I-105 b5m conversion kit, mid motor only

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X Factory introduces a new line of parts called “Infinity By X Factory.”

For ten years X Factory has been the most innovative company in all of off-road R/C, first introducing the X – 5 in 2004 and following that in 2006 with the first mass produced mid-motor buggy, the X – 6. X Factory has won National Championships in nine different countries.

Now X Factory’s engineering genius Paul Sinclair turns his talents to other cars as we introduce the Infinity By X Factory line. These are not X Factory Conversion Kits which turn your existing AE car into an X Factory car; rather Infinity By X Factory are hop-ups that improve performance in other brands. First up is a new carbon fiber chassis for the B5M, and the line will be expanded soon with shock towers, new steering systems, and other innovative products that take your car to the next level. Do The Math -- It’s like a Squared version of your current car.

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