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Gens ace 3rd Anniversary

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To celebrate Gens ace Europe Online Shop 3 Year's Anniversary , from 7,Oct.,2014-17,Oct.,2014 over 100 items with discounts for our customers !

Click here to check the discounted price with details .

For all the discount items please click

Here list some of the discount items you may interested in :

Helicopter Lipos :

B-45C-1250-6S1P 10% off

B-45C-5000-6S1P 10% off

B-45C-3800-6S1P 15% off

HardCase Lipos :

B-50C-5000-2S1P-HardCase-10 10% off

B-40C-5000-4S1P-HardCase-14 10% off

B-30C-5000-2S1P-HardCase-16 50% off

Thank you very much for supporting Gens ace as always !

Best Regards,

Team Gens Ace

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