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2014 - On road Czech National Championship

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This weekend the Czech Championship was held in a small Moravian village Jedovnice. The classes in which you were able to participate were Open, Stock, GT, Hobby and Formula. The track layout was really fast with lots of straight parts and during the weekend it was strating to be challening. ETS RIDE tyres were used in Open and LRP tyres in Stock. Grip was medium high and the racing tight in both classes. On Friday you had a chance to practise on this track and almost everybody came here.

The qualiefiers got underway on Saturday. You needed to do 3 counted rounds of 5 for an overall result.

In Open Class my car felt pretty strong and I won 4 rounds. I was using my standart carpet set up. In the last round of Quali I decided to try harder 1,4 rear anti-roll bar and it made my car really easy to drive and it was also pretty fast. The whole race was really fast young Jirka Vyšín who showed his talent and won 1 round. Then also Zdeno Kunák and Kuba Šimurda. It was getting harder to try go faster because the track layout was quite easy and when the traction increased, 5 minutes of racing were even harder and harder.

In Finals I put in first two rounds 1st place and it decided about the whole result. In the last one we saw some fighting between Jirka and Zdeno and Zdeno putted the last win.


Final results Open:

1. Černý Marek - XRAY

2. Kunák Zdenko

3. Vyšín Jiří - XRAY

4. Šimurda Kuba - XRAY

5. Nemček David - XRAY

6. Grof Petr

7. Hola Vítězslav - XRAY

8. Blahovský Michal

9. Doležal Karel - XRAY

10. Kanina Jan - XRAY




Source: Xray

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