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Here is my project i started a few months ago,its based on the idea of combining a Cougar KF/KR front end and a Cat SX rear end.

After seeing the new Yokomo YZ-2 released,with the all flat style transmission, i was reminded of the rear transmission of a Cat SX. My old Cats SX was still sleeping in its box,so after dusting it off i looked at it and imagined how i could combine the two car elements together.

I started by taking measurements of both cars and began the design process in Solidworks. I've taken advantage of using some parts directly from the YZ-2

  1. Z2-118P: Yokomo graphite battery plate
  2. Z2-118FS: Yokomo battery foam set
  3. Z2-118S: Yokomo battery spacer
  4. Z2-118PN: Yokomo battery post and nut set
  5. Z2-101: Yokomo yZ2 body

My inspiration is taken from the design of the YZ-2,and its weight distribution which allows for either shorty or saddle lipo's. By using the complete front end of a Cougar KF/KR and the complete rear end of a Cat SX i have been able to keep the conversion parts needed to a minimum, these are as follows:

  1. Carbon Chassis
  2. Side guards
  3. Motor waterfall
  4. Front Top deck connecting plate

These are the specific parts needed for this conversion.

Below are the pictures of the first assembly where only motor waterfall part is missing on the chassis







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  • Purple anodize pulled off parts
  • CAT SX3 slipper adapted
  • CAT SX3 outside metal gear adapted
  • SV2 rear arms mounted




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Yes I designed this conversion kit few months ago and the car is now well approved on astro tracks. Here is the last version of it when I place the car at the 4th place of the French nats round #3 of stock class. The car is more confortable on high grip with saddle LiPo instead of shorty ;)




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