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Aero is proud to announce the release of their much anticipated 4wd off-road racing buggy, the A-one. The great potential and standard of the car was already proven in the car’s first testing year with a great victory at the Belgian grand-prix and an amazing overall win of the 2007 BRCA UK National series!

After to many delays we are very happy we are able to start shipping the cars and make many people happy. We are shipping 30 cars immediately, the rest of the cars follow within 2 weeks and everybody on the list will have his car at the latest by the end of march. First e-mails will be sent tonight to those at the top of the pre-order list. The webshop will also be online within 2 weeks, as there will be full stock of all the spares by then.

You can still sign in onto the pre-order list if you want to make sure you have a car as soon as possible.

If you have any question please mail to
and you’ll receive a reply within 2 working days.

The price of the car will be 529 euros. Here are some features of the car :

Carbon parts (thickness = 3mm):

•front shocktower

•rear shocktower

•battery bars (2)

•slipper holder bars (2)

High quality aluminium :

•Front hingpin brace

•Front C hub right

•Front C hub left

•Rear hingpin brace

•Rear antisquat brace

•Front slipper holder

•Rear slipper holder

•Front slipper

•Rear slipper

•Steering bolts Left and right

Titanium turnbuckles and MIP cvd's are also included .

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