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The Schelle Nova Lockout Plate enables a direct drive, no slip, link between the motor and gearbox. Stock racers love the Nova Slipper Clutch, but they kept asking for a direct drive option for “big races” when the grip was high and the competition even higher. This is not for the faint of heart, but for racers who are serious about wringing every drop of performance out of their 17.5 stock buggies and trucks. The Nova Lockout plate weighs 1.5g (it sheds 3.5 grams of slipper parts) and comes laser etched with the Schelle Lockout logo. The Lockout plate includes installation instructions and a Schelle mini decal.

When to run the Lockout:

• High-Grip and smooth tracks. For the Lockout to benefit lap times, there should be enough grip that you can put the added power to the ground without spinning the tires.

• If there are jumps with short take-off that require maximum power to clear.

When to run the Nova Slipper Clutch:

• Medium to low grip tracks.

• if there are stutter bumps, bumpy surface.

• When the car generally feels hard to control or difficult to accelerate out of the turns, run the slipper.





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