61mm 1:10 Scale Buggy Wheels

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Team Associated is pleased to announce 61mm wheels for 1:10 2WD and 4WD buggies. Sold in pairs with the following features.

Available Dec. 2014.

  • Fits new generation of 1:10 scale offroad buggy tires
  • Super lightweight design reduces drivetrain inertia
  • Vent holes to increase tire insert performance
  • Rough textured gluing bead for enhanced adhesion
  • Glossy finish helps prevent wheel from staining over time
  • 12mm hex design (4WD front wheel requires #9955 12mm front hex)
  • Available in white and fluorescent yellow


61mm Rear Buggy Wheel, white



61mm Rear Buggy Wheel, yellow


61mm Front 2WD Buggy Wheel, white



61mm Front 2WD Buggy Wheel, yellow


61mm Front 4WD Buggy Wheel, white. Requires #9955 12mm front hex.



61mm Front 4WD Buggy Wheel, yellow. Requires #9955 12mm front hex.


B44 12mm Front Hex


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