VBC Racing Firebolt DM - Review

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After more than a decade of Associated RC10B4 domination, the TLR 22 brought excitement back into the 2WD off-road scene, and since then more and more competitors have entered the market. Following the trend of high-grip tracks, most offer at least the possibility to convert their kits to mid-motor configuration, and some manufacturers even offer dedicated hobbyists several to provide the optimum piece of kit for various conditions. With their very first off-road model, VBC Racing do not tread the path of TLR, Yokomo or Kyosho, but instead follow the Team Associated or Serpent route of offering a fixed configuration. During more than a year of development, several prototypes were handmade and extensively tested around the globe. Various materials were scrutinized to make parts as lightweight and bulletproof as possible. For example, more than five different plastic compounds were tested for the A-arms until the development team was satisfied.

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