Cyclone D4 (TT1/10 Hot Bodies)

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Oh le beau yok, heu pardon Bj ah mince non Hot-bodies, voilà j y suis arrivé!lol!

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Option List


61493 Stabilizer 1.2mm (kappa) 300

Cyclone D4 option


1.4mm of cyclone D4 kit standard (silver) softer 1.2mm. The road surface where the gap is many and low it is grip road surface direction.

61525 High down fourth wing set (175mm) 720

Cyclone D4 option


From to the method which seeks down fourth. Intense down fourth is generated the normal wing compared to 15mm plus due to the wing area which is done to the side. 2 entering.

61530 Front one-way diff. 39T ¥3,800

Cyclone D4 option


By the fact that you exchange with the front ball diff. of kit standard, from quick steering wheel quality is actualized.

61526 Chassis protect seat 880

Cyclone D4 option


The base of the main chassis the chassis protect seat of the film type which is protected from the soiling and the scratch. Adjusting to the form of the chassis, because it can cut freely, it is enabled in the various models regardless of genre.

Size: 330mm×150mm

61452 Cup joint 6mm (2pcs) 800

Cyclone D4 spare (new part)

61420 Front gear box set 850

61421 Rear gear box set 900

61422 Front suspension arm set 600

61423 Rear suspension arm set 600

61424 Front upright set 500

61425 Rear hub carrier set 400

61426 Front hub carrier (/10 degree 7 degrees) 600

61427 Bumper/wing mount set 400

61428 Battery mount set 550

61429 Shock piston set 400

61431 Steering wheel part set 500

61432 Ball-end/shock part set 500

61433 [be] bell gear set (39T/16T) 400

61435 Spur gear (80T/48pitch) 550

61440 Main chassis 2.5mm

(Graphite) ¥8,500

61441 Front shock tower

(Graphite) ¥1,600

61442 Rear shock tower

(Graphite) ¥2,000

61443 Front upper deck

(Graphite) ¥2,000

61444 Rear upper deck

(Graphite) ¥1,700

61450 Diff. cup joint set ¥1,600

61453 Motor mount

(Aluminum/black) ¥3,600

61454 Center bulkhead

(Aluminum/black) ¥2,000

61455 Center bulkhead upper

(Aluminum/black) ¥1,500

61456 Input shaft (5x23mm) 500

61457 Center drive shaft

(5x108mm) 700

61458 Center drive shaft

(5x71mm) 600

61459 Front suspension mount

(Aluminum/black) ¥3,200

61460 Front suspension brace (aluminum/black) 800

61461 Rear suspension block

(Front/aluminum/black) 850

61464 Rear suspension block

(Rear /3 degrees/aluminum/black) 850

61465 Steering post 4x34mm 200

61466 Servo saber set 600

61467 Suspension shaft 3x37mm 300

61468 Suspension shaft 3x47mm (2pcs) 300

61469 Suspension shaft 2.5x30mm (2pcs) 300

61470 Front axle shaft (2pcs) 980

61471 Rear axle shaft (2pcs) 980

61472 Hard steel drive shaft 76mm 700

61473 Hard steel drive shaft 62mm 700

61474 Front hexagonal wheel hub

(Steel/black /2pcs) 800

61475 Aluminum rear hexagonal wheel hub

(Crank type/black /2pcs) ¥1,500

61476 [arumisuredetsudoshiyotsukubodei] (78-58mm/2pcs) 900

61477 [arumisuredetsudoshiyotsukubodei] (95-67mm/2pcs) ¥1,200

61478 O-[ringu] adapter set (2pcs) ¥1,000

61480 Shock cap 15x7.5mm (black /2pcs) 700

61481 Shock shaft 3x45mm (2pcs) 400

61482 Shock shaft 3x54mm (2pcs) 450

61483 [shiyotsukuritenasetsuto] (2pcs) 600

61484 Shock spring adjustment nut (black /2pcs) 500

61485 Shock cap ball 4.8x8mm (purple /4pcs) 580

61486 [suritsupapureto] (2pcs) ¥1,000

61487 [suritsupapatsudo] (2pcs) ¥1,200

61488 Center cup joint ¥1,600

61490 Bearing collar (5x7x1.0/7.0mm) 300

61494 Stabilizer 1.4mm (silver) 300

61497 O ring SS090 (1.0x9.0mm/black /8pcs) 250

61498 O ring AS568-014 (1.8x12.4mm/black /8pcs) 350

61503 Shock spring 14x40x1.1mm8.75 volume

(Front/black /63gf/2pcs) 500

61508 Shock spring 14x70x1.1mm 14.5 volume

(Rear/black /34gf/2pcs) 500

61515 Front wheel (white /2pcs) 550

61518 Rear wheel (white /2pcs) 550

B121 Ball bearing 5x10x4mm

(Rubber seal /2pcs) 600

B130 Ball bearing 10x15x4mm

(Rubber seal /2pcs) 600

Z081 Plate screw M3x6mm

(Hexagonal socket /10pcs) 200

Z298 Plate screw M3x5x11mm

(Hexagonal socket /8pcs) 300

61521 Cyclone D4 body set ¥2,800

61524 Wing set (160mm) 620

61529 Cyclone D4 decare 700

61535 [suritsupasukuriyusetsuto] 400

6163 Powerful both sides tape 800

Cyclone D4 spare (existing part)

6816 Silicon O ring S10 150

6820 Silicon O ring P-3 clearing 150

6916 Pinion gear 16T 48P 500

6917 Pinion gear 17T 48P 500

6918 Pinion gear 18T 48P 500

6919 Pinion gear 19T 48P 500

6920 Pinion gear 20T 48P 500

6921 Pinion gear 21T 48P 500

6922 Pinion gear 22T 48P 500

6923 Pinion gear 23T 48P 500

66581 Pin 1.7x11mm (10pcs) 200

72302 Stubby ball set 550

73486 Bush set (R40) 400

73522 Diff. screw and tight lock diff. nut (2mm) set 400

75106 Body pin (6mm/black) 200

75115 Ball stud 4.3x10.3mm (2mm socket /4pcs) 360

75116 Ball stud 4.3x13mm (2mm socket /4pcs) 360

75122 Steering wheel block bush (4pcs) 480

75188 Universal rebuilding kit (2pcs) 300

93464 Titanium turn buckle M3x29mm (2pcs) ¥1,200

93467 Titanium turn buckle M3×34mm (×2) ¥1,200

93473 Titanium turn buckle M3×46mm (×2) ¥1,200

A133 Ball 5.8×6 400

A150 Kit standard thrust ball φ2mm 200

A157 Diff. ball carbide φ2.4mm ¥1,100

A162 Diff. screw M2×25mm 150

A164 Diff. ring 150

A165 Spring φ6×7×1.5mm 150

A166 Diff. thrust washer 400

B015 Ball bearing 4x7x2.5mm (2pcs) 600

B020 Bearing φ5×φ8×2.5 ZZ 600

Z082 Plate screw M3x8mm (hexagonal socket /10pcs) 200

Z083 Plate screw M3x10mm (hexagonal socket /10pcs) 200

Z150 Antenna pipe set 100

Z203 Washer M3×6mm 100

Z224 Washer M3×8mm 100

Z234 Cap screw M2x5mm (10pcs) 200

Z242 E ring E2 100

Z264 Pin 2×10mm 100

Z273 Straight pin 1.6x8mm (12pcs) 300

Z305 Screw post M3x15mm (4pcs) 500

Z350 Pan screw M3x5mm (hexagonal socket /10pcs) 200

Z352 Pan screw M3x8mm (hexagonal socket /10pcs) 200

Z354 Pan screw M3x12mm (hexagonal socket /10pcs) 200

Z355 Pan screw M3x15mm (hexagonal socket /10pcs) 260

Z356 Pan screw M3x18mm (hexagonal socket /10pcs) 260

Z541 Cap screw M3x6mm (6pcs) 200

Z661 Nylon nut M2.6 (4pcs) [sabeji] 21 150

Z676 Lock nut M3 thin shape 100

Z684 Flange nylon nut M4 100

Z700 [imoneji] M3×3mm 100

Z705 [imoneji] M3×10mm 200

Z813 Aluminum color 3x6x0.5mm (10pcs) 300

Z814 Aluminum color 3x6x0.75mm (10pcs) 300

Z815 Aluminum color 3x6x1.0mm (10pcs) 300

Z818 Aluminum color 3x6x2.5mm (10pcs) 300

Z852 Shim M5X7X0.2mm/10PCS 200

Z891 Shim M10X12X0.1mm (copper color /10pcs) 300

Z892 Shim M10X12X0.2mm/10PC

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c'est pas grave, ce qui est valable en DTM l'est aussi en TT -buveurs-

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c'est pas grave, ce qui est valable en DTM l'est aussi en TT -buveurs-

Oui c est tout a fait vrai. D un autre coté, je ne comprend pas pourquoi HB a choisi de faire un chassis TT sur une base que l on vas dire de Pro4 donc a cardan au lieu de partir sur la base de la cyclone qui aurais etais justement encore plus tendance.

Par contre la ou je suis déçu et ce n est pas que pour HB, c est qu on a l impression de voir tous le temps le meme Buggy en terme de carrosserie. Tous reprennent celle du BJ en y apportant 1 ou 2 modifs a part Losi ,Tamiya et Yokomo.

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oui je crois de plus en plus que pour rouler différent ça va être difficile, ou je sais...

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Hot Bodies is the release of a diff upgrade set for the Cyclone D4, with the main change being the use of a 2.6mm screw in place of the 2.0mm version that was originally available. This extra thickness on the diameter of the screw increases the durability of the differential.

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Et un nouveau chassis de plus pour le Tout Terrain électrique ! Voici le Hot Bodies Cyclone D4...

The Hot Bodies Cyclone D4 is going to revolutionize the off-road racing scene! Combining intelligent & efficient design, a proven 4WD shaft drivetrain, and streamlined manufacturing processes, the Cyclone D4 is the result of months of non-stop testing and years of ambition!

Already a winner at its first major race, the IFMAR Worlds Warm-Up, the Cyclone D4 is destined to be the top choice for racers around the world in the increasingly popular 4WD off-road class!

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These instructions show you some tips on how to better build your Cyclone D4. These tips are what top Hotbodies drivers do to their cars to ensure the best performance and reliability from their cars

Chassis Preparation (pdf, 1.09 Mb)

The first step when building your Cyclone D4 is to super glue the edges of your chassis, top decks and shock towers.

Transmission (pdf, 1.07 Mb)

There are several key areas in the build of the transmission where extra work and attention can pay off with superior performance on the track.

Steering (pdf, 1.01 Mb)

The first step is to clean up the mouldings for the steering parts. It is important to do this to ensure that the steering mechanism is free, without slop, once assembled.

Centre Transmission Assembly (pdf, 1.05 Mb)

When assembling the centre mount that clamps the slipper assembly into the centre bulkheads you may find it beneficial to stick the bearing holders to the centre bulkhead upper.

Driveshafts (pdf, 0.96 Mb)

The driveshafts are an important part of the transmission. Here we show how to improve the reliability and durability of your driveshafts.

Front Suspension (pdf, 1.14 Mb)

There are 2 different angle castor blocks included in the kit. On the castor block there is a letter and a number. The letter tells you what side of the car the castor block is for, and the number tells you how much castor the block adds to the car.

Rear Suspension (pdf, 1.15 Mb)

First, don't forget to install the bearing spacer between the two rear wheel bearings. This spacer stops the bearings being clamped when the wheel is screwed on.

Shocks (pdf, 1.22 Mb)

Check the shock retainer collar for burrs. If there are any burrs remove them with a modelling knife.

Electronics (pdf, 0.91 Mb)

The best way to route the wires from the speed control to the motors is under the front centre driveshaft.

Body and wing (pdf, 0.95 Mb)

The body has scoops moulded into it. When racing in warm conditions these scoops can be cut out to allow cooling air to pass over the motor and speed control.

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Prototypes shown on pictures

Thickness: 4mm

Rear wing position: 2

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New from HB for the Cyclone D4 is this Diff Maintenance kit. This kit has a thicker 2.6mm differential screw along with a new longer heavy duty nut. You also get new bigger thrust plates and balls. This kit will improve the life of your diff and eliminate any potential breakages.

HB61544 Diff Maintenance Kit (2.6mm)


You can also buy the screw and nut on its own if you wish to replace the new thicker nut or just need a fresh nut for safety.

HB61538 Differential Screw & H, Duty Nut Set 2.6mm

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Une question toute simple aux possesseurs du Cyclone D4 Hot Bodies (et à ceux qui ont vu évoluer ce TT1/10) :

Comment trouvez-vous le comportement de la voiture ? Est elle saine / facile à piloter quelques soient les conditions de piste ? Quels sont ses défauts / qualités* (* à part d'être un BJ4 anodisé purple...)

Bref, un post pour en savoir un peu plus sur la bête...

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salut j ai fait 3 packs avec le mien ,avec

rouelibre devant la voiture marche fort juste le train arriere a tendance a partir un peut je n'avait pas la bar stab d'origine je dois faire un essai bientot des qui ll ne pleut pas avec

ressorts blanc partout et la barstab + pneu neuf .

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Merci pour réponse, c'est un premier avis intéressant.

Tu as roulé sur quelles type de surface ? Tu as utilisé les ressorts Blacks devant / derrière ? Penses-tu le tester en 4x4 permanent ?

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je roule sur un terrain en argile avec ressort black devant et derriere de boite !

je ne changerai pas de caisse sauf si transmition trop fragile peut etre le B44 ? A etudier !!:)

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salut, je possede un D4, j'ai fait a peu prés 12 packs,je roule sur un circuit terre ( a antibes ),la voiture est performante, un peu delicat du train AR dans les parties rapides, j' ai mis les fusé AR 0.5 degrées, le train AR se comporte mieu, et en mettant les ressorts blanc derriere, la voiture et stabilisé, mais la voiture est moin bien amortie et braque moin bien dans les virages lent, j'essaye d'autre chose vendredi, je vous tiendrai au courant. a++++

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et si cela peut vous aider dans vos réglages, n'hésitez pas à consulter notre base de données (voir page accueil, menu LES INDISPENSABLES)

Pour le D4 ->

Et si vous avez des fiches de réglages pertinentes, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter pour une mise en ligne.

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Merci pour vos infos et le lien (bien pratique en effet - Merci Nico !)

Mon D4 va faire sa première sortie à Dhuizon (Coupe de France ce week-end) ... ça va être l'aventure !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...........

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C'est le liens de la dtm nico :)

Merci Fouad ! je me suis trompé de lien en effet - Celui-ci est rectifié.

Pour la terre, il y a quelques fiches de réglages.....Emmenez les, ça peut vous servir.

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Salut Pascal ;)

Pour avoir vu rouler Teddy Truman au GP de Belgique avec ce D4... je suis resté sur ma faim car il n'a pratiquement pas terminé une seule manche, à chaque fois, c'est comme si les couples conniques dégageaient :confused:

Et à priori, pour faire tourner l'auto, faut mettre une BAR à l'arrière



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Salut Olivier !:)

Merci pour cette nouvelle info ... Les couples coniques ... Avec mon dernier TT ;-) je n'avais pas de problème... J'espère qu'avec le nouveau il n'y en aura pas non plus !!!! Wait and seeeeeeeeee ...

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