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Nicolas Petit

2017 TC Swedish nationals

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swedish nats podium.jpeg

Swedish nationals was held at the new track in Hässleholm. Total of 70drivers in touring car, 1/12 and formula class. In touring car class there was the local star with Daniel Carlsson and Swedish top names like Marcus Hellqvist, Fabian Vernersson, Jonas Andersson and Viktor Wilck. In qualifying Wilck would TQ all rounds and line up as 1st for the final followed by hellqvist and Carlsson. Serpent team showed most drivers in the final with Wilck as TQ, Fabian Vernersson in 5th, Lukas Knutsson in 6th and Christian Holmström in 8th. All driving the 4x car. 
Wilck would dominate the finals but a miss fortune with a lapped car in A2 kept tension high until the last final. Wilck would then cruise to a solid victory in the last final in front of Hellqvist. Daniel Carlsson would take 3rd to complete the podium.



Qualifying result 


1st Viktor Wilck Serpent 4x 0pts

2nd Marjus Hellqvist Xray 6pts

3rd Daniel Carlsson Associated 9pts

4th Jonas Andersson Tamiya 10pts

5th Fabian Vernersson Serpent 4x 13pts

6th Lukas Knutsson Serpent 4x 18pts

7th Erik Ström Serpent 20pts

8th Christian Holmström Serpent 4x 20pts


Finals result 


1st Viktor Wilck Serpent 4x 2pts 1-2-1

2nd Marjus Hellqvist Xray 3pts 2-1-2

3rd Daniel Carlsson Associated 6pts 3-3-5

4th Jonas Andersson Tamiya 8pts 6-5-3

5th Fabian Vernersson Serpent 4x 8pts 5-4-4

6th Lukas Knutsson Serpent 4x 10pts 4-6-6

7th Erik Ström Serpent 14pts 8-7-7

8th Christian Holmström Serpent 4x 15pts 7-8-8

Voir la totalité de article

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