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B5M Arm Mount D, Blue

Product Code: SCH1090


The Schelle B5M Aluminum Rear Arm Mount D replaces the kit plastic part on a B5M and T5M. The design improves durability, ground clearance, and also ease of use to disassemble the rear suspension. The added strength of aluminum allows for a minimalist design using machined Delrin pivot balls to allow for perfect suspension alignment. The compact design keeps the mount high off of the chassis bottom to avoid dragging on jumps and landings. With the addition of a rear carbon fiber cap, Schelle is planning new inner hinge pins that allow for rear-pull in dis-assembling the rear end and changing anti-squat. Also available in black anodize.

B5M Aluminum Arm Mount D Features:

  1. Increased durability at only 4.5 g total weight.
  2. Minimalist design increases ground clearance, won't drag on the jumps, won't wear off the anodizing.
  3. Added carbon fiber rear cap for rear-pull hinge pins (coming soon, new pins req'd).
  4. Machined pivot bushings for perfect alignment and reduced bending forces on hinge pins.
  5. Precision CNC machined, black anodized, laser-etched logo and machined with silver edges for a premium look and fit. Schelle mini decal included.
  6. Pre-Assembled, screws use 1.3mm or 0.050" hex wrench.
  7. Fits B5M and T5M.

Pro-Tips for Installation:

  • Trim/grind the lower chassis mate tab off of the rear plastic bumper, this allows the unit to slide in and out without removing the entire tower/gearbox assembly.
  • Trim the outer ears off of the plastic rear bumper for more ground clearance (any plastic part wider than the chassis).


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rhooooooooooooo j'en connais un qui va pas tarder a se régaler !!!!!!!!!!!


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JConcepts is here to support the emergence of stadium truck with a Finnisher body which drop fits on to the Team Associated T5M racing truck. The #0289 body incorporates pre-dimpled locations for the hottest new truck on the circuit. The slight cab forward, raked windshield and aggressive stance highlight a performance oriented core. A revised front hood scoop allows plenty of clearance for the unique T5M geometry while smoothing out the front down force area. Front chin spoiler, headlight and grill protect the front-end from unwanted up-drafts during flight while the supplied decals stand-out like an 18 wheeler.

Like the ROAR National Champion Hi-Flow SCT body, the Finnisher body has built-in air escape passages which allow the customer to fine-tune the body for maximum outdoor performance. The new body includes the high performance gurney spoiler which increases rear grip and balances the handling characteristics of the aggressively styled body. The Finnisher for the T5M is class leading straight out of the package. 1/10th stadium truck racing is back, JConcepts style.



· Drop-on fit for the T5M

· Original – JConcepts Finnisher design

· Blended wing / body design

· Includes additional separate gurney spoiler with mounting hardware

· Clear polycarbonate with protective film

· Window masks and Finnisher decal sheet



Finnisher – RC10T5M body w/spoiler

Part# 0289

JConcepts – Finnisher T5M gurney spoiler

Part# 0147

BullDog Mid Motor Clear Body for AE T5M


This is a BullDog Clear Body for T5m. Pro-Line has your new T5m covered with the BullDog truck body for you Mid Motor Stadium Truck! This BullDog body is the same one that came in your T5m kit box. The new T5m BullDog features 2 Mohawks down the center of the roof that improves high-speed stability and adds an aggressive look. The front and rear end geometry have also been reshaped and improved to achieve higher front down force and reduce wheelies that cost precious time. Get the most advanced body for your stadium truck: Release the BullDog!


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With the recent release of the new Associated T5M, JConcepts is ready with even more accessories for this new 1/10th scale racing truck.

JConcepts – T5M precut chassis protective sheet – black

Part# 2436


A high-end item used for many years on the performance side of R/C racing is the chassis protective sheet. For years, drivers have hand-cut and fitted their chassis with a clear material protecting the new chassis look and also providing a smooth or slick surface to decrease friction between chassis and dirt surfaces. JConcepts has hit the easy and glamour button at the same time and is now offering a precut and graphically pleasing chassis protective sheet for the most popular 1/10th off-road vehicles on the market. With 2 pieces included per package, the durable and low-resistance material fits each chassis layout like a glove and adds protection and style in one easy package.

Style, protection and performance, that’s JConcepts.

JConcepts – T5M generation Fin titanium 67mm turnbuckle set – 6pc.

Part# 2441


JConcepts is Titanium with the introduction of the Fin turnbuckle sets designed specifically for style, durability and performance. The base of the shafts design is centered around a .143” titanium hex size which gradually tapers down into a 3mm thread base design which accepts the standard Team Associated 5 series of vehicle ball cups. The focus of the styling surrounds the lengthened adjustment hex area and the “finned” cuts that rotate about the center. The fin turnbuckles are lightweight and the original design brings out the glamour and quality that makes titanium one of the most sought after exotic materials in the world. The JConcepts turnbuckles are produced with left and right hand threads with the left being conveniently marked for easy orientation.

​JConcepts turnbuckle adjustment wrench is offered separately as Part# 2234.


· Original JConcepts design and “Fin” styling

· High-grade, machined titanium material

· Standardized 3mm thread base

· Left and right hand threads with conveniently marked left

· Aesthetic jewelry

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Serial Number: 1512

Precision machined titanium front axle set for the T5M. Nearly as strong as steel but almost half the weight!

At only 5 grams for the pair (stock axles are 11gr!) these axles reduces the rotational mass as well as unsprung weight!





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Mon T5m est bien arrivé...

Merci Christophe.

Juste pour info, il n'y a pas de jantes fournit avec le Kit d'origine, comme pour le nouveau B5m Lite.

Donc a l'achat, prévoir de rajouter des jantes si vous voulez pouvoir rouler rapidement avec.

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Voilà, mon T5M est monté.

Plus qu'a installer l'électronique et a peindre la carrosserie.

Pour les options, on verra plus tard... la priorité c'est qu'il soit prêt pour la course de ligue de Dimanche prochain.


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quand même ,je trouve qu'asso nous prend pour des ânes a force,car la version lite pour le b5m est déjà dans les bacs,alors pourquoi ne pas avoir fait aussi la lite sur le t5m ,mis a part le fait de nous faire passer par la case options,a force ça me gave tout ça


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JConcepts T5M, Titanium Knurl Tip Front Axle

One of the best upgrades you can make to any R/C vehicle is to reduce weight. JConcepts has been on top of weight saving items since the beginning and are now making those items available to the Team Associated T5M vehicle. A critical point of the axle weight revolves around the front axle itself along with surrounding geometry, hexes and pins. Within the steering block the space is very tight and especially between the 2 front bearings where the front axles rests. The cleverly designed JConcepts axle is quite simple, straight-forward and eliminates ~25% weight over a stock steel axle.

The JConcepts front axle design is based around high-quality Titanium construction, and a knurled axle tip for finger control and access. Finger control gives the mechanic a grippy place to rest a finger so the front tire doesn’t rotate easily during changes making the process quicker and with less frustration. The design also eliminates screws and other items which are hard to inspect for issues which limit performance and add additional weight. The light-weight, free spinning design includes axle roll-pins to allow easy assembly of a necessary but (not included) clamping hex adaptor.

Assembly –

Assembly is built from the inside out. Slide the axle through bearings and install included roll-pin and center on the axle. Complete by installing (not included) JC #2449-1 (blue) or 2449-2 (black) or AE #71014 hex adaptor. For added security use (available separately) #2341-1 (blue) or #2341-2 (black) JConcepts large flange serrated wheel nuts.

Stock steel front axle with screw – 6.0gms

JConcepts Titanium front axle with hex adaptor – 4.5gms


· JConcepts design and function

· Knurl tip for finger control

· High-quality titanium construction

· Design eliminates frustrating components

· Includes roll-pins

JConcepts – T5M, Titanium knurl tip front axle

Part# 2440T

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qui a rouler sur astro avec,??????un petit sept up,merci

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Oula tu es optimiste Truggy16! Peu de personne roule encore en truck, encore moins avec le T5M et sur astro! Tu auras plus de retour sur terre je pense... Maintenant essaye de partir sur des fiches de B5M astro et peaufine au besoin !

Bonne chance et bon amusement!!!

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J ai.monte cette auto c est un vrai régal. Après. Analyse il apparaît que très peu d options soient réellement nécessaires à une performance ensuite vous pouvez toujours vous faire Plasir évidement ..n est ce pas cela le.modélisme....alors pour l avant j ai rajouté en alu le support d axes de triangles et les hexagones . A l arrière j ai mis hexagones et supports d axes de triangles je pense monter aussi les portes fusées alu en cas de choc .  Pour le reste j ai uniquement acheté   le.lot de ressorts d amortisseurs transmission est superbement libre et les rotules plastique aussi ..après une petite manipulation que je recommande aux débutants les autres connaissent : montez les.rotules vous verrez aucune n es t libre ..pas grave un petit tissus autour de la rotule montée sur sa boule une pince et vous serrez brièvement et d un coup assez sec la rotule avec la pince ...relâchez voilà c es t libre et sans aucun jeu ni marque   sur les platines. C est parfait pour une liberté totale des rotules indispensable  au bon fonctionnement d une auto rc.

Quoi dire de plus..Les. premiers tests sont bluffant s je.mettrai tu sur.moquette après ma première course.le we prochain  

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