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TRF Series No.189

TRF102 Chassis kit

Item No: 42289 June 27, 2015 release

List price: 41,904 yen (38,800)

★ It is a 2WD Formula chassis to fight the high-end race.

★ can be equipped with a roll point ball and pitching shaft, is adopted T bar type rear suspension that the roll and pitch can be completely independently control each.

★ the running for the battery is floating mount and make the most of the bending of Rowadekki have to exert a certain sense of stability operability.

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42289 1/10 R/C TRF102 Chassis Kit

Get ready for an R/C Formula chassis revolution! The TRF102 chassis kit is here and features a number of changes to provide superior performance. Both the front and rear of the car have been redesigned to fully utilize the flexibility of the chassis, with the effect of excellent road holding and response.

Featured Components

- TRF102 Carbon Lower (2.5mm Thick) & Upper (2.0mm Thick) Decks

- TRF102 Aluminum Servo Stay

- TRF102 Aluminum Motor Mount

- TRF102 T-Bar Rear Suspension 1.5mm & 1.8mm T-bars

- F104 Low-Friction Suspension Balls

- Adjustable Metal Upright Set

- Hi-Torque Servo Saver

- Reinforced Front Suspension Arms

- Integrated Diff Plate

- Carbon Rear Shaft

- TRF Damper

About the Model

• This is a 1/10 scale 2WD R/C model assembly kit.

• The T-Bar rear suspension setup reappears in a revolutionized form to provide completely separate roll and pitch control. A fully independent pitch axle gives vastly improved response to surface undulations.

• The lower deck has a brand new design emphasizing flexibility.

• “Floating” battery attachment on upper deck improves road holding, allowing the model to reap the full effects of its well-designed suspension and lower deck.

• Features newly-designed, lightweight servo mounts which let you attach the servo with screws.

• Rear wing attachment height can be adjusted via the new motor mount.

• More deck space means options in the placement of your R/C equipment, tailoring your machine’s balance.

• Compatible with TRF101 Carbon Front Suspension Set (Item 42286) and TRF102 Titanium Screw Set (Item 84417)

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Belle machine!

(Mais machine à remonter dans le temps, moteur brush et batterie qui ressemble à du stick NIMH??)

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Je m'étais déjà fait la réflexion sur l'électro présente dans les voitures sur ce salon, la réponse que j'avais eue à l'époque était le fait que ce salon était ouvert à tous (et pas que composé d'exposants de modélisme je pense), du coup un simple moteur et des piles suffisaient à montrer aux gens que c'étaient des voitures électriques. Ce vrai que pour un non initié, un boitier LiPo et un moteur brushless avec tous les fils que ça comporte, c'est peut-être moins parlant ;)

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les accus sont des life 2s 2200mah tamiya,c'est moins performant que des lipos,mais c'est plus safe,c'est un choix,pour le moulin,on est d'accord c'est un bon vieux moteur a charbons.


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