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Translation: Google

To adopt the new oil shock "cap shock (Type Piece)" But when you use a little attention is required.

As spare parts have already been introduced in parts alone, so (the shock set shipping please wait a little longer...) Obtained by you and you think, this is a shock to cap oil for deep-hole open and easy without the oil shock, it certainly can be seen.


The factory is in a state of the oil for deep-penetration to the hole.


Because the oil for deep-hole 2mm in order to use the hole in the PINBAISU which must penetrate.


GURIGURI several times and I do not easily penetrate the hole.


Now that the oil drain hole is available for easy and can be performed without oil.

"Why is from the first through the hole or not?" I think. Normally.

Performance-wise, it is a hole without oil shock is not open to cap pressure omissions Teru Yasushi state is less stable because the shock of those accustomed組み方and time also depends on if you want to emphasize performance to be able to respond to that.

Hole cap oil shock without the presence of the difference in the feeling of sensible driving can try out whether or not it may also fun.

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Cyclone D4 Large Front Bumper / Low Wing Mount Set


Hop up your Cyclone D4 with this exciting new part. Give yourself new tuning and handling options also.

Cyclone D4 Option Parts Included in the Cyclone D4 World Championship Edition Kit.

Cyclone D4 Aluminum Rear Hub Carrier (0 Degree/Purple)


Hop up your Cyclone D4 with this exciting new part. Give yourself new tuning and handling options also. This new 0 Degree Aluminum Rear Hub Carrier has been designed and tested by our world championship winning team of designers and drivers to bring your Cyclone D4 that extra edge you need at your local track.

Cyclone D4 Adjustable Slipper Clutch Set


Hop up your Cyclone D4 with this exciting new part. Give yourself new tuning and handling options also. This new Adjustable Slipper Clutch Set comes with everything you need to install this it into your Cyclone D4. This new setup allows you to make changes to either the front or rear slipper characteristics of your car without removing it from the car!



61572 - CENTER SHAFT 4.8x44mm


61578 - CENTER DRIVE SHAFT 5x86.5mm

Cyclone D4 Option Parts Included in the Cyclone D4 World Championship Edition Kit.

Cyclone D4 Front Sway Bar Complete Set


Hop up your Cyclone D4 with this exciting new part. Give yourself new tuning and handling options also. This new Front Sway Bar Complete Set comes with everything needed to install a sway bar on the front of your Cyclone D4. You can also install the 1mm sway bar on the rear of your Cyclone D4 for extra tuning options!

#61581 - Cyclone D4 Solid Ball Studs 4.3x10.3mm

#61582 - Cyclone D4 Solid Ball Studs 4.3x13mm



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Cyclone D4 World Championship Edition


New Cyclone D4 WCE with Several Improvements!

The Cyclone D4 was the surprise hit of 2007. When it was first announced, racers were unsure what to expect, however with the success of the Cyclone Touring Car, they knew the Cyclone D4 would be something special! At major off-road races around the world, it enjoyed great success and a swarm of spectators wherever it went, as racers were eager to see what this new electric 4WD buggy could do.

At the 2007 IFMAR Off-Road Worlds, several option parts were used by the HB team drivers, including the drivers who made it into the A Final - the fastest electric 4WD buggy drivers in the world! The wide range of options throughout the car each had incremental updates and modifications that made the Cyclone D4 easier to drive and faster on the demanding Japanese off-road circuit.

We are proud to announce the Cyclone D4 World Championship Edition Kit, which includes the base Cyclone D4 kit with all the options used by the team in Japan:

* New Main Chassis - optimized weight balance

* New Front & Rear Shock Towers - tougher and more crash-resistant

* New Front & Rear Shocks - more consistent and easier to build

* New Slipper Clutch design - easy to externally adjust slipper tightness

* New Front Arms for extra strength

* New Lower Wing Mounts for extra top speed

New Front End Parts

The front end of the Cyclone D4 WCE has been heavily strengthened for use by top racers in the roughest of conditions. Extra material has been added to the front arms to withstand crashes, bad traffic and rough landings. The bumper is wider for extra protection of the hinge pins, and both front and rear shock towers have been modified with more material around the mounting screws to make them stronger in flips and crashes.


New Slipper Clutch Design

The original slipper clutch design has been heavily modified to allow external adjustment of the slipper action without having to remove the slipper clutch from the chassis. Simply access the clutch through the upper deck and you're off!


New Shock Absorbers

All four shocks are new also, with modifications made for easier oil bleeding for extra smoothness, longevity and less maintenance. Bleeding screws make rebuilds fast, everything is hard-anodized for extra strength.



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Translation: Babelfish


It tries picking up the setting point of マツハヤサイクロン D4.

In all Japan of last year it was front one way, but this time diff. installing. Full-time they are four running specifications.


Difference in level amount of the front upper arm mount clamp face is shaved, upper rod position is lowered. It reaches the point where camber angle changes more largely vis-a-vis the stroke of the suspension.


Also the rear through the spacer to ball installation of the hub with the same aim, angle is attached. Furthermore the upper arm mount for the front is used, the upper arm is made short.

Being put foreward the standard item for the rear.

In addition 2 time toe angles and rear hub 1 time of suspension block with HAYATO replica of the limited car which this time is announced became standard specification.

Well these Hayato sets, really from all Japan same straw raincoat ones. It transfigures in the movement where the maneuverability which he likes is high. Roll change considerably expert where positively gathering and response looking back characteristic improve like it becomes seasoning.

In addition now also the setting seat in the conference is with UP schedule in the next few days.


Aiming for the aerodynamic effect, it put the spacer to the wing mount and was shifted in the rear.


The wing has used properly 2 types of standard item. This time 160mm straight type choice.


As for this Utuki D4. 0.8mm front stubby of trial manufacture testing and installing.

When you attach stubby on the front, basically it becomes under, but to obtain steering wheel feeling which is stabilized roundly, very effective. With the off where little line mistake is easy to become the fatal wound, connect to the result time improvement it is れ る effective setting technique.

With with the notion that where you say it is with 0.8mm and the sale schedule where already steering is easy to be effective a little from 1mm of current option.


The ガリ っ is the diff. メンテ is done reluctant the figure.

Trouble and others the ず, early early disposal extends part life.


The grease of high viscosity was painted in the joint section. As wear is prevented, you say that also sound becomes quiet.

As for having used by the way with the photograph the grease which is included in cyclone spool set. Because in the single item it is not sold, as for the person who does not do touring suitableness of marketing mono trying trying, the ちょ.


Option (as for WCE standard) adjustable slipper - clutch continuing resolution. The spur is locked and the wrench inserting just is turned in the nut hole.

Without removing unit, it is delightful to reach the point where you can adjust.


The slipper effectiveness is verified.

4 wheels are held down with the both hands two arms elbow and the place where the spur is turned.

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Beef up your Cyclone D4 with these tough aluminium hub carriers. Stay strong on the track as you fend off the other racers and their cars, and get to the finish line!

#HB61511 Aluminium Rear Hub Carrier (0 degrees/Purple)

#HB61547 Aluminium Front Hub Carrier (13 degrees/Purple)





Option rear hub carriers for the Cyclone D4 allow you to subtely alter the suspension characteristics for the car, giving you extra opportunities to adjust the car's behaviour for varying track conditions and driving styles. Two options are available to extend the adjustability of the stock hub carriers: 0.5 degrees and 1 degree.

The purple anodized aluminium hub carriers are extremely strong to withstand the rigours of off-road racing, plus they feature the stock upright camber link locations and set screw mounting of the outer suspension hinge pin.

#61512 ALUMINIUM REAR HUB CARRIER (0.5 Degrees/Purple)

#61513 ALUMINIUM REAR HUB CARRIER (1 Degrees/Purple)


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The car is completely assembled with Panther tyres and a replica painted bodyshell and wing.

Only 20 pieces

Hayato Matsuzaki:

Current 2wd World Champion

4wd Japanese National Vice Champion


KO Propo EX-10 Helios C2 transmitter

PDS-2413ICS steering servo

VFS-1 Pro C3 2008 speed controller

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N'empêche que c'est superbe!

Et quelle classe!

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la vache.

meme la carro est peinte à l aéro.

ça c est pas du rtr de p....

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Translation Babelfish

HAYATO D4 カクタスクラッシック specification

Today D4 which the Matsuzaki player uses with カクタスクラッシック is introduced.

SRS where カクタスクラッシック is held (Scottsdale R/C Speedway) the road surface is very hard, quite it seems like the concrete. The burden which falls on the machine is very large, the reverse side of the chassis directly becomes the rag rag.


Especially jump it finishes to step on the chassis last edge, the time the road surface interfering, it is scraped-off.


Setting around the front is the same as usual HAYATO set.


From kit standard, the single step lay down the shock, 1mm shaving the installation position of the upper arm mount, it lowers, the caster 13 degrees (the aluminum hub) those where it has modified are the big point.

Surroundings the rear are different from usual HAYATO set a little.


The rear toe with the suspension mount 2 times, 3 times of total is of 1 time always with the rear hub sort.

It is the point where using the upper arm at length of kit standard differs from usual HAYATO set.

When the upper arm the rear is made short, being to be good, it does, looking back characteristic, but because there are times when traction comes out this time the upper arm of length of kit standard was used.

You inserted the color of 2.5mm under the ball stud of rear hub side, camber change set to large texture.

As a heat measure, the fan for motor cooling was installed.


Weight 15g is placed before the fan.

As for this sky when jumping being, is in order to adjust attitude. When the fan is not attached, the weight of 20g is placed.

Being aerial by the fact that weight is placed before the motor, you make the condition lighten where the left side goes down.

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Adaptation of the Cyclone TC sway bar


Parts required: #67118 stabilizer holder


Instructions are the same as the Cyclone TC


Make sure you get some clearance in the suspension upper position


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Use these wheel hubs to fit Losi 4WD front wheels to the Cyclone D4, allowing you to re-use tyre and wheel sets you may already have to make...


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This time fixed method of the battery which recently I use is introduced.

Usually, stopping the battery plate with the body pin, it locks the battery, but

I using the nut (sum screw), have tried to lock the battery.


When it is this method, abnormal play there is no to lock the battery it is possible securely.

As for the part which you use

 #86969 thumbscrew M3x9x7mm (2pcs) x2 set


 #Z710 set screw M3x22mm x1 set


First, the #Z305 screw post is removed and a #Z710 set screw M3x22mm is setted.


Is the quantity which you screw in probably this extent?

Finally after locking the battery, the quantity which is screwed in is adjusted.

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SWAY BAR SET (0.8/1.0mm)



SWAY BAR 1.2mm (COPPER/1pc)


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