemble the cells to produce race winning packs that out perform all others, on the track and on the test machines. Unlike the many sticker manufactures that simply re-label some off the shelf Lipo cell, we make performance batteries, not just decals. With podiums and wins at the Worlds, Vegas, Cleveland and the Snowbirds, the CRC line of Lipo cells have already proven themselves in competition.

#3702 - 6300/50 - 3.7 volt 1s pack

CRC releases 2 new cells that will rock the indoor racing market. First up is the runtime leader, the 3702 Maxxcell 6300 mah pack featuring a 50C current rating. Massive runtime and great voltage for both stock and modified racing applications.


#3702 - The runtime master, the CRC Maxxcell 6300 mah 50C

The 6300/50 features "best in class" runtime with great power. With so much capacity, stock racers run on the "top charge" for the entire race, never draining down into the bottom half of the capacity. For modified use, the monster 6300 pack oozes power and runtime. No matter how hot the motor is, the Maxxcell 6300 says "bring it" to the most hungry motors used in 1:12th and oval modified conditions. ROAR and EFRA legal for 2011.

#3701 - Rocket Fuel - 3.7 volt 1s pack

For the ultimate in voltage and low internal resistance, check out the new "Rocket Fuel" cell from CRC. the 3701 Maxxcell 5600 mah 65C delivers gobs of voltage and power with little internal resistance transforming your race car into a radio controlled rocket. The Rocket Fuel cell carries 4 volts deep into the race, providing high voltage longer, keeping you out in front.


#3701 - Rocket Fuel, the name says it all. Strap in and hang on!

Perfect for oval and road racing with spec motors that need all the voltage they can get, great for 21.5, 17.5 and 13.5. Approved for ROAR in 2011. All CRC 1s packs use 4 mm bullet connectors and meet ROAR, IFMAR and EFRA rules.

New 2s (2 cell) 7.4 volt Lipo cells from CRC.

Back in September we showed sneak peaks of our new 2s lipo cells. Now, these cells are available and even better than what we expected. First up is the "Rocket Fuel" pack of the 2s world. The new 5600 mah 65C Maxxcell 2s pack features incredible runtime, voltage and super low internal resistance.


#3710 - The Rocket Fuel of 2s racing. CRC's new 5600/65!

This new cell dwarfs the competition in average discharge voltage and super low internal resistance. That combination is the key to making big horsepower in your touring car, short course truck or offroad buggy, any model that accepts the standard "ROAR" inline brick pack. The #3710 5600/65 is ROAR legal for 2011 and features 4 mm bullet connectors.

For bigger runtime, check out the new 6100 mah Maxxcell 2s lipo pack from CRC. The 6100 features a strong 55C off current delivery and more runtime.


#3716 - Low price, great runtime and power, with a Deans connector!

With great voltage and runtime and a great LOW PRICE, the 6100/55 is a super choice for not only stock and modified racing, but as a high-performance sport pack with a great low price. The #3716 is ROAR legal and features a Deans connector on 12 gauge leads.

#3716 Maxxcell 2s 7.4 volt 6100/55C pack

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Lipo 7,4V 6000mAh CS-Factory Professional 70C, Hardcase -EFRA LEGAL 2011



Lipo 7,4V 5400mAh CS-Factory Professional 50C, Hardcase -EFRA LEGAL 2011



Lipo 7,4V 5200mAh CS-Factory Professional 50C,Saddle Pack Hardcase -EFRA LEGAL 2011



Lipo 7,4V 4000mAh CS-Factory Professional 40C, Hardcase -EFRA LEGAL 2011



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Reedy is proud to announce the arrival of 60C competition LiPo batteries for the 2011 racing season. Competition tested and proven by top drivers Juho Levanen, Keven Hébert, Rick Hohwart, and Christer Andersson, these all-new batteries feature high capacity for maximum duration and dimensions that fall within the specs required by international sanctioning bodies (approvals in process).

Each battery features Reedy’s molded hard case and industry-standard 4mm socket connectors to minimize resistance and increase power. A pair of connectors is included with each battery.

Reedy once again delivers world-class performance and reliability to racers worldwide.



Model Number: 627

Capacity (mAh): 5200

Voltage: 7.4 (2S)

Max. Charging Current (A): 10.4

Max. Cont. Discharging Current: 60C (312A)

Burst Discharging Current: 80C (416A)

Dimensions (mm): 69.5x47x25.1 (x2)

Weight (g): 298

Connector: 4mm sockets



Model Number: 628

Capacity (mAh): 5500

Voltage: 7.4 (2S)

Max. Charging Current (A): 11.0

Max. Cont. Discharging Current: 60C (330A)

Burst Discharging Current: 80C (440A)

Dimensions (mm): 139x47x25.1

Weight (g): 307

Connector: 4mm socket

LiPo Manual, Safety Instructions, and Warnings

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Team CRC's Maxxcell LiPo batteries have been enjoying huge success in the racing scene for the past couple of seasons. With big wins in both on-road and off-road events, the Maxxcell line has proven that they are top caliber performers. Unfortunately for the hobbyist, backyard basher, or casual club racer; those couple extra hundredths of a volt, few extra seconds of runtime, and slightly lower IR numbers can really increase the cost of the battery packs. For those enthusiasts that have really been wanting to try out CRC batteries, but couldn't justify shelling out the coin for top level "Factory Team" racing packs, Team CRC's new Speedsport line of LiPo batteries are just the answer you've been looking for.

Team CRC's Speedsport line of LiPo batteries offer great battery packs at an even better price. These batteries pack a huge punch for your vehicle, NOT your wallet. Their performance is already being proven as they have won a weekly club race at CRC Raceway in the 13.5 2wd SCT class; and they have survived some serious bashing from one of our favorite "back-flipping" local drivers.

Ask your local retailer about Team CRC Speedsport batteries today, and start enjoying top level performance at an entry level price!

Currently available in the 3 variations shown below, but more will be added to the line-up soon! Including 2s and 3s packs for mini's, as well as a 96mm 2s pack for 10th scale vehicles with smaller battery compartments, or just for anybody looking to shed a little weight from their vehicle.

Speedsport 5300mah / 40c / 2s-7.4v Bullet Connector w/ Deans Adapter included

Part number - 3730


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Competition Battery with 50C LiPo Racing Pack

Newest Generation with extra low resistance to keep higher voltage for the complete run!

The LiPo is secure packed into a hardcase. "T" Connector for lowest contact resistance. Balacer Type: XH

Voltage: 7,4V

Capacity 6000mAh

Max. Current 50C (300A)

Measurement 139x47x25,1

Weight 313g

Itemnumber: R05227


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les reedy sont pour moi les meilleurs...pas de gonflements et ça va tres bien

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Et ils ont la classe.

Moi tres content de mes lrp 5600, je compte meme plus les charges.

Par contre il n y a vraiment que lrp qui continue dans les coques à bosselage ?

C'est tellement pratique pour caler l'accus dans le chassis

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Reedy 6500mAh 65C 7.4V LiPo

Fancy descriptions and buzz words are not required when describing Reedy's 6500mAh 65C competition 7.4V LiPo battery. The specifications speak for themselves. Your Turbo35 is not lying.

High capacity for maximum duration65C discharge rating for maximum power output

Durable hard case

Industry-standard 4mm socket connectors

Designed for 1:10 on-road and off-road vehicles

Competition proven

R.O.A.R./E.F.R.A./I.F.M.A.R. approved


Capacity: 6500mAh

Voltage: 7.4V (2S)

Dimensions (mm): 139 x 47 x 24.8

Max. Charge Current: 13.0 (2C)

Discharge: 65C cont., 120C burst

Weight (g): 309

#601 Reedy LiPo 6500mAh 7.4V 65C

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