MB-010 2.4Ghz BCS MP9 TKI3 MINI-Z CUP Edition 50th Anniv.

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MB-010 2.4Ghz BCS MP9 TKI3 MINI-Z CUP Edition 50th Anniv.






Kyosho Mini-Z Buggy MP9 TKI3 50th Anniversary Limited Edition chassis!

Special equipment: Universal swing shafts and ball differentials front and rear, XSPEED motor, aluminum motor plate, aluminum motor heat sink, foam tire inserts, and GF main chassis are already installed!

Having earned the trust of off-road buggy fans, the Inferno MP9 has lost none of its world-class performance in its relaunch as a palmtop size racing buggy. The precision compact chassis features a shaft driven 4WD with a two-differential drive train incorporating a slipper clutch to protect gears with oil shocks on the 4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension, just like a true 1/8 racing buggy. The result is the exceptional performance expected of a 1/8 off road racer, but concentrated into a racing machine that fits on the palm of your hand and the best off-road performance achieved in the history of the MINI-Z. With most of the precision components protected within the dirt-proof shell, the chassis has the rigidity and durability for hardcore off-road action. Based on the MINI-Z Racer, control circuit board has been tuned for off-road with a special separated design. The ICS function allows precision setting adjustment of controls including the optional gyro unit through your PC while the Chase Mode (requires special transmitter with 3 channels or more) feature fires up the intensity of racing action. Also, the newly designed steering servo is equipped with 7-stage gearing. High torque and precision control combine to produce the MINI-Z’s characteristic steering feel and linear control. Only a few simple steps remain for this racing buggy with the latest MINI-Z technology to start ripping up your nearest dirt track.


Kit Contents >

Factory assembled chassis with pre-installed R/C unit

Pre-painted polycarbonate body complete with markings

Pinion Gear x 3 (11T, 13T, 15T)

Spur Gear x 2 (33T, 35T)

Pinion tool

Pairing stick

Wheel wrench

Spare wheel nuts

< Required for Operation >

3-channel transmitter for MINI-Z compatible with ASF 2.4GHz <Recommended: Kyosho EX-5UR ASF transmitter (No.82011/82012) or compatible ASF 3-channel KO transmitter> or Perfex KT-18 transmitter (if not using the Chase mode)

AAA-size alkaline batteries x 4 or NiMH batteries x 4 for chassis.

Batteries for transmitter <For EX-5UR (recommended transmitter): AA-size alkaline batteries x 8>

(OPTION) I.C.S. USB adapter (No.82080) for using I.C.S. functions and Chase Mode adjustment.

< NOTE >

Overtake function may work with R246 2.4GHz module adapter but is not guaranteed with transmitters other than Kyosho or KO 3-channel transmitters.

2-channel KT-18 transmitter can be used but cannot operate the Chase Mode.

Chassis Technical Data









Tread (F/R)



F:φ37x13.5mm / R:φ37x18.5mm






AAA-size alkaline batteries x 4 or NiMH batteries x 4 for chassis

R/C System

PERFEX EX-5UR or KT-18(not included)

Compatible Transmitters with Easy to Use Overtake Button for Chase Mode

Push the 3rd channel button under the steering wheel to activate the speed burst in Chase mode. For 3 seconds the motor delivers its full power output. Choose the critical time to release the speed burst and win the race! Experience the excitement of real racing with a Chase mode compatible 3-channel transmitter. With the 2.4GHz ASF system operating on the 2.4Ghz frequency, the control system automatically scans and selects open bands when it is switched on to prevent interference. Also, the system allows up to 40 models to be run in the same race. With the simple one-touch pairing (binding or registering of the transmitter with the receiver), a single transmitter can be used to control multiple models.

*Set does not include transmitter.

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