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pour ceux qui souhaiteraient en monter un


Please make sure you read and understand everything here. First I am very happy to offer the ability for many of you to build this car. My goal is to provide a the parts you need to build a car of your own with parts that are of high quality and machined to have the best fit and finish as possible. What does this mean.....time is required. All the materials for this kit are readily available; however, the material for the chassis is expensive and will be made to order. There is not much I can do here and rushing through the panel work or machine work will only cause frustration for you and I combined.

Many have personally seen examples of my work and I pride myself on quality work. This kit is no exception. With that being said, there are bound to be small problems encountered along the way even though I will do everything to catch them on my end. I will honor all purchases and make sure any problems encountered are corrected.

Follow this link to the build thread:

Orders are now being accepted

The cost per chassis kit will be $200.00 USD. A 50% deposit will be required upon each order with the remaining 50% required once the parts are ready to ship. If you want to pay in full, you can do so. Currently the lead time on the chassis is approximately three weeks. I am working with the chassis material vendor to get this time reduced.

Shipping in the lower 48 will be $12.USD priority mail with a supplied tracking number.

Shipping overseas will vary by country and will be calculated accordingly. I expect overseas shipping to be no more than $20.00 USD and will do my best to keep your cost down.

Orders can be processed through private message here or if you are not a member of the forum, my email address. There is no need to email me prior to placing your order unless you require me to send you a payment request.

All payments will be processed through Paypal.

The chassis kit will include the following items:

NIX91-021 - 25 Degree Chassis (Carbon Fiber)

NIX91-017 - Upper Deck (Carbon Fiber)

NIX91-015 - Front Shock Tower (G10)

NIX91-004 - Rear Shock Tower (G10)

CNCRC-006 - Tranny Brace (Carbon Fiber)

CNCRC-003 - Aluminum Wing Mounts with Set screw (2pcs)

CNCRC-004 - Aluminum Chassis Stand Off (4pcs) (Non-tapered)

CNCRC-001 - Front Bumper

8-32 Small pattern Nuts (2 pcs) - Used to secure steering bell crank hardware to the chassis

Individual part purchases will be available in the near future.









The attached parts diagram has been provided with part numbers for each part. There are a handful of items you should pay particular attention to.

1. The rear of this car requires two different inner hinge pins. ASC7356 is required on the left and ASC6380 is required on the right. The reason for this is due to the tight confined space where the motor plate extends down near the arm mount.

2. The ball bearing steering is recommended for anyone who wants to run/race their car. The ball bearing steering has considerable less drag than the "replica" steering arms with come standard with your Shapeways suspension kit purchase. In addition to the performance gain, the ball bearing steering will be much more reliable than the standard steering bell crank assembly. The RC10T steering hardware required to assemble the standard bell crank assembly is somewhat hard to find as well.

3. The rear of this car can be built using 1/4 standard axles with dog bones or 3/16 RC10 Worlds universals. We have only tested these two options. I am certain any axle manufactured for a standard arm RC10 will work, but problems could be encountered. Just a heads up is all.

4. The front steering arms have been designed around the standard aluminum Team Associated axle. You will be able to use the wide GT axles on the front of this car if you choose to do so. We did not test the car with B4 front wheels (for you guys who will race these) so that may require a bit trial and error to nail down.

5. Lundsford has all the retro turnbuckles in stock for this car. Due to the lengths, you will have to contact Barbara at Lundsford directly to place your order. Please note, the turnbuckles for the steering are measured at 2.4 inches. Lundsford did have 2.5 inch retro turnbuckles I used on my car with no problems. They were not listed on their website but they did have them in stock.


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sublime, y'as pas d'autre mot

j'en rêve depuis + de 20 ans

j'ai même fait un fichier excel, une stealth 91 compléte revient à 564€ avec les prix des pièces prit sur

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ben oui je sais mais j'ai pas le budget

ou alors un paquet de pièces tous les 3 mois et je roule avec en 2016

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Tip top ! Merci pour ce lien. Le montage du mien est prévu courant 2015. Noël arrivant, j'ai d'autres cadeaux à me faire :)

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