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2015: Jörn Neumann joins Team Serpent!

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Neumann joins Team Serpent

Serpent is proud to announce that one of the worlds fastest drivers in 1/10 and ⅛ offroad joins the Serpent base.

Serpent and Neumann enter into a longterm commitment which includes racing, testing and commercial work as sales promotor.

In 1/10 scale Jorn will race the Spyder range of cars 2wd, 4wd, SCT and Truck. In ⅛ scale the Cobra line in buggy, truggy, EP and GP. Every now and then a sidestep into 1/12 scale racing with Serpent S120.

He will join all main events in Germany, USA and elsewhere and will support the Serpent drivers together with Hupo, Gerd, Billy, Wilck and all Serpent distributors and dealers. Gerd Strenge will continue as mechanic / race engineer.

Joerns high level of racing and experience will be beneficial to all Serpent drivers, as the racing info and set-ups will be shared through the Serpent website and social media.


hello Joern,

Great to have you on the Serpent offroad team. Below some questions for you !

Q: Which classes will you run for Serpent ?

A: I will run Offroad 10th and 8th electric and 8th Nitro, buggy and truggy. Some 1/12 pan car in case time allows.

Q: What were the main reasons to join Serpent ?

A: The full package made me think not long. A sales-support and promotional job and continue being a Pro driver is very good for the future. On top of that Gerd Strenge will be my mechanic and race engineer. This was an amazing opportunity which we had to take. The current Serpent car-line up is one of the most complete ones in the entire rc industry.

Q: What will be your 1st bigger event ?

A: My first race will be The Dirt Nitro Challenge for 8th Nitro/Electric. For 10th electric it will be the Cactus Classic.

Q: Which main events are planned for 2015 ?

A: I have planned to attend the following events 2015: The Dirt Nitro Challenge, Cactus Classic, EOS Series, Neo-race, German Nationals, European Championships and World Championship, and maybe the 1/12 EC.

Q: Will you be involved in the development and testing ?

A: Yes, I will be involved in the development and testing for current and future Serpent cars.

Q: Will you do other work for Serpent aside racing and testing ?

A: Yes, I will also work for 2-Speed (Serpent Central Europe Distribution Center ) in sales support and promotional work.

Q: What is your 1st impression of the Serpent cars ?

A: The cars are very high quality and the build is amazing.

Q: How long will it take to get adjusted to the new cars, as there are so many ?

A: I think it will take some practice to get used to the cars and try some setups, but it should be sorted quickIy.

Q: Will Gerd Strenge continue as your mechanic ?

A: Yes, he will be still my mechanic, as our combined experience will bring the best results.

Do you have a quote for the Serpent fans ?

“ Look out for exciting times at Serpent now and in the future “ .

Mit freundlichen Grüßen


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