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Yokomo YZ-114Plus auto-detect balance charger

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Yokomo YZ-114Plus auto-detect balance charger



Next month, Yokomo will release its new YZ-114 Plus with its biggest feature being auto-detection of proper charge settings upon connection to a battery. The YZ-114 Plus will power up LiPo, LiFe and Li-Ion batteries as well as NiMH and NiCd packs with up to a 6 amp charge current. A special LiHV mode is also included. Despite its small footprint and light weight, the YZ-114 Plus is AC/DC ready and has a built-in balancer. Four buttons are used to operate the charger, which has a backlit display and several ports on the front to connect a variety of plugs.


  • Terminal Voltage Control
  • Internal balancer
  • 4.35V LiHV mode
  • NiMH re-peak
  • Adjustable delta-peak rate
  • Cycle charge and discharge process


Input: 11-18VDC, 100-240VDC
Batteries: 1-6S LiXX, 1-15 cell NiXX, 2-24V Pb
Charge current: 0.1-6.0A
Discharge current: 0.1-2.0A
Balance current: 200mA/cell
Charge modes: Balance, charge, discharge, fast charge, storage
Memory profiles: 10
Dimensions: 150x145x80
Weight: 552g

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Yokomo have released a new auto detect balance charger, the YZ-114PLUS. This new charger offers the best price performance in terms of racing spec with affordable price range capable of charging Li-po batteries as well as Li-fe, Li-ion and Ni-MH, Ni-cd, all around batteries, more over equipped with HV(High Voltage) mode at the same time. Basic spec are Charging 6A, Discharge 2A, USB 2.1A, Charging power 50W, Discharge 10W, very light weight for hand carry 552g, 150mm x 145mm x 80mm. CE, PSE approved charger.

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■Battery Charge/Discharge Profiles

YZ-114PLUS can store up to 10 profiles for either charging or discharging in memory.

■Terminal Voltage Control (TVC)

Expert users can set the end voltage for the charge process.

■Internal Lithium Battery Balancer

YZ-114PLUS comes equipped with an individual-cell voltage balancer. Using an external balancer for balance charging is not necessary.

■Support for Balance Discharging

YZ-114PLUS can monitor and balance the voltage of each cell individually during the discharging process. A safety feature will automatically stop the discharge process if any of the cells exhibits an abnormal voltage.

■Support for Multiple Types of Lithium Batteries

YZ-114PLUS supports various lithium batteries including LiPo, LiIon, and LiFe.

■Standard Equipped with LiHV Mode

YZ-114PLUS supports “LiHV” batteries; the new generation of LiPo batteries which have an end charge voltage of 4.35 V.

■Fast Charge and Storage Charge Modes for Lithium Batteries

YZ-114PLUS comes equipped with a Fast Charge mode to reduce charging times for batteries which support fast charging. In addition, a Storage mode is available to adjust the final voltage of the battery to an optimal level to extend the useful life of the battery while being stored.

■Re-peak Mode for NiMH and NiCd Batteries

In re-peak mode, the charge will perform a peak charge on the battery 1 to 3 times in a row automatically. This mode can be used to ensure that a battery will be fully charged.

■Adjustable Delta-peak Sensitivity for NiMH and NiCd Batteries

YZ-114PLUS contains an automatic charging termination feature based on the delta-peak voltage detection principle. When the battery’s voltage exceeds the user adjustable threshold, the charging process will be automatically stopped.

■Cycling Charge and Discharge Processes

YZ-114PLUS is equipped with automatic cyclic charge and discharge mode which can be performed 1 to 5 times in a row. This process can be performed to refresh and balance the battery in order to stimulate its activity.

■Automatic Charging Current Limit

With YZ-114PLUS, it is possible to set the maximum charging current for NiMH and NiCd batteries. This is useful for charging NiMH batteries with low internal resistance and capacity while using the “AUTO” charging mode.

■LiPo Battery Meter

YZ-114PLUS contains a battery meter that can be used to check the battery’s total voltage, along with the highest and lowest voltage along with the voltage of each of the individual cells.

■Battery Internal Resistance Meter

YZ-114PLUS contains a battery internal resistance meter that can be used to check the battery’s total internal resistance, along with the internal resistance of each of the cells.

■Charge Capacity Limit

An user-adjustable charge capacity limit can be set to automatically terminate the charge process when the set charge capacity is reached.

■Temperature Limit

Batteries warm up while charging and discharging. By using this feature, if the battery heats up to a set temperature the process will be stopped. Note: Optional temperature sensor (Part No. YZ-114P-2) is required to use this feature.

■Processing Time Limit

Using this feature, when the charge or discharge process takes longer than the set time, the process will be automatically stopped.

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