EFRA 2015 1/10th Off-Road European Championships

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The team at Robin Hood Raceway are delighted to announce we will be hosting the

EFRA 2015 1/10th Off-Road European Championships at our clay track -

RHRDirt in Nottinghamshire, England, UK.

PROVISIONAL dates: Warmup: 19-21st June, Euros 3-8th August

Robin Hood Raceway is located centrally within the UK and has excellent access from the road, train and air networks.

The site has been in use for off-road model car racing since 1989. It consists of a 1,100 square metre astroturf track and a 900 square metre pure blue clay track. The 4.5 acre site offers a large, flat grass area suitable for car parking, camping and caravans or motorhomes.

Permanent race controls, storage, toilet facilities, rostrums, grandstands and café are all present.

Robin Hood Raceway/RHRDirt is run in partnership with York Off-Road Car Club, a popular club with highly experienced members. We have successfully staged several of the UK's biggest 10th Off-Road meetings.

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Robin Hood Raceway have released their dedicated website for those attending or wishing to follow the EFRA 2015 1/10th Off-Road European Championships. provides information on hotels, the venue and facilities, location and more, all information on the site will be finalised at the end of January 2015.

The confirmed dates are:

Warmup - 19,20,21 June

Championship - 3-8 August inclusive

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Robin Hood Raceway have released their dedicated website for those attending or wishing to follow the EFRA 2015 1/10th Off-Road European Championships. provides information on hotels, the venue and facilities, location and more, all information on the site will be finalised at the end of January 2015.

The confirmed dates are:

Warmup - 19,20,21 June

Championship - 3-8 August inclusive

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M3 compound recommended (all previous events have been won on this tyre) but there is a free compound choice

Old version of Holeshot may NOT be used



2WD REAR TYRES - Proline Holeshot 02 #PL8206-02 (M3) OR #PL8206-03 (M4)

4WD FRONT TYRES - Proline Holeshot 02 #PL8207-02 (M3) OR #PL8207-03 (M4)

4WD REAR TYRES - Proline Holeshot 02 #PL8206-02 (M3) OR #PL8206-03 (M4)

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Le formulaire pour la course préparatoire:


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Bonne chance aux Français, faites chauffer les holes shot2

bonne blague

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P Name R/Pts Result

1 Neil Cragg R:6(L:1) 2/43.39

2 Lee Martin R:6(L:5) 2/43.71

3 David Ronnefalk R:6(L:4) 2/43.89

4 Jorn Neumann R:5(L:6) 2/44.39

5 Marc Rhienard R:6(L:5) 2/44.44

6 Tom Cockerill R:6(L:5) 2/44.48

7 Ellis Stafford R:6(L:6) 2/44.49

8 Hubert Honigl R:5(L:5) 2/44.58

9 Richard Lowe R:6(L:11) 2/44.61

10 Martin Bayer R:5(L:6) 2/44.71

11 Renaud Savoya R:6(L:7) 2/44.75

12 Patrick Hofer R:5(L:4) 2/44.91

13 Kev Lee R:6(L:11) 2/44.91

14 Peter Pinisch R:5(L:10) 2/45.04

15 Shinadushi Adachi R:6(L:1) 2/45.30

16 Greg Williams R:3(L:11) 2/45.42

17 Daniel Kobbevik R:6(L:3) 2/45.49

18 Chrisopher Delves R:5(L:9) 2/45.50

19 Craig Collinson R:6(L:7) 2/45.59

20 Chris Doughty R:5(L:2) 2/45.65

21 John Spencer R:5(L:9) 2/45.73

22 Terry Streeter R:6(L:10) 2/45.77

23 Ben Jemison R:6(L:8) 2/45.78

24 Julien Parnot R:6(L:7) 2/45.95

25 Paul Crompton R:6(L:8) 2/46.09

26 Connor Cocker R:5(L:10) 2/46.11

27 Miguel Matius R:6(L:6) 2/46.16

28 Kevin Hunt R:6(L:6) 2/46.19

29 Michal Orlowski R:6(L:4) 2/46.23

30 Martin Owen R:5(L:5) 2/46.31

31 Mark Smith R:2(L:4) 2/46.33

32 Marcus Lind R:5(L:2) 2/46.54

33 William White R:4(L:8) 2/46.77

34 Billy Fletcher R:5(L:2) 2/46.96

35 Chris Clarke R:5(L:7) 2/47.25

36 William Venables R:5(L:4) 2/47.25

37 Mathieux Chaffardon R:6(L:10) 2/47.26

38 Nicolas Floudas R:6(L:4) 2/47.30

39 Luke Holdsworth R:5(L:7) 2/47.38

40 Brett Birch R:6(L:3) 2/47.52

41 Josh Hardwick R:6(L:5) 2/47.59

42 Clement Boda R:6(L:8) 2/47.94

43 Freddie Russell R:6(L:1) 2/47.99

44 Derek Mccloskey R:4(L:10) 2/48.03

45 Chris Pattinson R:5(L:10) 2/48.05

46 Andrew Webb R:6(L:3) 2/48.06

47 Demitri Panayides R:5(L:7) 2/48.21

48 Colin Whelan R:5(L:2) 2/48.25

49 Damian Whittle R:6(L:9) 2/48.34

50 Alex Johns R:6(L:3) 2/48.73

51 Daniel Town R:6(L:7) 2/48.89

52 Leon Morrell R:6(L:4) 2/48.94

53 Natalie Williams R:5(L:5) 2/48.97

54 Greg Hill R:5(L:10) 2/49.13

55 Josh Holdsworth R:5(L:8) 2/49.17

56 Matthew Mead R:5(L:7) 2/49.28

57 James Collins R:5(L:6) 2/49.35

58 Neal Lewis R:6(L:6) 2/49.59

59 Russel Gardner R:6(L:4) 2/49.64

60 Charles Krontiris R:4(L:4) 2/49.73

61 Mike Parker R:2(L:8) 2/49.75

62 Richard Miller R:5(L:3) 2/49.85

63 Jorgen Marksten R:5(L:8) 2/49.89

64 Joe Renton R:5(L:1) 2/49.90

65 Mark Thornewill R:4(L:7) 2/50.06

66 Jeff Steele R:6(L:6) 2/50.23

67 Daniel Thurston R:4(L:2) 2/50.32

68 Tim Finch R:3(L:5) 2/52.02

69 James Burgess R:4(L:6) 2/52.42

70 Tyler Liddle R:4(L:6) 2/53.35

71 Tom Walser R:6(L:8) 2/56.63

72 Hayden Steele R:5(L:3) 2/78.32

Ashley Caunt DNSe

Dylan Saunders DNSe

Stuart Wood DNSe

Wesley Van Helmond DNSe

James Butteriss DNSe

Dominique Van Helmond DNSe

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finalement pas une blague, 4 ont fait le deplacement

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4 pilotes Francais ont fait le déplacement:

R Savoya

J Parnot

M Chaffardon

C Boda.

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Friday – Practice

The opening day of the International Race was all about practice, as no one has run on the RHR Dirt track since last year’s oOple Invernational, and the track itself has undergone some remodelling since then.

First onto the track in the morning were the 4wds. There would be six rounds of practice, with the best two laps taken from the later four rounds sorting the order for tomorrow’s qualifying.

Straight out of the box it was Neil Cragg who was fastest, taking no time to acclimatise to the track, second was a remarkably consistent David Ronnefalk in the early stages. Also in the fight, as always, was Lee Martin. After the six rounds of practice it was Neil Cragg at the top of the time sheets, just ahead of Lee Martin.

By the time the 2wds began their practice in the afternoon the track had developed a very distinct blue grove, which combined with more cloud coverage and a drop in temperatures later in the day, reduce grip massively. When the dust had settled it was again Neil Cragg who was the man to beat, with Lee Martin chasing him all the way.

That’s our quick update from today, we’ll be back tomorrow with more from the actual qualifying for Sunday’s racing.




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Yeah !! Notre pilote HRC Patrick Hofer fait des étincelles :) :) :)

4ème en qualif, 4ème de la première finale ^^

Finale 1 Result - 2WD European Championship Warmup:

1. David Ronnefalk 14 Laps / 5"06.69

2. Neil Cragg 14 Laps / 5"08.32

3. Lee Martin 14 Laps / 5"14.67

4. Patrick Hofer 14 Laps / 5"15.75

5. Tom Cockerill 14 Laps / 5"17.31

6. Martin Bayer 14 Laps / 5"17.69

7. Hubert Honigl 14 Laps / 5"19.32

8. Marc Rhienard 14 Laps / 5"21.55

9. Renaud Savoya 14 Laps / 5"23.42

10. Shinadushi Adachi 13 Laps / 5"05.88

Edited by Lionel

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Saturday – 2wd qualifying & finals

Saturday’s 2wd qualifying and finals got underway with a quick practice run followed by what was hoped to be five rounds of qualifying. Everyone was keen to get proceeding moving, as there were slight concerns over predicted rain due later in the day.

After a quick round of controlled practice it was down to the business of qualifying. Initial thoughts were that the track had more grip than yesterday afternoon; this was more than likely due to the increase in temperatures today.

Just as we were moving into heat 7 of the 8 heats a light rain began to fall, and as a precautionary measure the track covers were quickly applied as the worst of the precipitation past. Within around 15 minutes the rain was gone and it was back to qualifying for heat 8.

When the first round had been completed it was Neil Cragg taking his now customary position at the top of the time sheets, from Tom Cockerill and David Ronnefalk.

The second round of qualifying saw yet more rain, and in heat 4 the covers were again applied. This time the delay was longer and we waited around 40 minutes, with officials anxiously watching the online weather radar before it was deemed clear to return to action, and the covers were removed, thankfully for the final time today.

Round 2 of qualifying saw David Ronnefalk top the times from Neil Cragg, Tom Cockerill and Lee Martin. In round 3 it was again David Ronnefalk who completed a 14 lap run just 2 seconds ahead of Neil Cragg in second, Lee Martin third and Patrick Hofer fourth. In the fourth round it was David Ronnefalk, who was really establishing himself as the man to beat in 2wd at RHR Dirt from Marc Rhienard, Neil Cragg and Renaud Savoya.

Due to the rain delays it was decided to abandon the fifth round of qualifying in order to get the day back on schedule. So with qualifying done and dusted it was David Ronnefalk on pole in the A final from Neil Cragg, Lee Martin, Patrick Hofer, Tom Cockerill, Marc Rhienard, Hubert Honigl, Martin Bayer, Renaud Savoya and Shinadushi Adachi.

The first round of the A main saw Ronnefalk maintain his pole position into the first corner and never look back, if he had David would have seen the relentless Neil Cragg just a couple of seconds behind maintaining a watching brief for any errors from Ronnefalk, unfortunately David made no errors and took a clear win from Cragg second and Lee Martin, some way back from the top two, in third

The second leg of the A final again saw Ronnefalk maintain his lead and build a comfortable 4 second cushion to second place Cragg, who himself had pulled a very nice nine second lead from the third place car of Patrick Hofer.

With two wins from pole the day belonged to David Ronnefalk, who had put in a dominating performance to take the 2wd International crown. With a win in the third and final it was Neil Cragg taking second overall and Lee Martin third.

After a great day’s racing, and a few challenging weather conditions, the RHR crew got down to the business of preparing the track ready for tomorrow’s 4wd qualifying and finals. We’ll be back later with a report on all of Sunday’s 4wd action.





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Sunday – 4WD qualifying and finals

Making a welcome return to Robin Hood Raceway on Sunday morning was the sun, and with it warmer temperatures and the track producing a little more grip as the 4wds prepared for their first round of qualifying after controlled practice.

Trackside talk was all about the Durango prototype car Chris Doughty was running. The combination of it and Doughty were spectacular, TQ’ing the first round of qualifying, six seconds faster than second place Jörn Neumann and third Wesley Van Helmon.

In the second round Lee Martin was the man on the move, behind Lee, Neil Cragg and Martin Bayer. Round three saw Jörn Neumann topping the times ahead of David Ronnefalk and Cragg. In the fourth round it was Lee back in the top spot from Bayer and Ronnefalk, and in the fifth and final round David Ronnefalk to the top spot from Martin and Cragg.

With qualifying completed it was Lee Martin taking the top spot for the A main from David Ronnefalk and Jörn Neumann.

Leg one of the A final and Lee Martin leads the pack until halfway round lap one, when a mistake sees him rolling on the rhythm section, dropping down to third and allowing Ronnefalk into the lead. Third place Neumann then promptly makes a mistake of his own, tumbling out of third and to the back of the pack. Upfront, Ronnefalk had been given the lead, and had no intentions of handing it back to a hard-charging Martin, who made another mistake on the landing of the table top jump, sending him out of contention. Ronnefalk led from Cragg, who also made a mistake on the rhythm section, handing second to Bayer.

At mid-race Ronnefalk had pulled out a sizable gap to Bayer in second and Cragg a distant third. That was until Ronnefalk misjudged landing the table top and rolls. He’s quickly marshalled and returns to the track just as Bayer is about to pass. The two drivers aren’t prepared to compromise their lines and get entangled, full throttle sorts the problem for Ronnefalk, who breaks free and takes the lead from Bayer. A lap later and it gets messy again, with another mistake from Ronnefalk allowing Bayer to challenge, no room is given and the two momentarily collide. Onto the final lap and there’s another mistake from Ronnefalk landing the table top jump, he cartwheels out of contention and Bayer is through to take the win from Ronnefalk in second, Cragg third.

Onto the second leg and Lee Martin leads the pack from Ronnefalk second and Neumann third, until Jörn overshoots a corner allowing Cragg through. Martin is pulling out a gap to Ronnefalk, who in turn has made some space between himself and Cragg in third. Halfway through the race Ronnefalk gets tied up on a corner marker, and Cragg is through into second. Into the final minute and Cragg crash-lands the table top, allowing Ronnefalk back into second, another mistake on the final corner sees Cragg hand third to Neumann.

With all still to play for in the third and final leg of the A final, Lee Martin again leads the pack from the line. Martin, Ronnefalk and Cragg is the order, until Cragg misjudges the table top, dropping down the order and allowing Bayer through to third. At the front Martin and Ronnefalk are battling it out with nothing between them. With just one minute to go there’s a mistake from the chasing Ronnefalk, as he clips a track marker, spinning him out and promoting Bayer to second, Ronnefalk now third. After five minutes Lee Martin crosses the line to take the win from Martin Bayer in second and Marc Rhienard third.

To the applause of the crowd, Lee Martin takes the 4wd International Race crown from Martin Bayer in second and David Ronnefalk third.

With the dust only just settling after International Race, we’re now looking forward to hosting the European Championships in August (3-8). Robin Hood Raceway would like to thank everyone who attended this past weekend, and extend a big thanks to all the great many people who put in their time and effort to help RHR stage the International Race. We look forward to seeing you all again in August.





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bonne chance a toute l'équipe de France


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