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The Team Losi 8IGHT continues to amaze the world of 1/8th off road with its on-track performance, recently winning the world renowned Neo Buggy race by almost three laps! Clearly a very fast car straight from the box, but that doesn’t stop us racers wanting to tinker and upgrade every now and then does it?

New in from the factory are these latest option parts, as used by Adam Drake and the rest of the team. First we have the precision-machined billet aluminium chassis braces for the front and rear of the car. These are a direct replacement for the standard kit items and are perfect for those racers wishing to add a hi-tech look or additional rigidity to their 8IGHT buggy. Each brace is machined from premium aircraft alloy with additional lightening where possible and feature a laser engraved hard-anodised finish.

Another area that the team have concentrated on is the rear gearbox bearing inserts. These have been machined from the same billet aluminium and finished to the same high standard. These alloy bearing spacers that the diff mounting is as rigid as possible, holding the internal mesh totally rigid under power and ensuring that the bearings cannot be trapped when building the transmission.

“... (A4430)

These alloy bearing spacers that the diff mounting is as rigid as possible, holding the internal mesh totally rigid under power!...”

To make sure that those all important wheel nuts are fully tightened there is the robust Team Losi machined 17mm nut wrench. As well as the 8IGHT it will also fit the LST2, Muggy as well as the vast majority of popular 1/8th models on the market. Glossy black anodised finish with laser etched Team Losi logo, the handle is shaped to sit comfortably in the hand and allows for maximum purchase on the wheel nut.

“... (AB4604) The handle is shaped to sit comfortably in the hand and allows for maximum purchase on the wheel nut!...”

Also released this month is a replacement wing for the 8IGHT moulded in tough white plastic. A two stage wing with vertical fins for extra stability it is a direct replacement for the kit item………….. I guess black isn’t to everybody’s taste!


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Just have a look to the nice review of our partner

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LOSA99061-250.jpg8ight/8T Starter Box(LOSA99061)

* Perfectly designed to work with the 8IGHT and 8IGHT-T right out of the box

* Dual high-torque motors provide plenty of power for starting high-compression big block engines

* Built-in fan blades keep the motors cool for longer life

* Durable case design stands up to tons of use, race after race

* Can be powered by standard 6-cell packs or a 12-volt gel cell battery (not included)

The Team Losi Racing 8IGHT Starter Box was engineered and designed by Losi engineers to be the perfect starting tool for the 8IGHT and 8IGHT-T platform allowing the owner of both vehicles a single starter box to make one purchase. Unlike a conventional starter, the 8IGHT Starter Box has no positioning pegs, which means no measuring or major assembly required like on most other starter box on the market today. It will fit the 8IGHT and 8IGHT-T without the confusion of getting the box set-up and ready to use. With multiple powering options and industry standard construction this starter box will be the only box you will ever need for your 8IGHT.

In less than 10 seconds you can transform the starter box to work on either the 8IGHT Competition Buggy or the 8IGHT-T Truggy Race roller. Simply push a button on the front chassis brace location and it will telescope out and then rotate the rear swivel pegs to make the chassis platform long and it will accommodate the 8IGHT-T Truggy Race Roller chassis. Now perform the opposite steps and the starter box will fit the 8IGHT Competition Buggy.

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Carbon Fiber arm guards for the 8ight T. These lightweight,flexible guards easily mount to the rear arms to keep the shocks,arms and outdrives from collecting dirt and mud.


The guards have three pre-drilled holes.Use the screw that holds the swaybar to the arm in the guards middle hole...add a washer first. Drill two holes(undersize of a short 2-56 or 2mm socket head screw) not included and fasten the guards to the arm.

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Race day and everything was ready to test out the Losi 8ight T and see what it could do. Preparing the truggy to get out onto the Novarossi Raceway astro turf surface race track, I noticed that the front end was locked up rather bemused by this, as the day before there were no problems at all when I started the truggy up on the starter box.



By our partner Pirate rc

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After winning many industry awards and race titles including the 2007 RC Car Action Magazine Car of the Year and the Readers Choice Car of the year and the 2007 ROAR National Championships, Team Losi Racing now offer the same great winning vehicle only in a Race Roller version. All of same innovative features and specs that make the 8IGHT Competition Buggy a winner carry over to the 8IGHT Race Roller except factory assembled and ready to go. Team Losi Racing introduced the Race Roller with the 8IGHT-T Truggy that combined cutting-edge vehicle design with precise, at-the-factory assembly; Race Rollers are dialed right out of the box.

The 8IGHT Race Roller is a competition buggy chassis that has been hand assembled and tuned to exacting specifications. Each and every screw is installed to specific torque settings to maintain consistent construction. Additionally, every screw or bolt that secures metal-to-metal contact features thread lock to prevent backing out or loosening due to vibration. The clutch assembly is also completely assembled and ready to install on the engine of your choosing (engine not included), and the differentials and shocks are pre-built and filled with 100% pure silicone fluid. Once assembled, the 8IGHT Race Roller is given a complete inspection to ensure that it meets Team Losi Racing’s requirements for durability and performance. You can be sure that your 8IGHT Race Roller is ready for serious competition as soon as you open the box.

Key Features

* Factory-assembled, Race Roller format

* Truggy-inspired XBT tire tread design

* Body graphics for at-home professional looking paint jobs

* "Natural" tuning guide for the novice to the expert

* Unique narrow chassis configuration for quicker handling and ground clearance

* Innovative drivetrain layout with centrally mounted engine

* Oversized shocks with threaded hard anodized shock bodies

* Centrally located dual stage air cleaner

* 4mm thick machined and hard anodized aluminum chassis plate

* Removable one-piece radio tray with separate boxes for the receiver and battery

* Two battery box tops for different size receiver packs

* Staggered brake disk sizes for better brake balance and feel

* Sealed front and rear differential housings keep dirt out of the gears

* Zero bump steer design with adjustable Ackerman

* Captured hinge pins require no retaining clips

* Machined premium aluminum 5mm thick alloy shock towers

* Four shoe easily tuned clutch with oversized inner bearing


Type: Competition Buggy Race Roller

Scale: 1/8

Length: 19.5 in (495mm)

Width: 12.13 in (308mm)

Wheelbase: 12.64-12.80 in (321-325mm)

Chassis: 4mm hard-anodized T-6 aluminum

Suspension: H-Arm, fully independent

Drive Train: Offset drive with 3 selaed differentials

Tire Type: XTB Buggy Tires

Motor or Engine: Not included (.21, rear exhaust required)

Kit/RTR: Race Roller

Shock Type: Oversized hard-anodized, threaded bodies/ 4mm shafts

Body: Clear with graphic decals

Ball Bearings: Complete

Fuel Tank Capacity: Adjustable

Needed to Complete

21 Buggy Engine

Tuned Exhaust System

2 channel radio system w/high torque servos

Paint for polycarbonate bodies

Starter box

Assembly/maintenance tools














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Off-Road Master Yannick Aigoin Joins Losi Racing Team and Spektrum

Losi is proud to announce the newest member of the Losi Racing Team, Yannick Aigoin. Yannick has been a major force in the European 1/8-scale off-road arena and has been a player at the IFMAR 1/8-Scale Off-Road World Championships for years. As of October 1st, 2007, Yannick will be using Team Losi Racing’s 8IGHT and 8IGHT-T race vehicles, tools and accessories in all competitions. To control his new rides, Yannick has turned to Spektrum for the ultimate in control, safety and reliability. Some of Yannick’s career highlights include:

2004 IFMAR 1/8-Scale Off-Road World Championships Top Qualifier

2005 European Championships Top Qualifier

2005 and 2006 Pierrefeu GP 1st Place

2005 and 2006 French National Champion

2006 IFMAR 1/8-Scale Off-Road World Championships 2nd Qualifier; Final Position- 6th

2006 European Championships Top Qualifier and Champion

Yannick Aigoin’s experience and expertise make him an ideal fit with Losi and Spektrum. From everyone at Losi and Spektrum we’d like to extend a warm welcome to Yannick Aigoin and wish him the best of luck at the up-coming IFMAR Worlds Warm-Up, the 2008 1/8-Scale IFMAR World Championships and beyond.

source: rccar

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je sais pas si il va continuer a rouler en France mais je pense que oui afin d etre qualifié pour le world en 2008 à CHARLOTTE affaire à suivre

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Team Losi have announced the upcoming release of these Arm Guards for use on the company’s 1/8th scale 8ight and 8ight-T. Mounted to the rear wishbones through use of screw and the the rear lower upright pivot pin, these polycarbonate guards protect your rear drive shafts, shocks and other moving parts in that area, from mud splashes and dry debris picked up during racing. Super lightweight they are sold in a set of 2 and will be available later this month.

Source: Horizon Hobby

By our partner RedRC

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Nicht mehr warten sollten Sie, wenn Ihr Team Losi 8eight Nitro Buggy im Maßstab 1:8 eine neue wunderschöne und detailierte Lexankarosserie benötigt. Denn dann finden Sie hier nun das versprochene Design mit vielen raffinierten Detaillösungen, was man woanders vergeblich sucht. Lassen Sie sich von seiner überzeugenden Aerodynamik mit intregiertem Heckdiffusor sowie eigenständiger Frontnase mitreißen. Die bekannten Ausfräsungen für den Tank, Antenne, Kühlkopf sowie fertig geschnittener Außenkontur sind selbstverständlich wieder vorhanden. Gute Qualität steht wie gewohnt an erster Stelle und nun auch endlich verfügbar!

Lassen Sie sich beeindrucken und schauen Sie sich diese Detaillösungen jetzt mal live an: Auf der zweiten Seite, schon jetzt bringen wir Ihre Ideen in Form.



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Pour l'avoir en ma possession , je vous atteste que cette version est top

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Moi j'ai craqué...ça sera mon premier achat de l'année !!! ;)

Bonne année à tous !!!

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Salut à tous

Je lance une bouteille à la mer a tout ceux qui ont converti leur 8ight en Brushless avec le kit Losi. J'ai un vrai souci avec le pignon moteur:

1- la BTR qui tient le pignon au moteur ne tiens pas même avec 3t de Threadlock.

2- La BTR est trop longue et fini par frotter sur le support moteur.

Avez vous résolu ces problèmes?

Merci de vos réponses

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salut, je fait mon come back après dix ans d'arret et 4 titres de champion de belgique et un europe en poche .

je viens d'acheter un losi 8ight 2.0 premier tour de piste la voiture se retourne gentiment dans un virage et hop cellule avant cassée au niveau du support amorto et support amorto casser net en deux ???? j' ai meme pas pris un choc avec la voiture et meme pas eux le tps de peindre la carrosserie :-) on me disait le losi incassable mais la ... alors juste pas de bol ou petit problème sur cette voiture ?

qui peux m'aider en plus les pièces sont pas de stock nulle part grrr

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The new Losi 8ight 2.0 EU is the result of many months of collaboration and development between the Losi engineers in California and the all-conquering Losi European Race Team.

Improving upon a car that took the Top Qualifying slot in it’s inaugural World Championship event is no easy task but the 8ight 2.0 EU achieves it by maintaining much of the proven race-winning design of the original 8ight 2.0 and adapting some of its features to make it more focused on the needs of the European racer and the specific nuances of the European race tracks.

European tracks are often characterized by having longer straights than their American counterparts and are sometimes, considerably bumpier and prone to carving throughout the day. The turns are also longer and more sweeping, often accompanied by very rapid direction change chicanes and the tracks tend to be more naturally undulating and be multi-surfaced – all of which place different, specific demands on the design of a race-car.

Longer straights and longer turns need different ratios to prevent the engine from over-revving and topping-out so the stock 13/48T gearing from the 8ight 2.0 has been swapped out in favour of a higher 13/46T ratio. A small change maybe but one that can be immediately felt if it’s not right once out on the track.

Higher Ratios and longer straights result in the car travelling much faster and so the Losi European Team worked carefully to tune some aspects of the 8ight 2.0’s suspension geometry so that it would feel totally planted and stable at these higher speeds. Increasing the front caster angle enables the 8ight 2.0 EU to maintain a tighter cornering line as you power out of the longer turns and aids straight line stability and even the bodyshell has been re-designed to now include a vertical fin that helps stabilize the car whilst at high speed or in flight.

Revised front and rear towers offer more tuning options than before, allowing the user to lay the shocks over further to improve high speed consistency into the turns and increasing mid corner traction. The rear tower also features revised camber link locations that are designed to make the 8ight 2.0 EU feel more consistent as the tracks carve and become rutted during the race meeting. The shock absorbers now feature vented caps that make them easier to fill and more consistent and they also have internal rebound compensators to help improve their big-hit performance without detrimentally affecting their small-bump suppleness.

1:8 off-road buggies have to be designed to take the punishment that hour-long final and countless bump-ups can dish out. The 8ight 2.0 EU builds even further on the awesome reputation of the Losi brand and features subtle details that only a racer would appreciate – such as the reverse threaded lower damper screws, designed to prevent the lower mount from loosening off during a race. The front spindles and carriers are now made from aluminium so that they can take the constant pounding and abuse of the bumps, jump landings and even the odd driver induced mistake.

The detail changes don’t stop there. The 8ight 2.0 EU kit includes new lower hinge pin pivots that now feature inserts to give adjustability to the toe angle, squat and pin height – giving you, the racer, even more ability to fine tune your car to the track conditions as they change throughout the meeting without the need to buy or carry a range of optional plates.

Once of the most immediately noticeable changes from the 8ight 2.0 though is when you first pick up the box and realize that it’s no longer pre-assembled. Feedback from the Losi racers, dealers and distributors have all confirmed that in Europe, Racers want to build up their race cars – filling the shocks with their choice of fluids, using their choice of threadlock and fitting their choice of wheels and tyres and so, the 8ight 2.0 EU is only available as a kit – just the way you like it. Even an Imperial sized hex-driver set is included in the 8ight 2.0 EU kit and an EFRA race-ready fuel tank.

Pics courtesy of Oople

New Losi 1:8 8IGHT 2.0 EU















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QUOI ?? Une marque américaine qui se rend compte qu'il y a un marché potentiel hors de chez eux ? Bon, ils n'ont pas poussé les vice jusqu'à faire une voiture métrique, faut pas déconner. Dans 5 ou 6 ans, peut être.

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max est un conquérent c'est pour ça-buveurs--buveurs--buveurs-

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We contacted Losi to see why they produced the 8IGHT 2.0 EU specifically for the European market. Since Adam Drake is involved with everything nitro and racing at Losi he was a good source to find out more about the EU. Here are five quick questions with The Drake.

RCCA: What prompted doing a buggy specifically for the European market?

AD: Obviously our car is very popular here in the U.S. The tracks in Europe are high-speed and we’ve expanded our team in Europe. We’ve been getting feedback from our drivers over there about what they wanted in our car. We just felt there was a need for a buggy specifically for that market and the tracks in Europe. Mike Truhe and myself went over there and raced and while doing so we learned a lot. From what we learned and from the feedback we received from our racers, we felt there was need to put a package together for them.

RCCA: The EU is set-up for high-speed tracks with lots of bite, would it work on any large tracks here in the U.S.?

AD: Yeah I think so. I think that the current car that we have will be better suited for the majority of the tracks here. There may be a few tracks similar to the ones in Europe where the EU might be better. It’s gonna be cool to see if some guys in the U.S. order the car from Europe and will try them out here. I think the EU is better suited for the European tracks and the current car is better for tracks here.

RCCA: Will the EU parts be available in the U.S. for racers to try out?

AD: Only a few selected parts. The front spindles and caster blocks, vented shock caps, and foam compensators will be sold in the U.S. The actual black pivots, chassis, body, and all the other black-anodized parts will only be available in Europe.

RCCA: Do you run any of the EU parts on your cars when the track surface warrants them?

AD: When I am in Europe I run a complete EU car. I do run the inclined spindles and caster blocks on my car here in the U.S. From testing we felt the inclined spindles, caster blocks, vented shock caps and foam compensators will work very good here too.

RCCA: Was the EU developed here in the States or did you have your European drivers work on the car and create a wish list for this buggy?

AD: The main wish list came from European drivers and distributors. We did some testing here in the U.S., but our main testing was done over in Europe by our team of racers and distributors.

Features of the 8IGHT 2.0 EU

The 8IGHT 2.0 EU Buggy Kit features the following optimized features:

* Aluminum king pin spindles and carriers that feature 5 degrees of inclination and 12 degrees of caster for improved steering control

* Front and rear shock towers that feature additional laid down shock locations to improve vehicle handling by smoothing out vehicle response on high speed tracks

* 15mm Vented shock caps and foam bladder compensators for increased rebounding ability to the shocks and improved pressurization during temperature fluctuations

* Adjustable front and rear hinge pin braces offer multiple tuning options with sixteen adjustment cams on the rear brace for quick and easy adjustments

* A redesigned 8IGHT 2.0 European-style body creates more down force on high speed European tracks

* Eight differently sized metal servo inserts are included for steering and throttle to eliminate servo horn issues

* Visit for information on additional optimized features of the 8IGHT 2.0 EU Buggy Kit

* This vehicle will only be available for purchase in Europe, UK, South Africa and Australia; this vehicle will not be sold in North America

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LIVE BUILD - Losi 8IGHT 2.0 EU - Updated 5.29pm

Hello, good morning and welcome to our live build of the Losi 2.0 EU edition. This buggy has seen great success since its launch seeing success in Europe and the UK at BRCA Nationals thanks to drivers like Darren Bloomfield.

Firstly, heres a few shots of what you get for your hard earned money, the short answer being a lot! The 2.0 EU is one of the most concise and well thought out 1:8 buggy kits out there.


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