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Nicolas Petit

Schumacher : New Atomic CC - GT12 Racing

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The latest innovation from Schumacher for the exciting world of GT12 racing is the new ATOM CC.
Alongside the original SupaStox ATOM, the ATOM CC features a carbon fibre chassis and the ability to adjust the battery mounting position.
The CC is ideal for the driver that likes a more responsive and edgy feel to their car.

New -燙arbon fibre chassis for improved response.

New -燗djustable battery position for balance tuning, more forward option.

New -燤ore forward servo position with improved chassis mounting.

New -燬maller steering ball grippa's.


- Lightweight Ball Differential with 3 Screw Wheel Fixing and Carbon Axle (Top Spec)�

- Separate Springs for Independent Roll and Bump stiffness adjustment

- Balanced Rear Pod assembly

- Contact Wheels with Improved Flex and Handling Characteristics (Top Spec)�

- Range of World Championship winning Contact foam available�

- Extra Low Motor Position�

- Lightweight Low Centre of Gravity CNC Alloy Motor Mounts�

Due late February 2017


K173 - ATOM CC - Pro 
(Pro Kit shown in all pictures and includes C/F Pro diff, side dampers, left rear wheel clamp and new Atom GT12 wheels - Carbon Fibre chassis)�

K174 - ATOM CC - Sport 
(Sport kit has a fixed rear axle with no diff, no side dampers and old style SupaStox rear wheels - Carbon Fibre chassis)�

Conversion from the ATOM to the ATOM CC is possible with the following parts;

U7276 - C/F - Chassis - Atom CC
U7277 - S1 - Side Link Mount - Atom CC
U4968 - Ball Sockets Low Profile -Eclipse - pk4 
U7278 - Servo Saver Assembly 23T - Atom CC 
U7279 - Servo Saver Assembly 25T - Atom CC


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