Serpent - 1/10th EP Touring Kit S400

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vu sur RCTECH :

une T1 à cardan ! semble -t-il... meme apres le "coup bas" de la nt01 :applo: les deux sont toujours potes.

edit :ah non en fait j'ai ma lu le post... c'est un photomontage, cte honte

par contre l'info selon laquelle une touring serpent est en gestation semble fondée

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Cher Martinus Hudy Xray* Chéri,

Je n ai vraiment, mais alors vraiment pas aimé que tu viennes chasser sur nos plates-bandes en 10e thermique, pourquoi pas une 1/8 ensuite??

J ai donc decidé de venir faire le zazou en electrique, j espere que tu ne m en voudras pas.

Tu vas voir, moi aussi je peux sortir une nouvelle voiture tous les 6 mois..

J ai laissé tes affaires sur le palier, tu pourras passer les chercher ce soir.

Je ne t embrasse pas.

Hens Van de Brooek*, Pdg de Serpent.

* les noms ont ete changes pour protéger les innocents.

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Sur le palier les affaires, ou sur le trottoir en dessous de la fenetre?:wouinn: :wouinn: :wouinn:

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Nouvelle serpent apparement, ca promet ;)


Source : Redrc

Autant rendre à César ce qui lui apparatient, la photo vient de RC50, RedRC n'est qu'un intermédaire qui sort des infos d'une source plus precise. Comme PetitRC le fait (voir ici)

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Serpent S400 to be introduced in July

During the 2nd part of 2006 Serpent began developing a high end competition 1/10th scale electric touring car and now, after many months of testing and development, we are very excited to announce our entry in this highly competitive RC car racing category, with our new S400 chassis.

Serpent is well known for its refined platforms in the very competitive 1/8th and 1/10 scale gas powered classes and our new 1/10th scale electric touring car is no different, featuring high quality components throughout and many of the innovations we pioneered in our near 3 decades at the highest level of RC Racing.

When designing the car we focussed on making a very clean, narrow and sleek design with a focus on easy handling, ease of set-up and maintenance while creating a strong and high quality product.


- 4wd Electric touring car chassis

- Ultra low center of gravity

- Very strong components

- High quality carbon fibre parts

- Anodised machined aluminium parts

- High-speed ball-bearings

- Fully adjustable suspension

- Front spool, rear ball-differential

- Low friction belts

- Durable transmission parts

- Pre-built RCC shock absorbers


The first version of the car will be aimed at outdoor use, for either foam or rubber tires, while before the indoor-season kicks off we will offer a carpet-based version, and a conversion-set, with a stiffer chassis and some other variations to turn it into a highly competitive carpet racer too.

During the next few weeks we hope to show you more details of the car.



Source: RC Forum

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et bien moi j'ai eu la chance de la voir tournée a geilenkirchen par kimi ce dimanche je la trouve suberbe et la voiture marchais tres fort avec un moteur brushless 4.5 puis 3.5 elle avais vraiment l'air de tres bien ce comporté parcontre vue le temp de chien pas possible de l'essayé dehors....

Je pense bien qu'on va en entendre parlé de ce chassis

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Competition level 1/10th scale 190mm electric touring car chassis. The S400 is a very clean, narrow and sleek design with a focus on easy handling, ease of set-up and maintenance.

> Description

Serpent S400 1/10th 190mm


Serpent enters the competitive electric touring car market with the S400, which like all our previous cars, has been designed to win straight out of the box. Featuring an ultra low centre of gravity, optimized weight distribution, high performance geometry and top quality materials throughout, the S400 should see you in the winner’s circle in no time. In fact everything associated with this car is of the highest quality, from the packaging and supplied manuals, right through to the product and race support.


Rear end

The rear end of the Serpent S400 has been designed for high performance and ease of maintenance. The rear bearing blocks have been designed in 2 pieces which allows the topside to be simply removed with 4 screws, giving you easy access to the differential for maintenance or adjustment. All the parts have been machined from aluminium and have anodized in gun metal grey.

Click pictures to enlarge


Rear suspension

The rear end of the S400 features strong 1-piece lower wishbones and aluminium uprights. As with all the wishbones on the car, the lower wishbones can be used on both the left and right sides, minimizing the number of spare parts needed to bring to the track. The rear upright features a pivot pin mounting point on the bottom and three upper camber link mounting holes for fine-tuning camber rise.


Rear Differential

The kit version of the S400 comes supplied with a lightweight and smooth rear ball differential. The diff halves are made from hard anodised aluminium which is lightweight yet extremely strong, while the use of high quality balls and steel plates ensure a long lasting and smooth diff action.


Drive train

The S400 drive train utilizes a 2-belt system with rear ball differential and front spool, while 4 CVD (constant velocity drives) transfer the power to the wheels. The motor, which is mounted to an aluminium plate, powers the main spur gear and hard anodised aluminium pulleys.


Front suspension

Similar to the rear suspension in configuration, the front suspension sports a lower composite wishbone while the upper camber adjustment is handled using a track rod which is solid, lightweight and can easily handle impacts.


Front C-hub system

A standard system on all high-end touring cars, the S400 features a front C-hub system, which is a lighter alternative to a pivot ball steering system. The car comes standard with a 4-degree caster block but is also supplied with a pair of 2 and 6-degree blocks.


Servo Saver

The servo saver on the S400 features 4 steering rod mounting points to allow the user to easily adjust the cars Ackerman. The servo saver system itself features a nut for adjusting the spring tension of the saver.



The chassis plate has been machined from a plate of 2.5mm thick carbon fibre, which creates a perfect platform for the cars electronics as well as stiff structure, especially when combined with the equally rigid 2.5mm thick carbon fibre top deck. All holes in the base of the chassis have been countersunk while on the top of the plate, the area around the motor has been milled down to allow it to sit as low as possible. The plate features cooling holes below the motor and speed controller.


Anti-roll bars

The S400 is supplied with colour coded anti-roll bars front and rear that are held in place using a 2 piece anti-roll bar mount. The anti-roll bars are available in a number of thicknesses and are connected to the wishbones using short adjustable track rods. Stiffness is quickly and easily adjustable by changing the linkage mounting points on the lower wishbones or alternatively by changing the position of the ball joint pivot point on the roll bar itself.


RCC Shock absorbers

The RCC shock absorbers are the smoothest and easiest to build shocks ever designed. Machined from aluminium and unique in that the shock bodies only open on the bottom half, they are really simple to assemble. The result is an ultra-smooth and air-free shock absorber thanks to the self-bleeding system incorporated into the design. The shocks are supplied with 4 different shock pistons.

Another great benefit is that these shock absorbers come pre-assembled in the kit, so you need only add shock oil.


Front axle

The car comes supplied with a front spool which has been made from hard anodised aluminium while its shape has been optimised to ensure that the part is as light as possible without compromising strength. The drive is provided through the attached pulley into the lightened steel drive cups, which are held in place using steel pins.


Shock towers

The Serpent S400 features 2.5mm thick carbon fibre shock towers on the front and rear of the car. Each tower sports numerous holes for adjustment of the shock absorber angle while the rear tower also acts as the mount for the rear body posts and the front tower accommodates a 3rd front body post.



This car is supplied with a complete set of 4 high quality hard coated steel CVD shafts, which are a highly consistent, efficient and durable way to transfer all the power the ground.


Suspension brackets

For adjusting the cars toe-in and track-width, the S400 is equipped with separately mounted suspension brackets on both the front and rear of the car. Each bracket features an easily recognisable number that corresponds to the setting being used and due to the way they are mounted allows the user to easily and accurately adjust their cars settings.


Steering system

The Serpent S400 utilises a centrally mounted steering assembly that contains the servo saver and Ackermann adjustments. Controlled by a side-mounted laydown servo, the steering assembly is ball raced precision and due to its central position it is much lighter than more complex off set steering systems. The tension of the servo saver spring can be adjusted using the supplied adjustment nut.



The front bumper has been made from a high impact absorbing foam material and is shaped to protect the entire front end of the car in the event of a crash. The bumper is held in place with a large stylish carbon plate that features the S400 logo cut out of it.


Belt tensioner

Secured to the cars top plate, this machined aluminium piece acts as the mount for the aerial as well as the cars ball raced belt tensioner.



The S400 is supplied with high-quality lightweight bearings throughout, making the drive train very efficient and allowing it to run very smoothly.



The S400 features a 2-belt configuration with a long front and a short rear Kevlar reinforced belt that makes for a super smooth and free drive train.


Manuals & Decals

To allow you to build your car with the greatest of ease, Serpent supplies a full colour instruction manual and integrated reference guide section that contains all the exploded views and latest options. The S400 also comes supplied with a small setup book explaining how to adjust your car and a pair of decal sheets in colour and in chrome finish.

> Specifications

Class: 1/10th scale 190mm Electric

Purpose: 190mm Competition touring car

Chassis: 2.5mm carbon fibre, 6-cell, CNC machined

Suspension: Front C-Hub suspension system, rear independent wishbone suspension.

Rear axle: Rear ball differential

Front axle: Front spool

Drive system: 4wd through 2 kevlar reinforced timing belts

Shock absorbers: Pre-assembled RCC shock absorbers

Wheel base: 254mm +/- 4mm

Track-width front: 190mm /- 6mm

Track-width rear: 190mm /- 6mm

Adjustability: Camber, Caster, Down-stops, Up-stops, Toe-in, Track width & Roll centres

Weight: 1.500kg - 6 Cells incl. BL system (varies depending on equipment used)

Instructions: Full colour instruction manual, reference guide and set-up book

Not included: Motor, Batteries, Speed Controller, tires, body, radio equipment.

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Marrant - c'est la reponse du berger a la bergere apres Hudy qui sort la NT1...

c'est drole la S400 me rappelle une voiture mais j'arrive pas a dire laquelle ;)

ErrrrrCeeeeee, ton univers impitoyaaaa-aaaa-bleuh


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Toi aussi tu trouves que ca sent un peu le "chassis slovaque"...? :D

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au plus je la regarde et au plus je la trouve belle.

Par contre une question me vient à l esprit.

Pourquoi les portes fuses alu à l'arrière et pas à l avant ? ou vice versa

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99roros sur ebay :D

bah ca va etre comme tous les autres chassis top moumoute du moment, donc 350-400$... un peu plus les trois premiers mois, le temps que les

pigeons fanas de la marque fassent les betas-testeurs sur un chassis tout nouveau tout beau ;)




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il manque quand même l'alu orange serpent dommage ça changerais un peu,pour le chassis slovaque euh!!!!!peut être la direction,sinon corally beaucoup je trouve mais c'est beau et très certainement efficace

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A part la couleur, tout est comme la cyclone (courroie de chaque coté de la couronne, support axe de triangles, cardans) qu'on a mélangé avec une T2. C'est dur la création apparemment. :speed: Sinon, elle est jolie aussi.

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eh ben le voila le orange,je me disait aussi,c'est une splendeur pour ceux qui aime le orange bien entendu

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Très Belle réalisation , Mais Y a de la Cyclone dedan ^^ Le diff est exactement comme celui de la Cyclone, c'est à dire, nul , et les sorties de Diff sont celle de la T2 ^^ et le rest est très ressemblant a la Cyclone ^^ Lol UN Mix T2 Cyclone voila la S400 , Bravo .... Seule Nouveautée , La Roue libre avant , lol...

MAis c'est vrais en Orange elle Clak !

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